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12-Year-Old, Hit by Car at Bus Stop, Dies

Posted April 10, 2007

— A 12-year-old girl hit by a car near a school bus stop Monday died from her injuries, Morrisville police said Tuesday.

Anusha Vasudeva, a seventh-grader at Ligon Middle School, was taken to the pediatric intensive care unit at Duke University Hospital after being hit at the intersection of Morrisville Carpenter Road and Gratoit Drive near the Ridgemont subdivision, authorities said.

School staff learned about Vasudeva's death just before the end of the school day Tuesday. Principal Scott Lyons said a letter was sent home with students and that he also read it over the school's loudspeaker prior to dismissal.

Lyons said he held an emergency meeting to inform faculty and will have nine counselors available to work with students Wednesday.

Vasudeva was running to catch her school bus but apparently did not look to her left, police said. That was when a minivan traveling at about 35 mph hit her.

Authorities said the school bus was well down the road and had not yet turned on its emergency flashers. Investigators said the minivan did not appear to be speeding, and they are unlikely to charge the driver.

Parents in the community told WRAL Tuesday that have been concerned about the location of the bus stop for more than four years.

In December 2002, they petitioned the Wake County Public School System to move the bus stop inside the Ridgemont subdivision. The school system denied the request in May 2003 after it deemed the bus stop safe.

Parents hope that in light of Vasudeva's death, the school system will reconsider their request.

"We're not expecting that Wake County guarantees no accidents," said parent Amer Malik. "A realistic point would be to minimize and take actions that minimize the risk to children boarding the school bus."

Wake County school leaders said there are many issues that determine whether a bus stop is safe. They said they are constantly re-evaluating bus stops and will take another look at the Ridgemont stop.

"It's scary," said Pete Rao, who was waiting for his 6-year-old grandaughter to get off the bus Tuesday afternoon. "We don't want any further tragedies to happen here. It's hard to get over this one."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 19 school-age children die each year after being hit near a school bus. Most are from 5 to 7 years old and have darted into the road without looking.


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  • iloveraywhitney13 Apr 19, 2007


  • iloveraywhitney13 Apr 19, 2007

    the driver may not be charged? that's rediculous, yes she should have been looking BOTH ways but i think that an adult driving a mini van has a little, just a little more responsibility than a middle schooler. if they knew that there was any possibility of children walking around where they are driving, they are the ones that need to be careful!!! in my neighborhood the speed limit is 25, i go 25, never over 30. if i see a child or animal near where i'm driving, i'll be SURE to slow down UNDER 25, that's just common sense, duh?

  • thekooler1 Apr 15, 2007

    First off, to all of those people criticizing Anusha when they don't know crap, SHUT UP. You act like you're so perfect that every minute in your life you think about every little action. M. Carpenter is a busy 45mph road & has no stop signs or crosswalks. Second of all, WRAL needs to get their freaking facts straight! I have friends that ride the same bus Anusha did, & they saw what happened. She did not run to the middle of the road. She barely made a step on to the road, after looking to the right side of the road. Yes, she didn't look to the left, but what kid @ 6 AM is awake enough & says let me look at both sides of the road. My friends were also telling me that they overcrowd these magnet school buses, so all of the kids want to get a good seat on the bus. This is way too much pressure on kids @ 6 in the morning. What's more shocking is that this is one of the latest bus stops, where its still pitch black outside. So, stop sitting there & talking trash until you know the facts!

  • AshKau Apr 14, 2007

    If you care, file a petition, i know few people in morrisville are alrady doing that, i mean near the place where this accident happened.

    Does anyone needs contact info.

  • JDawn1984 Apr 14, 2007

    Rest in peace, Anusha Vasudeva. My condolences to the family.

  • Peace89 Apr 12, 2007

    How can a child control a driver going through a bus stop sign?

    This has happened far too many times.

  • Peace89 Apr 12, 2007

    NO, the bus will not have to sit for 15 minutes! By the way buses go into the Preston Subdivision Etc... Do you think a child should cross Davis Drive or Cary Pwky?? This is how dangerous Morrisville Carpenter Road is!

    In addition 2-4 stops at the back of the subdivision should cover 3 subdivisons that are connected(300-400 houses-estimate).

  • Fuquay Resident Apr 11, 2007

    Another thing that no one has mentioned, if the bus goes into the subdivision, how long will it take for the bus to get back out of the subdivision? Will the bus have to sit there for 15 minutes waiting to make a left turn? If WCPSS sends the bus into the subdivision, next year the same people on here complaining about the bus not going in will be complaining because they have to site behind the big ol' bus for 15 minutes to get out in the morning. The next thing that will happen is Sally will get hit crossing her street and we'll be wanting the bus to stop at every house in the subdivision to pick up the kids then they'll have to get on the bus at 5 AM because of the added time it takes to stop at 50 houses. Bottom line, the girl should not have crossed the road until the bus was stopped and the stop arm was out.

  • vgirl4 Apr 11, 2007

    I agree with MissMac. Seriously, I live in a peaceful neighborhood in Cary, and last year a kid ALMOST got hit. He was about to step out when some CrAzY driver flew past on the door side! If he had been on the pavement he would be dead. That was just the tip of the iceberg people. This is a common suburban neighborhood with speeders at 3:15 PM. What's the hurry that late in the afternoon? If people are in a rush at THAT time imagine early in the morning. Reality check people, it's not calm, peaceful, and deserted just because its 6:00 in the morning. there IS traffic, there ARE kids trying to get to school, and there ARE potential accidents. Wake up to reality!

  • JustDontUnderstandPpl Apr 11, 2007