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Train Death in Elon Ruled Suicide

Posted April 11, 2007
Updated April 19, 2007

— A Raleigh man who was struck and killed by a train in Elon on April 11 committed suicide, town police have determined.

James Michael Elzar Foreman, 19, a resident of Raleigh and an Enloe High School graduate, was a student at Elon University.

Foreman died after standing on the tracks and looking at the train as it approached but not moving aside, according to the Elon Police Department. They closed the case as a suicide, Capt. Sam Russell said.

Police and EMS staff had been dispatched to the Oak Avenue railroad crossing around 6 p.m. When officers arrived, they discovered Foreman's body in the roadway next to the tracks.

Officers then talked with the train's conductor, Damon Ashby, who said Foreman had been standing on the tracks and looking up at the train. Foreman then turned his back, Ashby told police, and the train was unable to avoid hitting the student.


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  • blessed1 Apr 12, 2007

    Michael Foreman was a beautiful young man. He was witty, fun to be around, and loved by those who knew him. When someone as vibrant as Michael takes his own life, circumstances in his life had to be that he could not see any way to cope with his situation. To those of us who would never consider this option, you need to thank God that you are able to see clearly through your life's challenges. We should not judge Michael's actions because we do not know what he was dealing with or his state of mind at that time.

    The Michael Foreman I knew loved his family and his friends. He would not have chosen this path unless there was something in his life that blurred his reasoning. This is a tragedy that he never would have wanted.

    May God grant serenity to his family, to those of us who loved him and to the train conductor

  • kaecee Apr 12, 2007

    This is a sad story, however, it does sound like he committed suicide.

  • daceygirl Apr 12, 2007

    thanks to whoever took the address out!

  • glsnapp Apr 12, 2007

    Still investigating what ????? Sounds like suicide to me. "Foreman was standing on the tracks and looking up at the train" - I see --

  • Snoopy Apr 12, 2007

    Pete? How horrible was that comment?!?!?! I believe tha suicide is in fact a selfish way out, however, until you walk in another persons shoes, you have no idea what is in their mind. My prayers go out to that young fellas family and friends! Shame on you Pete!!!

  • Snoopy Apr 12, 2007

    I dont see an address?

  • PeteM Apr 12, 2007

    the only tragedy i think here is what the train conductor and engineer went through. I think that this kid is soo damn selfish, not caring but his family, friends, no one.
    And if you're so stupid to get to a dead end at 19, where the only option out is a suicide, then you deserve to burn in hell, where you probably are already.

  • MiIky Apr 12, 2007

    Lovinlif- They must have removed the jokes. I'm always looking for a good laugh and I don't see anything remotely funny here.

  • PrayerWorks Apr 12, 2007

    This is sad, I am praing for his family!

  • MiIky Apr 12, 2007

    I had a buddy do the suicide by train thing. It is sad that he had to make a random person his trigger man. I feel bad for his family and the train conductor, what a terrible image to have to deal with just for doing your job. It is as bad as the suicide by cop.