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Ex-Paramedic Cleared of Stealing Drugs

Posted March 30, 2007

— A jury finds a former paramedic not guilty of stealing morphine from ambulances.

Jurors cleared Jason Greulich of 17 felony charges. Greulich was fired from the Wake County EMS after his arrest in April.

Greulich's attorney told jurors that the investigation relied on circumstantial evidence. Testimony revealed Greulich never appeared to be under the influence of morphine while at work.


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  • wenzel Apr 10, 2007

    I got to work with Jason on one shift and he seemed like a good guy and a good medic. No matter the circumstances, it is a shame that we lost him. It's scary to think that someone else here could be the culprit and let a colleague take the blame. If that is the case, we truly have a sorry case of a person working among us. It's time to let this go, implement better procedures and take better steps to catch whomever would dare to this in the future. If I was up in the front office, I would offer Jason his job back immediately. Unfortunately he probably would not take it. Can you blame him?

  • whydoyoucare Apr 5, 2007

    While I can appreciate you defending your friend,it is not necessary to insult the paramedics of Wake County. There are many educated, experienced and talented individuals who work here. The citizens of Wake County do not have to worry about the quality of care they receive here and are definitely NOT safer WALKING to the hospital as you so put it.I do not know if Jason did or didn't do what he is accused of (only he does)but he has been found not guilty,let's leave it at that.

  • EDRN Apr 3, 2007

    I am so happy that he was found not guilty. All of us that really know him and have worked with him in the past knew that he wasnt capable of doing anything they accused him of ! Jason is a great person, a wonderful paramedic and a good friend. He needs to come back home where all of his real friends will welcome him with open arms !!!

  • DonT Mar 31, 2007

    They should have put the Rutgers Law, trained EMS department head on the case. Would have give him something to do instead of ruining Wake EMS. Better yet, tasked his guard dog District Supervisors to monitor things. The idiots can't even catch someone stealing Morphine.

  • fitz2012 Mar 30, 2007

    (Cont) (They are a controlled substance.) What are the Policies and Procedures for handling a controlled substance? (One would think this would be written down somewhere. I never saw it.) What are the Polices and Procedures in regard to tamer resistant seals? (I did not see that document either.) I did here testimony from current EMS personnel on how they inspect the vials. There is no standard operating procedure on this topic. The bottom line is something went wrong. There were no controls in place to catch it properly. There probably are still no controls in place. Where did the missing morphine go? We do not know. We do know there was no compelling evidence the defendant was responsible.

  • fitz2012 Mar 30, 2007

    On Thursday March 28, after listening to testimony for the greater part of the week on this case, I with 11 other wake county residents’ rendered the verdict of not guilty. This was not done lightly but with much thought to the evidence presented. We had many questions about this case that were not answered. Some of them include: Why is there no routine drug checking for EMS personnel? Why did the RPD\DA choose not to drug test the defendant after he was arrested and formally charged? Why weren’t any vials of morphine tested at a lab to act as a control group? Why wasn’t the morphine supplier contacted regarding possible tampering of their product? Were any other clients of this supplier experiencing similar problems? Why weren’t the vials tested for substances other then morphine? We still do not know what was in those vials. Why wasn’t the super glued vial tested to confirm it was super glue? Why aren’t these vials individual tracked from unit to unit. (They are a control

  • Hambone Mar 30, 2007

    WakeEMSdragonslayer...Bless your heart. Kudos on the spineless personal attack! You my friend are the one who is very very mistaken about your facts. Even if I weren't affiliated with the organization- word, unfortunately for you, travels very well. Nuff said...

  • Filo76 Mar 30, 2007

    The attorney generals office should investigate Wake County EMS from the top down. As Shakespeare said "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" or I should say Wake County.

  • fairlyandequally Mar 30, 2007

    First off – Mr/Mrs Pomerleau – Shut up- you are an idiot and a (FTA/SWAT/OMG).

    Second off – Mrs. Crawford. Or better yet the wife of the Chief of Operations for Wake EMS. Please tell me just what the general public, jurors and everyone involved in the entire event does not know. Tell me the few who are privy to information about the accused Mr. Gruelich. What evidence led them to this? What do you know, you are not even a paramedic – Why are you involved and even discussing this matter IN PUBLIC. This shows immaturity and plain and blatant STUPIDITY! What has your husband told you about this investigation. Please let us know, I am sure this will be discussed with Wake Counties highest attorneys.

    Management with county government still does not realize that the bunch in the west wing has no clue what the hell is going on. Keep up and run this organization in the ground, you all are doing a good job KUDOS.

  • chance Mar 30, 2007

    IF there was evidence that so strongly implicated him, why wasn't it made available in court? I can tell, as one who sat in that courtroom, the evidence presented in court was by no means solid. If the evidence presented in court is the evidence Medic Mom is speaking of, I was privy to that ... and probably privy to more evidence throughout the trail than any one person had prior to going into that courtroom. And I can tell you there was absolutely NOTHING solid about it.