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Adults Could Lose Licenses for Supplying Minors With Booze

Posted March 29, 2007
Updated March 30, 2007

— It is currently a misdemeanor to give alcohol to someone who is under the age of 21, but a lawmaker wants to turn up the heat on adults who supply booze to minors. 

Wake County State Rep. Ty Harrell is filing a bill that would revoke a person's driver's license for one year if he or she is convicted.

The topic has been in the news lately after a string of alcohol-related crashes that killed several students from Wakefield High School. There have been efforts to better educate teens on the dangers of drinking and driving. In addition, community forums have concentrated on the role of parents and the frequency of house parties.

Under Harrell's bill, adults who help minors get alcohol would lose much of their driving privileges. They would still be eligible for a restricted license to drive to work or school.

The liquor industry is behind the proposal, and officials said related legislation will likely follow.


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  • FragmentFour Apr 2, 2007

    There's a good point made when one points out that anyone old enough to "serve their country" [meaning join/get drafted into the military] is old enough to drink. The problem is - as I see it - when the issue was addressed in the past, and the voting and drinking ages were lowered to 18 - it was settled in reverse. Instead of putting the legal drinking age at 18 (or 19 if you just have to up it a notch), go BACK to making EVERYTHING start at age 21.

    As for adults who help the underaged get alcohol - having a chunk of their driving privileges pulled is a GREAT idea.

  • Watcher Of Things Apr 2, 2007

    FREEDOM?? LMAO - what freedom?

    Come on - say on the news the other day where a guy in Communist China refused to sell to a developer and still had his building ....

    ... in this country - if government wants your property - it ONLY requires a court order!

    So - what FREEDOM?


  • Watcher Of Things Apr 2, 2007


    I was raised around social drinking (German - Italian style)

    Fact is - if kids learn from adults that drinking is NO big deal - then when they come of age they tend to be more mindful of the fact that drinking is not some cool secret societal ritual that needs to be taken to extremes.


  • falls425 Mar 31, 2007

    freedom..... becoming more a thing of the past everyday

  • ncguy Mar 30, 2007

    How will you handle illigals immigrants? buying for minors?
    happens all the time!

  • mom2threecld Mar 30, 2007

    i think if one can go to iraq, one should be able to by beer and wine.

  • PC is for Losers Mar 30, 2007

    Let 'em drink Let 'em live

    How 'bout if all these drinkers change the law back to a 19 drinking age - that way all the 21 year olds buying beer for their college buddies won't have to be charged with this new crime and loose their license. Drink responsibly - I never had a driving problem with it.

  • huntleyperez Mar 30, 2007

    Lets see the lesson here is..the law is but because I am an adult I will teach a minor that it is okay to break the law if you dont agree with it...People do you think that this just might be an insight to why daily you have to scrap up and bury your young or care for them forever due to permanent injuries??? Is this too honest for you...then walk the hall of rehabs and wish you could drag every kid and irresponsible adult with you. I have 3 kids..I was raised around booze like water in the house...I didnt drink(cause I only got 1 parental warning) and mine dont because yes I can smell anything grown or distilled since about 1970's...and I am in their face daily

  • cjandminnierule Mar 30, 2007

    They need to hold these crap parents accountable for their actions.... These "kids" are adults as well and need to be punished right along with them!

  • Bob3425 Mar 30, 2007

    We have laws and the law is 21 to drink. Either they enforce the laws or they need to change it.