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Crackdown Nets 40 Illegal Immigrants

Posted April 6, 2007

— Forty illegal immigrants with criminal records have been arrested in a two-day operation by federal and local authorities.

In Operation Cross Check, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Raleigh Fugitive Operations Team worked with area law enforcement agencies to identify and locate the most serious criminals who are in the country illegally.

"Operation Cross Check is a powerful tool aiding ICE’s interior enforcement strategy," said Felicia Skinner, acting field office director for ICE’s Office of Detention and Removal overseeing North Carolina. "By working with local law enforcement agencies, we can locate, arrest and deport criminal aliens who might otherwise pose a threat to our communities."

Some of those arrested had previously been convicted of offenses like armed robbery, statutory rape, sexual battery and assault with a deadly weapon, authorities said.

Those arrested with outstanding orders of removal will be immediately deported, while others will remain in ICE custody awaiting the outcome of their case, authorities said.


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  • poohperson2000 Apr 9, 2007


    Saw a bum down at the end of the street at lunch today begging money outside of a McDonalds that is hiring. He is living tax free too, maybe you should be worried him.

    You are right, you should be proud that you live on a farm, and I hand it to you, you work allot harder than I do. But I have to say, I live in the country in Wake County and I mostly see minorities picking the fields (where the farmers can even afford to grow anymore). I am just guessing, but doubt the bum on the corner applied for the job because it was too much work. You have your views that they steal jobs, I see people who do not want to work and want to live free, and these are not only illegals. Maybe the difference from living in Wake County to others, but this is what I see. Saw much of the same in California. Hats off to you if you farm your own land with all documented workers..

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Apr 9, 2007

    It's simple. If you're in the country illegally, you are a criminal and should be deported. End of discussion.

  • Dick Apr 9, 2007

    40 of them's not nearly enough...

  • me-in-raeford Apr 9, 2007

    oh and poohperson...I'm not a smoker...but I DO LIVE ON A FARM...and I know lots of other people WHO LIVE AND WORK ON FARMS and their PROUD OF IT...and they PASS IT ON TO THEIR CHILDREN...

    so before you start spouting off that "no one wants those jobs"...maybe you need to check with the people who had them BEFORE THE CRIMINAL MIGRANTS STOLE THEM

  • me-in-raeford Apr 9, 2007

    poohperson...a great many people in this state would say thank you for any job...it is a fact of life that not everyone can or wants to be a brain surgeon...some folks are "unskilled"...whether by choice or by design...those "unskilled" citizens or "LEGAL IMMIGRANTS" would gladly do those jobs...

    Lets see...we could increase our immigration quota for people from China or Korea or any of the African Nations or Thailand or Pakistan or India...lots and lots of people would gladly "BEGIN THEIR LEGAL LIFE" in the "NEW COUNTRY" working one of "THOSE JOBS"...not to mention the 16% of Hoke County's population that are both "Unskilled" and "Unemployed"!!!!!

    The problem is CRIMINAL MIGRANTS have allowed CRIMINAL EMPLOYERS to maintain wages unusually depressed levels...all you have to do is look at parts of this country that don't have the CRIMINAL MIGRANT problem to the same extent or for the same length of time as NC...compare their wages for the same industries

  • staliafe Apr 9, 2007

    I'm white, I was born an American, I was educated in American schools, learned the English language, and was brought up to live by American standards. I have a brother who served in the Army and was stationed in Germany. His wife and daughter had to learn some basic German language before they could join him. Now, why should all those illegal immagrants be allowed to come into our neighborhoods, get free housing, free medical benefits, pay no taxes, and receive all kinds of public assistance? I really feel we, the American people, have allowed ourselves to be sucked into a society that allows freedom to the illegal immagrants moreso that American tax-paying citizens. I really resent being in a grocery line behind illegal immigrants using a free "food card", knowing they haven't paid the first penny in taxes when I have to pay out of my pocket for the same items and I pay taxes.....dearly. What is wrong with this picture? Do we not have any border patrols? What do they patrol?

  • poohperson2000 Apr 9, 2007


    If you can tell me who is going to do these jobs, then I will drop my point and conceed to you. Again the point is no one wants to do the work they do, but it is needed work. Are you going to raise your children to be traveling farm hands.. Farmers can not afford to pay more than what they already do now, tell me who is going to pick the food that you stuff in your face everyday?? I certainly do not want to do those jobs, and therefore look forward to the govenment to come up with a plan that will allow a population of the to stay LEGALLY.. Hope your not a smoker either, because the price of your beloved cancer sticks will double too.

  • me-in-raeford Apr 9, 2007

    poohperson posted, "I am not saying I love having everything printed in two languages, but until we push legislation to changes this, you will have to suffer"

    We don't need legislation to change this, DAH!...contrary to popular PC belief the USA is NOT A BILIGUAL COUNTRY!!!!!!

  • me-in-raeford Apr 9, 2007

    oh and poohperson...as for "lasting effects on the economy"...PLEASE...CRIMINAL MIGRANTS have ALREADY NEGATIVELY EFFECT OUR ECONOMY ENOUGH!!! BY offering themselves at rock bottom wages, employers who will hire them paying them rock bottom wages instead of hiring "LEGAL IMMIGRANTS OR CITIZENS"...how about our HIGHEST IN THE NATION AUTO INSURANCE???? OH and then there is the TAX BILL for THEIR CHILDREN'S MEDICAID, EDUCATION...and of course OUR OVER RUN HEALTH DEPARTMENTS that CRIMINAL MIGRANTS USE AS THEIR PERSONAL HEALTH CLINICS...OH Yeah, how about THE COST OF IDENTITY THEFT TO THE VICTIM and THEIR COMMUNITY?????


  • poohperson2000 Apr 9, 2007


    When is the last time you saw a white person picking crops.. My comment was not directed towards other people's references to "Americans", but brought in the topic of what the hispanic population does in the country (by all means this not all), and gaps that would exist if you packed them all up. Broaden your thinking and you will realize sending them all back may be what you want, but it will have lasting effects on the economy. We need to find a solution to allow the working populations to stay and yes, pay taxes. We also need to pass legislation that deals with what will happen if they break the law.

    I am not saying I love having everything printed in two languages, but until we push legislation to changes this, you will have to suffer.

    It is also annoying that people say their McDonalds, or Walmart is full of them. I do not understand what the issue with this is, unless you look down on them. They are still people, and at least they are working...