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State Launches Lottery Vending Machines

Posted April 10, 2007

— They look like vending machines, but they pop out scratch-off lottery tickets instead of candy.

Lottery officials just launched the new machines in an effort to curb long lines to buy tickets. Officials said they might eventually install 500 such machines, primarily in high-volume grocery stores across the state.

Some say the machines could help change the lottery's luck. In its first fiscal year, overall lottery sales are expected to fall as much as $300 million short of expectations.

The machines offer tickets for 24 instant-winner games that range from $1 to $10 a turn.

At one Lowe’s Foods Store where a new machine has been installed, the manager is already getting positive feedback.

“[It’s] very popular. I had a lot of good comments about it already,” said Cliff Wilson. “A lot of times, there would be a lot of people lined up just to buy their lottery tickets. And now, they can just walk right over to the machine and just put in their money and get it.”

Instant scratch-off tickets generate up to $11 million a week in North Carolina, and the vending machines could drive that number even higher.

Players must be at least 18 to play, which is why the vending machines come with a remote control. Clerks can press a button and shut them down if they see someone underage trying to play.


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  • sick of people Apr 11, 2007

    Put them all in Southeast Raleigh so we can get our tax dollars back.

  • I hear voices Apr 11, 2007

    hey screen name, they sale beer out of vending machines in some countries. It's usually in the same machine as soda and for the same price.

  • mslisac363 Apr 11, 2007

    Thank goodness! I hate to be in a hurry and have to wait for someone to decide what tickets they want.

  • WXYZ Apr 11, 2007

    OK, so Lottery Vending machines are OK by the state. Why not add state run slot machines too? Trouble is, "revenue" from gambling WILL NOT cause other sources (e.g. taxes) of "revenue" to be reduced. The Easley Legislature has and will remain capable of spending (other people's money) FASTER than it comes in.

  • kila Apr 11, 2007

    Make that...."wish" I could...not "which" I could. That made no sense at all!

  • kila Apr 11, 2007

    For those who think only the poor play the lottery, it's not that way in my family. The brother-in-law who is wealthy is the very one who plays at every chance, we, on the other hand, who are barely middle class just don't have the money to play after paying the bills! More power to the folks who can afford it....which I could. I'd be playing at every chance too!!

  • My Screen name Apr 11, 2007

    More clutter in the checkout lane. Sue the state for intising under age kids to play and the clerks with their buttons if caught. Same as a cigarette machine. How stupid is that. Why not have beer and wine in machines as well in the checkout lanes next to the porn mags.

  • packandcanesfan Apr 11, 2007

    I will never understand why people think that only poverty-stricken stupid people play the lottery. I don't know a soul that lets their kids go hungry, or without milk or diapers, or has the power turned off for inability to pay, to pay a $1 for a chance to be a millionaire. And I know lots of folks that play often.

  • owlady Apr 11, 2007

    It is not easy to guess the ages of young adults and teens.
    I don't think the Lottery commissioners are very concerned with underage persons buying the tickets anyway. I know a boy who is 19 and looks 16. He buys tickets at grocery stores and they never asked to see his ID. He even asked one of the clerks if they wanted to see it.
    Ha, it seems that busy sales clerks do not have time to check everyones ID these days. It makes me wonder about beer/wine sales too.

  • baileysmom3 Apr 11, 2007

    they should make one that you insert a drivers licence into for age verification.