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Probation, Community Service, Mental Exam Ordered for Ex-Deputy

Posted April 9, 2007
Updated April 10, 2007

— A former Wake County deputy was sentenced Monday to 18 months' probation and 100 hours of community service and must undergo a mental health examination for anger management issues as the result of his assaulting a man outside a Garner restaurant.

Christopher Roth was also given a 30-day jail term, but Judge Ronald Stephens suspended it.

Stephens said Roth could be put on unsupervised probation after he paid court costs and completed the examination.

Roth was the first of three former deputies to be tried on a simple assault charge stemming from an altercation last August outside an Applebee's on U.S. Highway 70 in Garner.

Robert Wise said three undercover officers cursed and beat him in front of his wife and daughter because they were upset that he had taken up two parking spaces outside the restaurant.

The incident happened "because someone questioned your authority," Stephens told Roth.

"Neither of you acted like we would expect people of that position to act," Stephens said of Roth and of Wise, who is a part-time preacher.

Two weeks after the alleged incident, Roth and deputies Katie Broda and Kevin Hinton resigned from the Wake County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Donnie Harrison has since apologized for his deputies' actions.

Roth testified that he didn't do anything wrong. He said he felt it was his duty to investigate why Wise was occupying two parking spaces.

Broda testified that Wise acted aggressively toward the deputies. Stephens said at the sentencing that she was in the position of having to support her partner because of decisions he made about actions she could not see.

But Wise, his wife and daughter testified that the deputies came running up to their vehicle without identifying themselves, yanked Wise out of the driver's seat and hit him and used pepper spray. Wise's daughter said she also was pepper sprayed during the incident.

No trial dates have been set for Hinton and Broda.

Wise has filed a civil lawsuit against the former deputies, the sheriff's office and Wake County.


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  • Warren G. Apr 10, 2007

    I didn't say that the defendant or the plaintiff in this case were making a case for racism, but the people on this board certainly have done so. Regardless of who brought it up, racism is purely and utterly ignorant.

  • jimmycrackcorn Apr 10, 2007

    Puppy dogs...rainbows....cinnamon buns...pretty flowers...

    Hopefully I didn't offend anyone and my post will not be deleted...

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 10, 2007

    I respect your opinion public enemy.

  • Liberal Lion Apr 10, 2007

    green...... i agree w/ you judge made the comment that both guys acted inappropriately and should be ashamed of themselves. well i have a problem w/ that statement just because mr . wise is a minister does not mean he does not have human flaws. we all fall short of the glory of god from time to time. so to say THIS about mr. wise is like he sholud know better. mr. wise is a human being prone to make mistakes. i don't know how i would act if i was to be disrespected in front of my family i would hope that i would turn the other cheek w/ my family in the car,but i 'm only human. the over agressive deputy caused this incident. he had just finished eating and left the area

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 10, 2007

    I totally agree with concerned. This is an example of how something stupid and insignificant can erupt into needless violence. This whole situation could have been avoided.

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 10, 2007

    Too bad. It is true. They both acted like fools over a parking space!

  • Concerned Apr 10, 2007

    This sends a clear message - before you start abusing and harassing citizens when they have not broken the law - take 5 deep breaths, count to ten and THINK before you do something STUPID. As much as I support law enforcement, I CANNOT DEFEND the actions of these renegade officers!

  • greenapple Apr 10, 2007

    Instead of trying to debate all these stupid comments you seem to think seriously about to post (i.e.,noodist), just let that have been you getting beat for just parking in two spaces: white, black, yellow, brown; and see if you would be making the same comments.

  • rukiddingme Apr 10, 2007

    noodist...ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    re-read your post! You sound SILLY!

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 10, 2007

    I wonder what law or rule Mr. Wise will think he is excempt from now. His actions were as wrong as the deputy's. His child watched both parties act like morons. I guess he is teaching his daughter the christian way to settle disputes. The deputy let his emotions get the best of him and now he will face the consequences. Instead of Mr. Wise facing any consequences for his actions he owns every public parking space in Wake County.