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2 Illegal Immigrants Busted; $1M in Cocaine Seized

Posted April 13, 2007
Updated April 14, 2007

— Cumberland County deputies confiscated almost $1 million in cocaine following a routine traffic stop Friday, authorities said.

Deputies pulled over a 2001 Ford Explorer on Hope Mills Road at about noon Friday. A search of the vehicle turned up nine kilograms of cocaine hidden behind the driver's and passenger's seats, authorities said.

Javier Perez Zuniga, 25, and Roberto Silva-Tavira, 35, are charged with trafficking cocaine by possession, trafficking cocaine by transportation and conspiracy to traffic cocaine. They being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center on $250,000 secured bonds in connection with the seizure.

Both men are illegal immigrants and are residing at an unknown address in Fayetteville, authorities said.


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  • ralwood Apr 18, 2007

    don't be surprise to know your next door neighbor in north raleighwood, and carywood thats in the drug game also.

  • kelleyv Apr 18, 2007

    Yukonjohn et al doesn't have a clue of the human cost these drugs such as cocaine and opiates and alcohol have on their heart, kidney, livers and sadly their minds. And how much it costs to treat and house the train wrecks addicts become. Sure we could use the "profit" to help with the costs but that is inhumane plus city governments wouldn't want to take land to build the warehouses for them out of the tax system. That system is already disbanded (Dorothea Dix). They would litter the streets which they, sadly, do now. LOOK AROUND. We need serious control of the problem.

  • me-in-raeford Apr 17, 2007

    WOW 2:00 pm and only 33 comments have got by the sensors on this story...personally, I think people are numb and tired and wondering when the media and lawmakers are going to get the message...its not just a "ground swell" of disapproval of CRIMINAL MIGRANTS...its a friggin mountain!!!!...holy cow, its the ROCKIES for goodness sakes!!!!!

    For this particular pair of CRIMINAL MIGRANTS...I have a very special idea...(I know, I'm rarely short of ideas or opinions...lol)

    I say lets take them to FEDERAL court...sentence them to life...then do a prisoner swap with whatever country they hail from...we'll send them these 2 BUT they have to serve their life sentence ALL OF IT in one of their skinking prisons...in return we'll take 2 US Citizens convicted of drug trafficking in their country and they'll have to serve what ever sentence they were given there in one of ours...

    What do people think of that idea?

  • willbeam_1 Apr 15, 2007

    I just feel that its sad that they get better treatment than we as americans. They come here get better housing, cars, and live as kings here. Its just sad how they throw the books at americans when we do anything as small as running a red light or stop sign , but they can come here get drunk, drive, dont pay taxes and open businesses and do whatever and there are really no consequences for them!!!!

  • yukonjohn3 Apr 14, 2007

    waterboy, check out Ron Paul for president, he is for CLOSED borders until we get this situation in hand. And folks, everyone seems to be after enforcement...dont you see the folly of continuing over and over to just fill our jails with these people. If you want to END THE DRUG WAR, legalize them and sell them out of the liquor store. I do not claim to be overly smart, but I am 50 years old and can see we are not winning the drug war, and legalization is a possible answer to debate.

  • get over it Apr 14, 2007

    send them back where they came from. they shouldnt be treated like a citizen

  • Censor victim Apr 14, 2007

    A profound failure of our government, both parties, all levels. He or she who latches on to border security and "real" immigration reform will be hard to beat in 2008

  • PSPro Apr 14, 2007

    If they are not American Citizens, why do they get treated by the same laws as Americans. I am sure that if you were arrested in Mexico, and convicted of transporting cocaine, you would never see the light of day again! Let alone get 3 meals a day, free medical ( real medical care), along with clean sheets, uniforms, and visitations. But, now that they are here they will also get free legal! Because drug dealers do not have real jobs so they will be approved for legal aid!! Nice huh? Your tax dollars at work.

  • ridgerunner Apr 14, 2007

    They should be put undere the jail, why give them a free ride home where they can pick up another load and try again? A US citizen could probably get more jail time for praying in school.

  • Lizard Paw Apr 14, 2007

    Why do stories of illegal immigrants, homosexuals, and blacks have to be approved by WRAL editorial staff?