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Arrested Assistant Coach Files Complaint Against Raleigh PD

Posted April 5, 2007

— An attorney for one of North Carolina State University's men's basketball coaches filed a complaint Thursday against the Raleigh Police Department.

The complaint accuses officer R. W. King of assault, excessive force, conduct unbecoming an officer and poor judgment in connection with the arrest of Saint Lawrence "Larry" Harris.

Harris, 51, was arrested shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday after he was pulled over for traveling 41 mph in a 25 mph zone in the 800 block of West Morgan Street.

According to police, Harris declined to comply with several requests and instructions from the officer, and the officer eventually arrested Harris on a charge of resisting/obstructing a public officer. Raleigh police said the officer used pepper spray when Harris would not comply.

Harris' attorney, Lee Turner Jr., would not talk specifically about Harris's account of the arrest, but said it does not come close to what police said occurred.

"He wants to see justice done, and he wants to see this not happen to any other citizen of the city again, like it happened to him," Turner said.

WRAL was told that Harris was out of town on a recruiting trip Thursday and was unavailable for comment. N.C. State had no comment on the arrest.

Raleigh police said they will investigate the use of force, but will not comment on the complaint filed, saying it is a personnel matter.

Harris, who was also issued a citation for the speeding violation, was released from jail at 11 p.m. after posting $1,500 bail.

Harris has spent the past 10 years as an assistant coach on the N.C. State staff, including serving as associate head coach last season, according to the university's Web site.


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  • Al Capone Apr 9, 2007

    Just delete this story. It's not news anyway. Nothing shocking from Mr Harris's behavior. I love the irony that comes from his first name, Saint. Priceless!!

  • Irishgreek Apr 8, 2007

    Why is it,every time,it's always a black person,discrimination or just a mouthy person by nature.

  • long haired country boy Apr 8, 2007

    I don't care what you "highly doubt", go to the Patrol station off blue ridge Road and ask Lt. J.D. Henderson or Trooper Tommy Wilson Barbour to see the report.

    I specifically wrote on the report that he pulled me out of my car and Lt. Henderson ignored any action against the Trooper Barbour because they are friends on the force. He wasn't looking to uphold the law, he was looking out for his friend and making sure he could get away with telling his superiors what occurred so he could cover his own lazy butt.

    Also, I will continue to use bad neighborhoods as short cuts if they are regardless, because I can (sorry to inform you but citizens do have rights no matter how much you hate that your badge can't restrict all of them). I don't want to buy drugs, I don't slow down, I don't stop, I use it as a short cut. Just because the RPD can't do their job good enough to clean the neighborhood up doesn't mean I should have to drive out of MY way.

  • Al Capone Apr 7, 2007

    Physically pulled through your window? Highly doubt it. I also doubt that you were taking a short cut. People don't go in bad neighborhood usually, unless they are looking for trouble. What does the word "gud" mean?

  • long haired country boy Apr 7, 2007

    Get Serious - let me guess? You're one of those "COPS ARE GUD NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!" kind of people aren't you?

    Sorry to bust your bubble, but that's not how it is. It's not a "vague" account, it's what happened. Believe me or not, I don't care, their records show the complaint I filed against them. I was pulled for driving through a rough neighborhood I was using as a short cut because they thought I was looking to buy/intent to sell. After they found NOTHING, they tucked their tails and ran away.

    I have been pulled by a State Trooper for going 10 under the speed limit because he thought I was DUI at 7:20 AM. The officer pulled me through the window of my vehicle, cussed me to my face mulitiple times when I reported him to his LT., his LT said he talked with the trooper who denyed it all. That's good policemanship there buddy. I contacted 5 on your side and they said to get a lawyer.

    Just keep denying wake county is riddled with corrupt LEO as long as your daddy is one.

  • Corvette Sales Apr 7, 2007

    They don't have dash cams here. The have them in the police cars. LOL

  • Al Capone Apr 7, 2007

    Wake county seems to have a problem with crime, not "crooked cops". If you are going to make accusations of police misconduct then go sit down with the media and explain your story so they can actually investigate it. Other than that, don't bother giving your own vague and misleading accounts of dealing with the police. I recall there being an off duty scandal and two people were charged by RPD, so for you to assume the police don't police themselves it absolutely ridiculous. If you come on here and say I was stopped for no reason, then that makes you a lier.

  • ridgerunner Apr 7, 2007

    This ploy worked for Wise so why shouldn't Harris try it, after all he is an "important person" being a State basketball coach, even if he is just an assistant.

  • cal Apr 7, 2007

    You want to complain about the crime but when a officer is trying to do his job you want to claim abuse. They cannot read your mind, when they pull you over are they suppose to just look at you and say oh ok you look innocent? You have to take the good with the bad. If being more invasive will help the RPD cut crime down by allot then I am all for it. If I was in charge of the RPD I guarantee you I could cut crime by more than half but then I would be accused of racial profiling and jesse retard jackson and his gang would be in Raleigh. The police dept knows where the problems are. Lets send the national guard and Marines into these neighborhoods and get rid of this scum once and for all.

  • long haired country boy Apr 7, 2007

    Wake county seems to have a problem with crooked cops

    I've been pulled falsely by RPD, searched for drugs (which they found none because I don't do drugs), and then called the dept to file a complaint.

    Afterwards, a LT from the stop called back and tried to talk me out of filing a complaint but I refused.

    RPD - accept the fact that all your officers aren't angels. But if they investigate this matter internally, of course the cop won't be guitly. Have you ever seen a police dept investigate a matter concerning their own dept and find someone guilty of wrong doing?