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2 Charlotte Officers Killed in Shooting

Posted April 1, 2007

— Police were searching Sunday morning for at least two suspects in a late-Saturday shooting that claimed the lives of two officers.

Police say the killings happened at the Timber Ridge apartment complex at Barrington Drive and Milton Road on the city's east side. The officers had been sent there about 10:30 p.m. to invstigate a disturbance.

They were shot while struggling with a suspect in the parking lot, according to a news release from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Both officers were taken to Carolinas Medical Center where they later died.

The officers were identified as Sean Clark, 34, and Jeffrey Shelton, 35. Clark has been on the force for one year, Shelton for five years, the department said.

Patrol officers and the police department's special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team poured into the area after the shooting.


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  • watchdog Apr 6, 2007

    Excellent services for both Officers. The community support was amazing. May these Officers rest in peace and know that they will never be forgotten.

  • AmericaFirst Apr 1, 2007

    Yes - Whenever I hear a murderer argue against the death penalty, I think, You certainly believed in the death "penalty" for your innocent victim. Since you believe in it so strongly, it's now your turn.

  • AmericaFirst Apr 1, 2007

    To those who object to the death penalty: It IS a deterrent. I've never yet heard of a murderer who killed again after he was subjected to capital punishment. Stats indicate that the same 10 % commit most of the crimes - recidivists who leave prison and commit more crimes. Keep them off the streets, and the crime rates would go down. With DNA testing and forensics science being what they are, chances are that those convicted these days are guilty. Police, detectives, and public prosecutors must have non-controvertible evidence. The only thing I object to about the current mode of carrying out the death penalty is that it is too humane for the crimes committed. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's". If the state authorizes the death penalty for capital murder, use it.

  • Joy4u2 Apr 1, 2007

    My prayers go out to the familys. To all law enforcement who put there live's on the line for us each day and night. Thank you, and God Bless you.

  • nc lover Apr 1, 2007

    Cal I know exactly what your thinking and agree with you 100% and yes you would be banned. So don't say it. Just know it.

  • 6 Apr 1, 2007

    And the ACLU and NAACP want to get the Tazers off the street. Would these Officers be alive if they could have tazed the suspect instead of fighting?

  • SOCLOSE Apr 1, 2007

    To the family and friends of the fallen, you have my deepest sympathy. Give all of what you're feeling right now to God, he will see you through.

  • Get a clue Apr 1, 2007

    Woah there cal. The report doesn't say what type of person it was who killed them in such a cowardly fashion. Let's try to keep this civilized for as long as possible. But I wouldn't report you.

  • Ness Apr 1, 2007

    I want to say Thank you to these officers and other officers for all that they do for our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.

  • cal Apr 1, 2007

    Will I get banned from here if I call them what they really are?