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Witnesses Describe Fight Involving Ex-Wake Deputies

Posted April 2, 2007

— An assault trial for one of three former Wake County deputies accused of beating a Garner man outside a restaurant last summer began Monday.

Robert Wise said three undercover Wake County deputies -- Katie Broda, Kevin Hinton and Christopher Roth -- beat him up in front of his wife and 11-year-old daughter last August. He said the deputies were angry because he took up two parking spaces outside an Applebee's on U.S. Highway 70.

"What they did was unacceptable, inexcusable and it will not be tolerated in our community. It's wrong," Wise said.

Roth's trial began Monday with witneses testifying about the altercation.

"It did not appear to be dissipating," witness Ronald Sherwood said. "You kept waiting for it to stop, (thinking) 'OK, they'll go in and eat and be happy and go.' That never really happened. No one really left. It just kept seeming to escalate."

Wise's wife, Cynthia, cried on the witness stand as she recalled the incident. A tape of her 911 call reporting the assault also was played for the jury.

"They had him, holding him, and he was being banged up," Cynthia Wise testified. "I went around the back of the car to get a closer view, and I was told to get out of the way before I get arrested."

Hart Miles, Roth's attorney, told jurors that Robert Wise instigated the incident. They said they would present evidence to show he resisted arrest and even rolled up the car window on Roth's arm.

In September, the three deputies resigned from the Wake County Sheriff's Office. Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison has since apologized for his deputies' actions.

Roth had been with the sheriff's department for nine years, Hinton for seven and Broda for five.

A charge of assaulting an officer was dismissed against Wise in December.


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  • MajorLeagueinfidel Apr 10, 2007

    Poorboy, these were WCSO Deputies, not Raleigh PD, stick to the story. The reason the Raleigh Officer ran the redlight with bluelights etc is he was running code 2 and elevated response to emergency. Code 2 is normal driving conditions with the abiility to bypass redlights to reduce response time. Educate yourself before spouting off about things you don't know about.

  • wveagleson Apr 9, 2007

    Once and for all, their is NO LAW that says you can't take up two parking spaces. These particular STUPID cops had no business even bothering this man. He had done NOTHING wrong. This is not about race, except for the fact that there are some racists and bigots commenting on what happened.

    The facts here: (1) A man takes up two parking spaces. (2) Three undercover cops decided to use the power of their badges to try and intimidate this man. (3) The man resented this and he acted out towards these cops. (4) The cops didn't like it and they reacted to it. (5) The cops are now paying for their actions.

    Bottom line here; These were just some STUPID cops who would have done the same thing to anyone whether they black, white, green, blue or yellow. These kinds of cops need to be off the streets all over America. They are getting what they deserved.

    Maybe this will make the next set of STUPID cops more aware of the consequences of their actions. Get off the racism BS.

  • Wildside Apr 5, 2007

    He means class of people like this IDIOT Wise who is too good to follow the rules of society.......he got what he deserved and I hope this Cop doesn't get railroaded over some racial crap

  • mugofstout Apr 4, 2007

    2little2late, grow up, I am talking about CRIMINALS, not any certain race. If you think those were racial references, maybe you need to check your own bigotmeter.

  • 2little2late Apr 4, 2007

    RE:"You figure it out."...lol...so what do you really wanna say to those people..not sure if everybody in the world can see through your thinly-veiled racism..don't hold back next time...lol...i'm sorry..or did you mean the kind that bully people for no good reason other than they didn't like the way they "appeared"..seems like you might be saying because it was so "dark" that night that the cops had every reason in the world to "investigate"

  • mugofstout Apr 4, 2007

    You know, people who have no regard for anyones needs but their own. The kind who take up two spaces 'cause no one else matters. People who are to stupid to do what LEO's ask them to do, get thumped, then whine about it. You figure it out.

  • 2little2late Apr 4, 2007

    RE:"Mugofstout, what do you mean by this class of people?"...i think he meant to say "those people"...(total sarcasm on my part)..i was wondering when somebody would take issue with that part of his statement

  • babyphat37 Apr 4, 2007

    Mugofstout, what do you mean by this class of people?

  • mugofstout Apr 4, 2007

    Why can't people just do what the LEO's ask them to do? If Wise had of done just that, none of this would have happened. This class of people never seem to get the fact that the officers of the law need to be obeyed.

  • COPs eye Apr 3, 2007

    Why are all the reporters on this story Black? Just pointing out that maybe the media does not want to make it look as if they are racists also. Since according the Wise family this is an issue of race and a parking spot...even the media inadvertently is making this out about race by reporting this incident at all. FACTS are something other than a incorrectly parked car sparked this incedent.