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Record Low Temperatures Set Across State

Posted April 8, 2007

— Record low temperatures showed on the official thermometers at several National Weather Service stations Sunday morning, and officials posted fire warnings in counties throughout central and eastern North Carolina.

Cold was forecast to continue through Monday night, with frost warnings remaining in effect, and scientists said Tuesday morning could see very cold temperatures as well.

People headed out in new Easter outfits needed a warming layer as record lows occurred in the Triangle, and at Greensboro, Wilmington, Asheville and North Myrtle Brach, S.C. Charlotte set a record low for Saturday just before midnight as the cold air got there a bit earlier.

At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the thermometer read 27 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday morning, a degree below the 1975 record. In Greensboro, 25 degrees broke the 1990 record of 28. Wilmington got down to 29 degrees, four below the 1972 record.

Asheville set a record for the second day in a row, with 22 degrees on Sunday and 20 degrees on Saturday, the National Weather Service reported. Saturday also was a snowfall record for any date in April, with 1.2 inches on the ground.

At North Myrtle Beach, the Sunday morning low of 29 was 1 degree below a record that had stood since 1950.

The dry weather—with humidity predicted to be below 20 percent Sunday—and windy conditions brought requests for people not to burn outdoors. Conditions were too likely to let fires spread, officials said. Winds were expected to be 10-15 mph with slightly higher gusts.

Several locations in central North Carolina and in Virginia got a dusting of snow the day before Easter.

Traces of the white stuff were reported from as far south as Cumberland County to Vance County along the Virginia border. Parts of Orange and Wake counties also saw traces of snow.

About 0.13 inches of precipitation was reported at RDU Saturday morning, a mixture of rain and snow.


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  • HoldOn Apr 9, 2007

    Bring your brass monkeys inside tonight.

  • Al Capone Apr 9, 2007

    I hope summer never comes.

  • oldrebel Apr 8, 2007

    Sigh..and I was so happy to see my March electric bill less then half of what my February bill had been! I suppose now I get to look forward to another shocker when Progress mails out their bills for April. Sigh. The price of staying warm.

  • drnc Apr 8, 2007

    As a plant nursery owner, I have learned to expect just about anything from Mother Nature. Unless you make a living off the land, it's hard to sympathize with those of us who are at the mercy of weather extremes. We put in three days work this week covering our exposed azaleas and other tender plants with Remay. A cursory look this morning tells me I was lucky - no substantial cold damage. We've been in business nearly 50 years and my father says he's seen it all. In my 40 years I've seen measurable snow in April and a tornado that destroyed my business in 1983. But as always, we remained flexible. We take what happens in stride and rebuild. We don't ask for a handout from the government, nor so we expect one. As for Global Warming, I agree that we are experiencing an increase in average temperatures. Is it caused by man? I don't know. One thing I do recognize is scare tactics.

  • just saying Apr 8, 2007

    I find it ironic that CBS Evening News goes through all of the hoopla about global warming and its our fault,and that we won't suffer but the poor countries will. In the next segment, they talk about extreme solar activity messing up your cell phone and GPS system. I would think that if there is alot of solar activity that things might heat up a little. The religion of global warming and the UN are out to get your money, wait and see when they start up a carbon tax. In 1993 it almost happend and I think it will soon... All they want is your money folks better hold on to your wallets...

  • yukonjohn3 Apr 8, 2007

    As a Tarheel living in the Arctic (where we could use some global warming) I can tell you with total confidence. The climate is changing, I dont know from what, but it is changing. I do believe it is from humans, but I am not so convinced of that to say it alot. It is changing though!! In living here 25+ years there are just too many things that are different than they were even 20 years ago. They say we are getting it even more than down there, and I do believe that also, but get ready, it is changing!! And it is for the hotter.

  • PSPro Apr 8, 2007

    Someone should kill that lying groundhog! Ha ha! This is a joke those of you who do not get it should get a life!

  • John Q Public Apr 8, 2007

    What most people forget is that the whole last month of march was extremely above normal. This is only 3 days of cold. It will not offset the warmth seen earlier. The winter ended up being above average as well. Yeh February was cold, but other than that we were above normal in January and March.

  • durhamite Apr 8, 2007

    Oh yeah, you're right. These 3 days of cold weather proves that global climate change isn't happening afterall. What a relief. You better tell those thousands of scientists who have worked for years on the IPCC climate change report the same thing; you are more of an authority on the subject than they are because of that kitchen thermometer outside your window.

  • Its me again Apr 8, 2007

    u r bing duped