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3 Arrests Made in NCSU Attempted Armed Robbery

Posted March 23, 2007

— Three Raleigh teenagers have been charged for their involvement in a shooting at North Carolina State University.

Two students said they were walking across Dan Allen Drive early Thursday morning when several men in a car approached them.  A backseat passenger stuck his head out of the window and showed the students a gun, demanding money.

The students ran and told police they heard a gunshot before the car sped away. The students were not injured.

Jonathan Pulley, 17, of 7 North Swain St., and Demetrius Morgan, 18, of 1105 Spaulding St., have each been charged with two counts of attempted armed robbery.

Darius McCalston, 18, of 810 Postell St., has been charged with two counts of attempted armed robbery and one count of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Investigators said the teenagers are not students at the university.


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  • El Doggo Mar 26, 2007

    Thanks for the update mvnull. Thanks to all the bleeding heart liberals the only ones who can carry guns at NCSU are the CRIMINALS???

  • jannisheart Mar 25, 2007

    ArcticCatAFS as far as knowing what I'm talking about I DO KNOW what I'm talking about it's not just prostitution it's an environment here in this area that officers choose to ignore when ON DUTY! I agree there are not enough to patrol the areas needed. However, if they took a long hard look at the crimes going on in this area they'd see that it's getting worse. They're not going to take the initiative to stop it before it happens they'll react after the fact. I agree with Lemmon why is this such a problem around NCSU it's not NCSU directly it's the surrounding area that's left to do as they well please MOST of the time.

  • Greekgirl Mar 25, 2007

    tbfromnc; It's all too easy for someone to have you flagged,just because they don't agree with you.Don't say anything about God,and Black's and you should be OK...ooops bet I get it now...lol

  • Bob3425 Mar 25, 2007

    Crime will never go away, it will be here as long as people walk the earth and our justices system is so weak. Criminals don't fear the system so they go away for a few years sit back get three hot meals, TV, and telephones...prison are a joke and so is our system. Until we get hard on criminal this is what going to happen. I hate to say buy a gun but it's coming to that the local police can't protect you, even if there do catch the people most likely a plea will be made.

  • Get a clue Mar 24, 2007

    You should really know what you're talking about jannisheart before you speak. Did you really think all those officer are on duty and just choose to direct traffic instead of dealing with your local prostitute? As far as this story goes.....typical. They won't get much of anything for a punishment and this is why raising the age for prosecuting minors as adults shouldn't pass.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mar 24, 2007

    jannisheart, when you see officers directing traffic they are most likely working off duty. That means it's their day off and RBC pays them to control traffic. As far as street dealing and prostitution goes, there's just not enough manpower sometimes.

  • tbfromnc Mar 24, 2007

    can you beleive that somebody reported my comment as abuse?
    what I said was not even close to being abusive. I guess that's what you get when someone disagrees with your comment, they report you.

  • colliefan Mar 23, 2007

    Just more fruit of the gansta rap lifestyle: rotten to the core.

  • mvnull Mar 23, 2007

    "Again, a shining example of the need for more folks to exercise their rights to bear arms. Go get your consealed carry permit today." You do know that it is against the law to carry a gun on the NCSU campus, don't you?

  • msbhaven25 Mar 23, 2007

    Someone commented that it starts with the parents that is true but these boys are not little children. Parents can do everything they are supposed to and thier children still turn out rotten it is not always the parents fault. I know one of the family's and I know that they have raised thier children right. You can't hold the parents responsible for the stupid decisions that thier children make especially once they reach a certain age. You can teach your children right from wrong doesn't mean they are going to make the right decisions. More importantly, all the racial comments that have been posted are uncalled for and ignorant b/c no matter what thier race, if they did it they were wrong.