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Apex House Where Sheep Were Seized Is Condemned

Posted April 4, 2007

— The town of Apex on Wednesday condemned a house where animal control seized more than 70 neglected sheep last week.

Inspectors found holes in the ceiling, broken windows and no running water on the first floor of the house owned by David Watts at 205 W. Moore St.

Watts has until Tuesday to fix the issues, including removing carcasses and bones from around the house. He is also required to scrape the ground clean to eliminate the smell.

If he does not meet the deadline, the town will hire a contractor for the cleanup and send the Watts the bill. If he does not pay the bill, the town will go after a lien against the property.

Watts faces 30 counts of animal cruelty after 30 of his sheep were euthanized because they were severely ill. If convicted, he faces up to 45 days in jail on each count.

On March 26, police found 78 sheep living inside and outside of Watts' property near downtown Apex.

Thirty-five sheep were taken to a local farm to be nursed back to health. Fifteen were being watched by a rescue group. After they recover, they will be put up for adoption.

On Tuesday, the Apex Town Council approved a new ordinance banning all livestock, with the exception of horses, within the town limits. It takes effect June 1.


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  • Lizard Paw Apr 5, 2007

    With all the sheep being euthanized, where will all the chapel Hill types get their fun?

  • Steve Crisp Apr 5, 2007

    Hmmm...take a man's animals. Take his house. Take his land. And then liberals wonder why some folks pick up an AK-47 and shoot their way into a city council meeting...

  • Cleanup on Aisle Cool Apr 5, 2007

    If this man has legal NC farm status for this property, then he has the right to construct any building on his farm property for his personal use he wants without a building permit, and he is not bound by any building codes or inspections. I would imagine this same privilege extends to the building's maintenance (I've seen 100's of NC farms with broken down barns and houses). If this is a farm, then the Town of Apex does not have the right to condemn, ESPECIALLY if the shelter were constructed before the town annexed it.

  • Harley Girl Apr 5, 2007

    For one what in the world was he doing with all those dang coats-does the word stump broken mean anything to anybody.

  • North Carolina Native Apr 5, 2007

    i heard last night the house didn't have running water or electricity downstairs... how does a house have all of that upstairs but not downstairs?

  • IHave1-2 Apr 5, 2007

    SOunds like Apex officials are passing the buck to put the spot light on someone else. Why condemn the house and expect the owner to clean up when this should be the city's job to clean it (as their punishment for turning their heads to this for so long)? They are just as guilty for allowing this to go on as the person who owns the property. Isn't that a crime?

  • tmlcary Apr 5, 2007

    pms50...good one

  • ladyblue Apr 5, 2007


  • nccruzer Apr 5, 2007

    jlevtzow: Yea we should all get together and decide who has the right to own property and who doesn't.

  • clancy Apr 5, 2007

    Anyone who wonders why the house was condemned needs to drive by it and look at it. The police knew about the condition of the house and that there were children there until the girlfriend finally left. The house has been beyond repair for years. 45 days in jail for a life that was filled with pain and suffering; is that the value that we place on God's creatures? I blame the police for not investigating my complaint in December. They acted as if I was annoying them by calling and trying to help these lives. The police said the last complaint they got was in December; that would have been me. I was very explicit with what I saw as I was standing at the man's fence talking to him and asking why his animals couldn't stand up. Once again the police ignored the situation and covered it up. It is not the first time they have done this sort of thing either. A man came onto my property and threatened my son and I and officer Wilkerson did nothing because I swore at the man.