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Raleigh Mayor Puts Best Foot Forward in Walking Campaign

Posted April 4, 2007

— Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker wants residents to put on their walking shoes in an effort to check out the city.

Meeker said the "I'm a Raleigh Walker" campaign, which kicked off Wednesday, is intended to encourage people to get out of their cars and explore the downtown area.

Eight months after its grand re-opening, Fayetteville Street does have a few unoccupied buildings, but Meeker said he is pleased overall with the downtown progress.

"I always like to see things move more quickly, but frankly Fayetteville Street is doing extremely well," Meeker said. "There are four or five restaurants open in the area, some clubs at night, another six or eight storefronts being renovated."

The walking effort is being held in conjunction with the opening of the Farmer's Market in Moore Square.


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  • Get a clue Apr 4, 2007

    What a cheesy title to this story. Any time I come home from down town, I feel like I need a shower.

  • mvnull Apr 4, 2007

    Unless I am forced to go downtown (courthouse, etc), you won't find me walking or doing anything downtown. There is little there, and what is there (such as Exploris) is poorly maintained and/or grimy.

  • Get a clue Apr 4, 2007

    I think they should have some of those "mall maps" down town.

  • jreesnc Apr 4, 2007

    What could help?
    Signs indicating the direction to common destinations, such as exploris etc.. On the streets and EYE level.

    Parking garages better marked as to whether you can park in them, and what destinations are nearby. For example, it would be helpful if a person looking to walk around Moore Square could see not just a ‘P’, but a sign saying ‘Moore Square area parking’

    Signs with outdated names removed.

    Different traffic light cycles after hours and on weekends that favor pedestrians. In other words, when the walk lights are on, all car lanes are red. On weekends, especially Sundays, this will not cause traffic problems, but make it easier for families to cross major streets.

  • jreesnc Apr 4, 2007

    There is a particular parking garage, I think it’s on Salisbury, that does not inform you the lot is full until you have driven a 40 foot long lane into the complex. This then forces you to back out the single lane wide path. If a car has followed you in the garage, you have to explain to the other driver why you are trying to back up.

    Buildings often do not have numbers on them, so if you are looking for an address, you have to look around, and hope at least one does have a number, so you can begin figuring it out.

    Motorists do not understand that – even though they have a green light – they must yield to a pedestrian before they can make their right turn. Often, you either get cut off, or you get an angry glare as they must wait for you to cross with the ‘walk’ sign.

  • jreesnc Apr 4, 2007

    There is a lot of work to do to make downtown friendly to anybody.

    The construction of the large building south of where Fayetteville ends has blocked off almost all the direct pedestrian routes to the BTI center (or Progress Energy center, or whatever they call it this year, more on that later). I made the mistake of parking in a garage on Salisbury and walking in a big circle trying to find a way around the site.

    NOWEHRE, and I mean NOWHERE are any signs providing pedestrians a diversion around the construction. Beyond that, there are no accommodations for peds once I did figure out a route.

    Now, about the BTI center. Signs throughout Raleigh still direct you to the BTI. If you did not know the Progress Energy center used to be called BTI, you are out of luck trying to locate it. And if your tickets only say Meymandi Hall, you are even further in trouble as now you have two challenges.

    There is a particular parking garage, I think it’s on Salisbury, that does not

  • colliefan Apr 4, 2007

    Charley "Wants a Choo-choo train" Meeker needs to hire Nancy Sinatra to sing "These Boots are made for walking" to head a promotional campaign.

  • Cleanup on Aisle Cool Apr 4, 2007

    And don't give money to the bums that harrass you for spare change while you're out walking downtown.