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Toddler Falls From Apartment Balcony

Posted April 13, 2007

— An 18-month-old girl was taken to a local hospital Thursday night after falling from a second-story balcony, police said.

The toddler was watching her mother fly a kite outside Gorman Place Apartments, at 1818 Gorman St., at about 6 p.m. Thursday, police said.

The girl's father was watching her on the balcony, and police said she fell when he turned his back for a moment.

There was no word on the girl's condition Fiday evening.

No charges have been filed against the parents, but the state Division of Child Protective Services was notified of the incident.


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  • lawpirate is still around Apr 14, 2007

    Not only do accidents happen when you turn you're back for a second, but they happen when you are standing right there looking. I agree with poohperson, we're all just lucky!

  • poohperson2000 Apr 14, 2007


    You will wake up one day and realize you have just been lucky. Do you think the father turned his back knowing the kid was going to fall off? Give me a break.. I am sure your kids have had accidents while you were not looking and you have just been lucky they were not this serious. People who say this could never happen to them have a warped sense of security. If you really do watch your kids that close they will grow up resenting you for being on their cases all the time.

  • E-Diva Apr 14, 2007

    Accidents happen. You can NOT watch your kids EVRY second. That would be physically impossible. AND being on a balconey is not an imminent danger...assuming the balconey had railings

  • baguio8 Apr 14, 2007

    I agree with Post This completely. Let me add one more thing to that. There's an old saying that I believe a carpenter's Son once said... "He who has no sin may cast the first stone" or something like that. Accidents happen people, unfortunate, but they happen. I'm a mother of three (7,6, and 11 months) and I thank the Lord they haven't even gotten a broken bone or sprain but I can't imagine jumping the gun so quickly and judging these parents. Shame on all of you that do so. My thoughts and prayers go out to this little girl and her parents.

  • sabatinom Apr 14, 2007

    Here we go again with another parent not paying attention. Why would you turn your back, even for a second while an 18 month old child is on a balcony? Oh..Yes, I have three children ages 14,13, and 5 so I know how much of a handful they can be. I have also probably turned my back for a second, but NEVER while there was any immediate danger as in this case. I hope the child is ok.

  • poohperson2000 Apr 14, 2007

    Fact is we can not have our eye on our children every second. Is is unfortuante that accidents happen, but that is the way life is. I have to say if the kid climbed over, I am curious how because there are codes on the height of railings also. It probably would have taken more that a few seconds to push something up to the railing to climb on, then over.
    Regardless of how it happened, my heart hopes these are good people and it was truly a freak accident. I also hope the child will be okay.

  • Roach Apr 14, 2007


    Next time you are feeling so perfect try walking on water.

  • refiman Apr 13, 2007

    Let's see, when my child was 18 months old and in a situation that his safety may have been at risk, how many times did I turn my back for just a moment??? The answer would be NONE, because that would be stupidly irresponsible!!! But then again, my son never fell off a second story balcony.

  • Nothing New Apr 13, 2007

    Get-a-Grip, great point, first one that I seen here that makes sense. Did the child fall through the railings or over it. If through, there should be a building code violation for the apartment complex, if over then the parents are at fault.

  • nc lover Apr 13, 2007

    get a grip. I don't think so but I'm sure that will be looked into.