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Drive-by Shooting Under Investigation

Posted March 23, 2007

— Police were investigating a Friday afternoon shooting that left one man in critical condition.

A man backed his sport utility vehicle into a driveway at 2041 Buffalo Way at about 3:20 p.m. Friday and went inside the house while a friend remained in the parked vehicle, police said. Witnesses said a gray vehicle, possibly a Ford, slowly passed the house and turned around, police said.

The gray vehicle stopped near the driveway, and one of two men inside got out and started shooting, witnesses told police. The passenger in the sport utility vehicle was shot in the back, police said.

The unidentified 21-year-old man was taken to Duke University Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

At least two houses were damaged by gunfire, police said.

The suspects were last seen driving east on Geer Street, police said.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • Get a clue Mar 26, 2007

    Please inform us a little more about the incident then "informer". SUV backs into a driveway. Why? To hide the license plate. One person stays in the vehicle. Why? He's not allowed in or he's a look out. What's this add up to? A drug by or something. Very likely not a mistake. I've seen how drug deals and the like operate. So, if the victim is a gang banger..who cares?

  • Angry Grrl Mar 26, 2007

    Hmmm, Raleigh has a big gang problem as well. Two years ago, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue reported that the Raleigh Police Department considers gangs to be "an emerging issue," and noted that there have been more than 600 gang-related crimes in Raleigh from 2002-2005.

    "There are two types of crime that involve gangs," he said.

  • steel1 Mar 25, 2007

    all bias aside, the city of durham has serious gang problems. i don't think anyone is being disrespectful here. it's sad, but true. welcome to the inner city of america. for all you newbies to the area, welcome to "durham"!

  • Angry Grrl Mar 25, 2007

    You know, I've only passed through Raleigh a few times; I don't actually live there. Every time I go, it seems like the cops have pulled someone over for something, or someone's been shot. Flashing red and blue lights everywhere! Yikes! Scary! I have felt very uncomfortalbe every time I've traveled through Raleigh. It's not the news media or any other factor other than each time there have been incidences where Raleigh lived down to its reputation.

  • jannisheart Mar 25, 2007

    I must admit I've only passed through Durham a few times, maybe a handful. I had a relative life flighted to Duke and honestly I when we walked in I felt like I was on an episode of ER. It was quite frankly scary. I've never been in a hospital here in Raleigh where you had to be searched before you come in. You had to put your purse through a scanner. Yikes! Scary! I have felt very uncomfortalbe every time I've traveled through Durham. It's not the news media or any other factor other than each time there has been incidences where Durham lived up to it's reputation.

  • kdajldf Mar 25, 2007

    "He backed the suv into the driveway to make a quick getaway,,,nobody backs into their driveway." - Lizard Paw

    I don't know where you get this information, but many people back into their driveways because it is easier to see the traffic.

    "Gangsters killing gangsters. Who cares? It becomes a tragedy when their bullets stray and find an innocent victim. Maybe this was, but I doubt it for some reason. I've been to Durham about three times in almost six years. I have no business there."

    While you may not have business their the person who was shot could have lived in Durham and was visiting a friend. Also you have no idea if this person who was shot was indeed a gangster. It could have been mistaken identity (ex. The person see's the SUV and thinks it is someone they have been looking for) or the driver was the one who the people were after. Either way don't start talking about the victim until you have hard facts to support the claim.

  • steel1 Mar 24, 2007

    face it, durham is the armpit of the triangle. too many canadians.

  • Tired Of Excuses Mar 24, 2007

    Durham takes a step forward and the thugs make it take two steps back. Durham tries so hard to improve it's image, how can it when crime stories rear their ugly heads and add to Durham's bad reputation? I like parts of Durham but as for the rest, you can keep it. I grew up in an inner city but we had far too much to do and pride in ourselves, neighborhood and community than have babies out of wedlock that we couldn't afford, sponge off the government, sell drugs and participate in drive by shootings.

  • Angry Grrl Mar 24, 2007

    Oh here we go with the Durham-bashing again...

    What was that story on WRAL last week about a crime wave in North Raleigh? Oh noes!!eleventyone!!11!!

    Every town has good areas and bad areas, and that's a fact.

  • Lemmonn Mar 24, 2007

    this is just really sad.. for all parties