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Authorities Seize Dozens of Sheep at Downtown Apex Property

Posted March 26, 2007
Updated March 27, 2007

— Police and animal control officers removed between 75 and 80 sheep from a property on West Moore Street in downtown Apex on Monday, and officials said they may file charges against the property owner.

Thirty of the sheep were so neglected they had to be euthanized at the Wake County Care, Control and Adoption center, officials said.

"The police department as well as our office has been out there many times to investigate complaints of neglect. We had never found grounds until today for neglect charges," Michael Williams, Wake County animal control director, said.

The smell “was so bad you couldn't sit out there most of the time, and the flies were pretty bad," a neighbor said.

The remaining sheep were taken to the county animal shelter and to a local farm where they will nursed back to health.

Apex detectives said they are waiting until the health of the animals is fully accessed before pressing charges against the owner, whose name they did not disclose. Once the surviving sheep are healthy, they will be put up for adoption.


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  • El Doggo Mar 27, 2007

    Your sorry little HOAs don't allow you to dictate what an existing homeowner (one with sheep, goats or cows) can or can't do on their own property that is outside your crackerbox neighborhood that was thrown up next to their property! You whining will eventually run them out, but they were there first and have every right to live their life without you dictating to them like you do your other neighbors...

  • owlady Mar 27, 2007

    Very Sad.
    and just one more reason why I like having a Homeowners Association with my neighborhood.

  • Just Once Mar 27, 2007

    I guess we know what Elizabeth is thinking.

  • My Camel and Me Mar 27, 2007

    I don't condom it either, it really is cruielty

  • Roach Mar 27, 2007

    Please accept my apologies. I should have consulted you before posting. I forgot you know everything...including everything there is to know about goat and sheep poop.

  • elizabethburruss Mar 27, 2007

    I don't condom any type of cruielty, but I am sure that just around the corner from the sheep you will find some children that need "prevention of cruelty to children" interventon.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Mar 27, 2007

    Nader the Invader - "I could keep them for a while if they wanted me too..."

    Kudos to you! Truly wish I could at our rescue farm, but all we are able to take are farm birds - chickens, ducks, peacocks, etc.

    But if you are really willing and able, please call the Animal Animal Shelter and volunteer. I'm sure they'd appreciate any help they could get, even if folks could just donate food for the animals, that would help.

    Praying for feather/furbabies everywhere. God bless. Rev. RB

  • spiritwarriorwoman Mar 27, 2007

    ThinkAgain - The smell was so bad because the animals had been neglected for so long. Properly cared for sheep and goats with at least three grazing areas which can be rotated won't stink because they'll graze the pasture and have to be moved before waste builds up to the point where nature can't assimilate it.

    My question is this...
    It takes a long time for an animal to deteriorate to the point where it has to be euthanized. Why did the authorities wait that long to step in when there had been numerous previous complaints??? Had they been watching the situation as they should have been, the animals would have been removed before any had to be put down.

    Praying for feather/furbabies everywhere, for nature is the only thing ALWAYS doing the will of God. God bless. Rev. RB

  • Roach Mar 27, 2007

    The thing that gets my "goat" is that the man probably lived there, with his sheep, long before the city dwellers decided to move in. And then they have the nerve to complain about the smell. I doubt they cared about the neglect of the animals as much as they did the aroma.

  • kota2947 Mar 27, 2007

    NO MAN will be dateless. this weekend