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Duke Lacrosse Investigation Ongoing, Despite Reports

Posted March 22, 2007
Updated March 23, 2007

— Reports that charges would be dropped this week in the sexual assault case against three former Duke lacrosse players are inaccurate, a representative for the North Carolina Attorney General's Office said Thursday.

Spokeswoman Noelle Talley said special prosecutors are still gathering facts and that they do not anticipate any announcement regarding the investigation this week.

Talley also said the office has been in contact with various parties involved in the case but would not say whether prosecutors have talked with the accuser in the past few days.

The three former lacrosse players -- Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans -- were indicted last year on first-degree rape, kidnapping and sexual assault charges after an exotic dancer reported she was attacked at an off-campus party near Duke University last March.

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong dismissed the rape charges against all three suspects in December after the accuser wavered in key details of her account.

Nifong recused himself from the case in January amid mounting scrutiny of his handling of the case and an ethics complaint from the North Carolina State Bar.

Attorney General Roy Cooper then appointed James Coman and Mary Winstead with his office to the case; they have been re-examining evidence in the case since then.

Last week, they, along with Cooper, visited the house where the lacrosse party took place.

Talley said Thursday that prosecutors expected to wrap up their review of the case within the next few weeks and then make an announcement on how they will proceed with the case.


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  • Bluedevll Mar 23, 2007

    Check this out. FACT..

    February 9th....Durham resident files a civil complaint against Nifong asking that he be removed from office. A judge orders a stay until after the Bar's hearing.

    Nifong comments "I wish everyone would withhold judgment until they hear the evidence".. Well ain't that the pot calling the kettle black. Nifong didn't withhold judgment on the players, so why should we withhold judgment on him.

  • Thornedwolf Mar 23, 2007

    Sean, The numbers DONT represent any one they represent facts in this case which make it unlikely, infact down right improbabale for this case to have any chance in court. Im also addressing people who think that aparently there is still enough evidence DNA wise to convict these young men. Now, If you were to READ the posts with out gleaming over them you will be able to figgure out what im saying.

  • bortz4prez Mar 23, 2007

    Niphong should be sued by the families to get all of $ back they have wasted on attorneys. These are NOT rich families as the media would have you believe. After he is sued and pays up, he should never even be allowed to DRIVE by a courthouse again. What a disgrace to the judicial system.

  • Bluedevll Mar 23, 2007

    Here's the facts people. THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    December 13....Second round of DNA testing found DNA from FIVE men in the strippers body and underwear, NONE matched any of the players.

    December 15th....Superior court judge orders a paternity test on the stripper cause the $%#&@ is pregers. Prosecutor says that the child was not fathered by any of the defendants.

    December 22nd....Raped charges dropped because the stripper said that she could not testify with certainty that she was raped.

    Ding, Ding, Ding, Hellooooooo!! Cased dropped.

    Leave these boys alone and prosecute Nifong NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • triangle citizen Mar 23, 2007

    I agree sj78. It is just funny how prevalent it is even on this board. Is it 2007 or 1907? Wow

  • Bluedevll Mar 23, 2007

    "Talley said Thursday that prosecutors expected to wrap up their review of the case within the next few weeks and then make an announcement on how they will proceed with the case"

    Should be a short announcement. "We plan to drop all charges, due to the lack of evidence."

  • triangle citizen Mar 23, 2007

    there may be some truth to that

  • shawnjohn78 Mar 23, 2007

    Racism will be hear until Jesus comes, Lets just see what the Attorney General's Office decides to do with this case. Racism is just stupid.

  • blisstate Mar 23, 2007

    The only "race" this case has ever been about is Liefong's race for re-election.

  • Bluedevll Mar 23, 2007

    Nifong must be a UNC graduate.