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Quets to Appear on Dr. Phil

Posted April 11, 2007
Updated April 12, 2007

— The birth mother accused of kidnapping her twin toddlers from their adoptive parents in Apex is scheduled to appear on a nationally syndicated television show Thursday.

Allison Quets will appear on the Dr. Phil show, speaking from behind bars in the Franklin County jail, where she is being held on federal kidnapping charges.

Quets is charged with taking the twins in December after a weekend visit and fleeing to Canada.

She agreed to let an Apex couple adopt her twins, but later changed her mind. She maintains she was coerced into the adoption and only went along with it because she was seriously ill after giving birth.

The twins remain with their adoptive parents in Apex, but Quets continues to fight for custody in the case.

Her next court appearance is April 23.


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  • ridgerunner Apr 12, 2007

    It does not justify kidnapping.

  • Ashen-Shugar Apr 12, 2007

    I never said they were medical conditions. I was merely pointing out the fact that in her mental condition, she thought that what she was doing was right, while it wasn't. On the other hand, the ones that suffer from PPD that have murdered their children, also thought they were doing what was right. As Hyperemesis occurs during pregnancy, PPD was the only logical explanation on her part for what she did.

  • jdmeg Apr 12, 2007

    The only thing that i have to say about this situation is that.... SHE DOES NOT NEED THEM KIDS BACK.... ITS OBVIOUS THAT SHE CAN NOT TAKE CARE OF THEM. If you watch the video.... its kinda funny cuz YES her eyes are moving alllll around lmao.... and another thing.... it says that she is fighting for custody while in jail??? She must be crazy....lol.....

  • seankelly15 Apr 12, 2007

    Ashen-Shugar - Hyperemesis and post partum depression are not medical conditions, they are psychiatric in nature; there is no relationship between one and the other. Hyperemesis is reported to be an extreme form of morning sickness whose treatment is not substantially different from the approach used with the common forms of morning sickness. With respect to ‘hyperemesis’ it may be a psychosomatic illness. Indeed, the NIH has said this, “Social or psychological problems may be associated with this disorder of pregnancy”.

  • seankelly15 Apr 12, 2007

    Med He - Quets "day in court" will not be a day and it won't be about her 'deserved' visitation rights. No, her time in court will be spent trying to convince a jury that she should not be sent to prison for life for international kidnapping. Instead of talking about getting her 'babies' back, Quets should be forced into the reality of the situation - she is facing serious criminal charges that even if by chance she were able to 'beat' in the US would not make her criminal liability any less in Canada. Regaining custody is not an option - it wasn't before the kidnapping and it is even less of an option now.

  • meri_0426 Apr 12, 2007

    Adoption is not a temporary babysitting solution where you can let someone else take care of your kids until you get your ducks together and then go "okay, I want them back now". There is so much more to being a parent than shared DNA.

    She wasn't a scared 18-year old college freshman when she got pregnant; she was a fully grown woman, and as such, should be capable of making a rational, if painful, decision for the best situation for her children. THAT is the true mark of a mother; to love your children enough to want to give them the best situation, even if it means that someone else will raise them. She was irresponsible and put the children at physical risk by kidnapping them, and those actions do not speak to someone who is vying for custody.

  • momofthreeinFV Apr 12, 2007

    I am watching the show this morning and in the past this woman has never mention nor has anyone about hyperemesis, only PPD. So why now has she came up with this excuse to explain her actions? Let's guess, her lawyers told her too. They wants the public to feel sorry for her on a national TV show. Then Allison said quote" The couple in Apex is not the parents, she is". She is so sick. This set of people took these kids into there home after she GAVE THEM UP! Woman have suffer with this and NEVER GAVE UP THEIR BABIES! Dr Phil, wake up and see all the facts before you judge. Remember, she plan and kidnapped those babies! She belongs in JAIL....

  • Mom on Call Apr 12, 2007

    You have to love the world of EDITTING, especially on Dr. Phil. He was sure to make certain that everyone KNEW that this was just this group telling this story and that HE HAD NOTHING to say opinion wise. Want to know why? Because this is an ongong case where the courts have told everyone to keep the information SEALED. Dr. Phil surely does not want to waste his time in court for this woman with the jumpy creepy eyes.

    All I know is that the Needhams were called 3 days later and when Allison signed those final adoption papers...they were not even in the state of Florida. Allison is where she needs to be...and away from the kids. Who are, by the way, happy, healthy, thriving, joyous, and loving towards thier parents and everyone in thier family and life!!!

  • spookysoldierworm Apr 12, 2007

    Praying the viewers will stay awake long enough to see the advertisements.

  • Ashen-Shugar Apr 12, 2007

    I'm glad Alison will be able to tell her story. As a nurse I'm familiar with hyperemesis and post partum depression and they both can be devastating to a mom.


    I have heard of that before. It can be deadly to children as well. Isn't that what was said about Andrea Yates? They might be lucky all that happened to them was kidnapping and not something worse.