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Ad Campaign Targets Transfer Tax Proposals

Posted March 26, 2007
Updated March 27, 2007

— The North Carolina Association of Realtors has launched a statewide media campaign to fight proposals for a land transfer tax being considered by state lawmakers.

The tax is part of a menu of local funding options under consideration at the General Assembly looks for ways to help counties meeting growing infrastructure needs. Other ideas include a local-option sales tax, impact fees and a tax on new mortgages.

“The people of the state, and homeowners particularly, really despise transfer taxes. (It's) a tax that strips the equity from the homeowner when they sell their property,” Rick Zechini, director of regulatory affairs for the Association of Realtors, said Monday.

Various bills would give each county the right to charge a 1 percent tax on every land sale. That would cost someone selling a $200,000 house, for example, an extra $2,000.

“Ultimately, it’s (a homeowner's) money, not anybody else's,” Zechini said.

The campaign will include radio and television spots, direct mail pieces and an informational Web site at www.itsabadidea.org.

The battle might even get personal. There are indications that group could target individual lawmakers in future media campaigns.

Local government leaders said they think the need for new schools, roads and other infrastructure to keep up with growth would overwhelm the ad campaign.

“We don't see them as controlling the message,” said Rebecca Troutman, director of research for the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners.

Property taxes pay for the bulk of local infrastructure needs, but they don't generate enough revenue to keep up with growth, Troutman said. Taxing residential and commercial property sales is a logical way to bridge the gap, she said.

“It's not just the homeowner. In fact, what we think it would do is it would ease up on the homeowners' burden when it comes to property taxes,” she said.


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  • Joy4u2 Mar 28, 2007

    If you look at your food bill when you get home you will see how much taxes you are all ready paying 80.00 food 7.56 taxes. cable went up stamp went up home insurance went so housepayments went up. way to go people you put the demo. in there and they are tearing us up and they ain't near done yet. and now going for another school bond . so that means another tax comming from somewhere. I'm not for school bonds I have put my child through school I'm on disabilty I find it unfair that I have to pay for your children to go to school. and my husband too is on disabilty we both worked construction me 25 years in drywall. him accustic cieling all hard work. and we have builded your child them schools so we did our part and your jobs.

  • Durham-Raleigh Mar 28, 2007

    Dear Realtors,

    Please tell us how *you* would choose to pay for schools or roads. That information is not on the "itsabadidea" web site. If you have a legitimate and serious plan -- let's talk!

    I suspect you don't and are just concerned about the housing market alone. As usual. Guess what: if we don't solve the challenges of growth, you won't have to worry about the housing market. Because folks won't want to live here.

    Love and kisses,


  • El Doggo Mar 28, 2007

    Brace yourselves for even more and bigger taxes!!!! The democRATs are still rejoicing over their big defeats last fall. The more comfortable they get with their lobbyist chums the higher our taxes will go to pay for all of the government they will build! DemocRATs/liberals are very predictable! :-(

  • tarheel1980 Mar 27, 2007

    We are paying more money in taxes than any other state in the area. The problem is not that we aren't paying enough. The problem is that the state government is wasting our money. The four lane road to the outer banks is a great example... WASTE.

    Let's not empower the politicians by giving them more money to waste. Let's tell them to fix the problem and quit wasting our money, or we will find someone who will!

  • El Doggo Mar 27, 2007

    All taxes these days are "unfair" to someone. Tax reform using the fairtax system would go a long way toward equity.


  • Slip Kid Mar 27, 2007



    I just bought a house, don't have kids, and I'm supposed to pay for MORE public education expenses than I already am? Let's get rid of the child tax breaks. Have those that create the demand pay a fair share, not get a break.

  • Slip Kid Mar 27, 2007

    How about a Child Tax!

    People with kids create the demand for schools. The vast majority of our state income taxes already go towards schools, there's the new voluntary tax (lottery), now they want to tax everybody who buys a home, regardless of age or family status? Please, no more unfair taxes!

  • andyrey Mar 27, 2007

    About time some one did something about the people that create the problem paying for it. I am all for a transfer tax. It is way overdue.

  • El Doggo Mar 27, 2007

    Wake Co wants our tax money now because they didn't institute this transfer tax SOON ENOUGH!!!! All of the newbies have gotten a free ride on our tax dollars we have paid over the years and the realtors have ravaged the area with their ridiculous commissions.

  • El Doggo Mar 27, 2007

    Oh, so Don kstor? More of your "strong arm" tactics? How much commission DO you charge?