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Car Swerves, Crashes Into Burger King

Posted April 6, 2007

— A woman says she was swerving to miss something in the road when she lost control of her car and crashed it into a Burger King overnight.

People were in the restaurant on Poole Road, but no one was hurt. Workers used a tarp to cover the giant hole in the side of the building.

No word yet on whether any charges will be filed.


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  • candygurl90 Apr 22, 2007

    And another thing for the people who complained about our service, if you would make clear what you want AT THE MICROPHONE and NOT at the window your orders will be correct 90% of the time. You also have to realize that we all are human and do make mistakes.

  • candygurl90 Apr 22, 2007

    I can say that I a high school junior that works at that Burger King and was there on the night of the accident. It was a pretty scary sight! I was in the back stacking sauces when I heard the crash. The girl was only 18 years old and probably was going too fast. Currently the window is boarded up and there is caution tape around that area in the dining room. The drive thru was open for breakfast the next morning and was in full swing for lunch and dinner! We plan to remodel soon and no charges have been brought up, well at least not to my knowledge.

  • GWALLY Apr 6, 2007

    And you thought Drive In's were all gone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ljcs357 Apr 6, 2007

    Its that darn gangsta rap

  • 2little2late Apr 6, 2007

    re:"2little2late - I won't kill you for that comment...only because my dad used to say it all the time too. But, like I told him, males have higher insurance rates, and I'm sure those rates are based on SOMETHING....I bet it's most likely our propensity to screw things up one way or the other for one reason or another...lol...and i knew whatcha meant on the raising kids issue...neither parents nor kids are always right..we're all doing the best we can with the experience and skill set we have

  • jooles Apr 6, 2007

    One large coke - $1.50. Two whopper sandwiches - $4.21. One car kareening through your local Burger King - PRICELESS!

  • 50 Tar Heel Persona Apr 6, 2007

    swerving to miss something in the road!!1 How fast was she driving to hit burger king!
    Word of advice! SLOW DOWN! WE KNOW YOU CAN DRIVE.....

  • oceanchild71 Apr 6, 2007

    The only time I ever tried to sneak out of the house was when I was 18 and had just grad. from HS. Parents went out of town. My 10 yo brother and grandmother were asleep inside the house. Our gravel driveway had a curve to it near the house and I had foolishly parked up at the curve. Grandma's car was back about 2 carlengths in the straight part. I turned on the ignition just enough to put the car in park and started to push the car. Did I mention the driveway was on a slope? Well, the car started going and I realized it was going into Grandma's car. I had never straigtened the steering wheel and I swear the car corrected itself around the curve and down the straight part! I was sweating bullets! That should have been a warning, but instead I still went and ended up drinking so much I threw up right in the bar! Those were the days! ;)

  • E-Diva Apr 6, 2007

    2little2late - I won't kill you for that comment...only because my dad used to say it all the time too. But, like I told him, males have higher insurance rates, and I'm sure those rates are based on SOMETHING. I like to look at it from a statistical angle, not anecdotal.

  • Irishgreek Apr 6, 2007

    2little2late:What I meant...was raising kids is not Black and white,It's just an old saying...meaning their are GRAY AREAS.