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Wayne County Man Charged in Human Trafficking Case

Posted April 10, 2007

— A Wayne County man has been arrested in connection with a human trafficking case, authorities said Tuesday.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Unit and the FBI located an alleged kidnapping victim from the Lexington, Ky., area in southern Wayen County last Friday, authorities said.

Two suspects were detained for questioning in the case, and Anmer Uliser Salas Zunun, 25, of 201 Doug Drive, was charged with  kidnapping for ransom, authorities said. The FBI is in the process of charging Zunun and two other suspects with human trafficking and kidnapping, authorities said.

Zunun is being held in the Wayne County Jail on a $50,000 bond and has a detainer for the pending FBI charges, authorities said.

The alleged victim, Tomas Salis Tomas, has been returned to his family in Kentucky, authorities said.


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  • strolling bones Apr 11, 2007

    slave trade....do you realize that perhaps 40% of blacks alive today are from "slave" families....the rest freely migrated here from numerous other countries...its just so time to get over the slavery thing.

    Most illegal immigrants do not come across the border they simply fly in...i think 90% or so fly in...and guess what when they want to go home..they turn themselves in and fly home on the taxpayers dime...

  • petti Apr 11, 2007

    Illigal immigrant women and men make babies over here every day , they end up at social services , get food stamps, any kind of free services, and their parents benifit from , stand at the doors at wal-mart see how many come in with a basket of babies .

  • big dady Apr 11, 2007

    me-in-raeford proud2bhispanic in love

  • wizard633 Apr 11, 2007

    ralwood - The point is, they broke the law to get here, therefore, there is no indication that that care about the laws now that they are here, at least from my stand-point. They want the same rights as the U.S. citizen has but don't want to go thru the proper channel's to obtain their citizen-ship. If they don't get their way, they protest & show their butts hoping to get their way. What part of illegal don't people get? If I break the law or any other citizen breaks the law, we are held accountable for it. These people disregarded the law the moment they stepped across the border. So it is my opinion that all illegals be sent back and go thru the process of becoming a citizen & learn how to speak ENGLISH.

  • Wakenative Apr 11, 2007

    Why this is very interesting indeed:


    Looks like more information is available on the case.

  • Wakenative Apr 11, 2007

    blessutoo, you are absolutely correct on the employer bit. Of course when these people have an illegal get hurt on the job and they are stuck paying benefits for a lifetime (at least here in NC) they will probably have a change in heart. But then, that's just another way the economy gets hurt by people hiring illegal immigrants (of any ethnicity).

  • Wakenative Apr 11, 2007

    and no one here had said anything about Africans brought here during the slave trade.

  • ralwood Apr 11, 2007

    okay you ppl talk about the mexicans??? look at all the illegal immigrants that came from europe back in the days that bought waves of crime, and created crime families which still do operate fully today. you ppl ever say anything about those handed down generations of white mob families which the mob has a hand in politics, and ect!!! think about it. the africans didnt ask to come to america, they was forced to come.

  • NCGal Apr 11, 2007

    For whoever said illegals don't receive state benefits:

    β€œIt is the first step for primarily Hispanic people crossing the Mexican border to get identification documents so they can have jobs and illegally receive Medicaid and other benefits.” This is from the Raeford police chief after breaking up a major identity fraud ring in December.

    "When we enter these homes, we do find evidence that they are receiving government assistance to help deal with their children and wives,” said the undercover officer." This is from a Newton undercover agent after breaking up a drug ring last month.

  • wizard633 Apr 11, 2007

    Apparently, some-one did-not like what I said about the "MEXICAN" population in S. Wayne County. If I offended that person, tough, it is free speech and if you have a bleeding heart for law-breaker's, maybe you should find some-where else to stay. The citizens of Wayne County does NOT aide & abet LAW-BREAKERS!!!