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UPS Workers Accused of Stealing $200,000 in Jewels

Posted March 30, 2007

— Four Rocky Mount UPS workers were arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing more than $200,000 worth of gems from packages that were supposed to go to area jewelry stores.

Kelly Monique Cherry, 29, Christopher Ingram, 32, Jermaine Phillipe Mack, 31, and
Winifred Devon Sweeney, 29, were charged with 13 counts of felony larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny.

Authorities say the suspects, who were employees in the UPS sorting department, worked together to steal the jewels from 13 packages addressed to Bailey's and Wade Designs in Rocky Mount.

In some cases, investigators say, someone sent an empty box on to be delivered. At other times, only a couple items were taken from the packages.

The alleged crimes date back to November 2005, police said. But investigators said they started an intense investigation after more reported thefts about four months ago. A long process of elimination led to the suspects, authorities said.

UPS is cooperating in investigation, which is ongoing. Police have not recovered any of the jewels.

Sweeney was released under $100,000 bond; the other suspects remain in jail, each under $100,000 bond. They all are expected to be back in court next month.

The four employees have not been officially terminated, but a sign was on the door of the UPS customer center Friday afternoon advertising for a new package handler.


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  • Browneyez_25_80 Apr 2, 2007

    gatechplyr-where are the records?

  • SOCLOSE Apr 1, 2007

    kota2947 - don't be so quick to assume. mommy and daddy may not always tell you everything. and just to humor you what would that be exactly?

  • kota2947 Apr 1, 2007

    ANOTHER GOOD REASON>>>>NOT to bring industry to ROCKY PIT

  • kota2947 Apr 1, 2007

    katmama,,,I KNOW what you wont find in MY blood

  • 2-b free Mar 31, 2007

    why does everything have to turn into a racial issue up here!!!!! Does it matter what color the people are.. NO!!!! Crooks are crooks. plain and simple.

  • SOCLOSE Mar 31, 2007

    hotnblonde75 - THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have said it any better.
    And as far as cars, if no one believes you, all they have to do is go to MTV and watch PIMP MY RIDE. I can guarantee you will see ALL people of ALL RACES on the show either doing the work on the cars or being the one getting the service.

    Another thing people need to realize is that there are no more Pure blooded (whatever race) people in America anymore. My grandmother (maternal) is Native American. My greatgrandfather (paternal) is white. I bet if all of us look into our family trees we will find a little bit everything mixed up in it.

  • Get a clue Mar 31, 2007

    Go take a look in the Wake county jail. You may be surprised, but you'll need to remove the blind fold first people. The physical color of a persons skin doesn't matter to me and it shouldn't to anyone. The days of seperate bathrooms are over and rightfully so. It's the attitudes, behavior and the way they want to portray themselves that matters. If the hip hop and rap culture wants to act and look like a bunch of thugs, then they can deal with getting treated as such. Whether they are white, black, orange, purple or poka-dot.

  • Low Voltage Mar 31, 2007

    hotnblonde, you say "the majority of prison population is black", why is it the white/black ratio in the US is about 22% black. With the majority of inmates being black, how can the rationalization of whites committing just as many crimes hold water. At the very least these inmates should be 70% white.

    All this is really beside the point. The fact is, these UPS employees stand accused of stealing. Considering their past criminal records, I do not understand why they were even in this job position. This really isn't a race issue, it's a greed and moral issue.

  • cal Mar 31, 2007

    If nobody will hire a person because of a previous record then what is that person going to do without a job? They will go back to there old ways until they are caught again. Its when you give these guys a second or third chance and they screw up again that makes no sense. I give second chances. I have even hired a guy that had gotten out of prison for second degree murder. Someone has to give them an opportunity to do good or it will just be a continuous cycle.

  • hdsoftail Mar 31, 2007

    Man just punish the ones that do steal, dont worry about their color.