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Girl's Death Spurs Push for Safer Bus Stop

Posted April 13, 2007

— Days after a 12-year-old girl was hit by a vehicle and died while running to her school bus, a neighborhood is pushing to move the bus stop off a busy road.

Anusha Vasudeva, a student at Ligon Middle School, was hit by a minivan while crossing Morrisville-Carpenter Road to catch her bus Monday morning. She died a day later at Duke University Hospital.

Police said she didn't look both ways before crossing the street, and the minivan driver wasn't charged.

But residents in the nearby Ridgemony subdivision say the bus stop is dangerous, and they want it moved.

"It's a tragic event that took place," said Amir Malik, who is among a group of parents planning to collect signatures on a petition Saturday to ask the Wake County school system to move the bus stop to a side street in the subdivision.

"The goal objective is to apply pressure on Wake County's (school) transportation department to reconsider the placement of bus stops," Malik said.

Area parents submitted a similar petition five years ago but were denied when school district administrators deemed the bus stop was safe.

The district is reviewing concerns about the stop and others in the Morrisville area, but specific policies must be followed, spokesman Michael Evans said.

"Obviously, safety is a factor," Evans said. "If they want to sign a petition and give more credence, that's fine. It will get reviewed according to the process. If they're not happy with the process, if we can accommodate them, then I'm sure we will try."


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  • poohperson2000 Apr 15, 2007


    In another story you said you do not have kids and do not even feel you should have to pay taxes for education, so why do you care about the school bus stops?? You don't care that they get a decent education, but you want to complain about bus stops.. Makes allot of sense to me..

  • get over it Apr 14, 2007

    i agree, i do not know why everyone is blaming the school system. it is very sad that this incident happened but the child is not to cross the road until the bus gets there. when the bus gets there the child is to cross the road. thats why everyone stops when a bus stops.

  • chance Apr 14, 2007

    Not sure why everybody is blaming the school system. Anytime you contact the school regarding a bus issue you're referred to "Transportation". Transportatoin is a separate, contracted entity. TRANSPORTATION IS TOO BUSY FIGURING OUT WAYS TO STEAL AND PILLAGING OUR FUNDS TO REALLY CARE AS WE FOUND OUT NOT SO LONG AGO. I had a recent unsafe situation with busing where I called everybody I could think of ... including the school, bus transportation at least 5 timeS, the police & NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI - who oversees everything for the state). Guess what? NCDPI assured me the head of transportation would contact me to get the situation rectified. Guess what? That NEVER happened. YOU CAN NEVER CONVINCE ME IN A MILLION YEARS THAT ANYBODY IN SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION CARES ONE BIT!

  • BLA BLA BLA Apr 14, 2007

    hondaman:The school system is not responsible for your kids waiting to be picked up.

    you have a point there, but its the school that chose where they are to be picked up at. DUH

  • Peace89 Apr 14, 2007

    The parents do supervise their children there! It only takes a split second for something to happen. Again, why do Magnet buses go into to the PRESTON ESTATES, WELLESLY ESTATES, GEORGETOWN subdivisions, and the list goes on? HYPOCRISY!

    Lastly, no one is blaming the bus driver.

  • superman Apr 14, 2007

    The parents and the community reported it as unsafe 5 years ago. So why didnt they supervise their kids waiting for the bus. And now they blame the school system. Duh! Sounds like a good case of passing the buck-- The school system is not responsible for your kids waiting to be picked up. The school system did nothing wrong- a tragic accident. Thousands of kids are picked up every day at bus stops. Just keep a little more love and care from concerned parents.

  • another opinion Apr 14, 2007

    Poiny is it's a school bu slow down don't ry to pass just to get ahead of it. Don't be in such a hurry as to endanger anyone's life.Tragic accidents like this one can be avoided. We see a school bus we know it will stop for kids. Pay attention.

  • AshKau Apr 14, 2007

    Please sign a petition..if you think you care.

  • AshKau Apr 14, 2007

    I am pretty sure every parents take that in to account but it only takes one week moment to have this accident happen,don't you think the school authorities have been too rigid in changing the school bus stop, QUUESTION IS HOW MANY ACCIDENTS DOES IT TAKES TO CHANGE THINGS...SAD But True.

  • why_not_me Apr 14, 2007

    bus driver:"Please bear in mind that the children that are bused the farthest in Wake County are being done so to accomodate families that have CHOSEN the magnet programs for their children."

    Chosen? nope.. mine are assigned to a school that is on a regular morning with traffic, about 25 minutes away. It is a magnet school but not chosen by me. Closest school for them would be 10 minutes away, but they are not assigned there. You are citing the parents are at fault for the distances... Wake Co. has serious issues with busing to make things "equal" (I mean by race, income level, etc.) If we would just go back to 'commmunity'schools, we wouldn't have the issues we do today!
    My heart goes out to the family dealing with the loss of a precious child!