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Attempted Armed Robbery Reported at N.C. State

Posted March 22, 2007

— N.C. State police are investigating an attempted armed robbery.

Investigators said a car with three men inside approached two students crossing Dan Allen Drive.

According to campus police, the man in the backseat showed the students a gun and demanded money. The students ran and told police they heard a gunshot before the car sped away.

Authorities said the students are OK. Police are looking for a small, white car, possibly an older model Ford Escort.


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  • RPD07 Mar 23, 2007

    Check out this website. "http://www.gunfacts.info/pdfs/gun-facts/4.1/GunFacts4-1-Print.pdf"

  • RPD07 Mar 23, 2007

    You would be suprised at how many LEO's are in favor of CCW.

    STFUGBTW---Who exactly is the "average person"? If the "average person" does not need to carry concealed, then who else would? The "above average person"? It's the average citizen that prevents crimes BECAUSE they are carrying. If the "word is out" that more and more citizens are armed, then that alone is preventing some crimes from happening. Make it impossible for a criminal to tell if someone is armed or not. That puts fear into them that they might choose the wrong person to rob next time.

  • regularguy_nc-at-yahoo.com Mar 22, 2007

    Check out Chamberlain Street and/or Ashe Ave.

  • 777 Mar 22, 2007

    Gooseye - I have no problem with competent, responsible people like 4doorvet who feel they need to carry a gun to protect themselves, it is their right.

    My only problem is with the attitude of people like imsosteep who think everyone's first reaction should be to pull a gun on their attacker and anyone who wouldn't do so is a "coward".

    And I am against spreading the message that guns are the best and only way to protect yourself. The message will be picked up by people who are NOT competent or responsible, who are people like me who *would* hesistate between drawing the gun and shooting, and who would end up getting killed themselves in a situation where they would have only lost a few dollars to a petty theif.

    The #1 step to protecting yourself is to use common-sense behaviors to keep from being an "easy" target. That's the first thing you are taught in any self-defense course. You don't need a gun and shouldn't have one if you're not EXTREMELY capable.

  • Gooseye Mar 22, 2007

    Quote from STFUGBTW
    "Of course, if you are threatened by a gun-weilding criminal and declare to him that you also have a gun and intend to use it, he is much more likely to freak out and actually shoot you rather than just trying to scare you with it as was probably his original intention."

    I would never in a million years announce to a criminal that I have a gun, and then expect myself to be able to successfully use it. Real life events aren't like the movies where the hero says, "that's not a knife, this is a knife!", and lives.
    Anyone who carries a firearm should know that when you pull it out you better be prepared to use it. No warnings or any Hollywood BS like that.
    If you don't feel comfortable carrying or possibly defending yourself with a gun, then I'm glad that you made the decision to never carry one. But respect the people who choose to, they just might end up saving the live of you or your loved one's some day.

  • Gooseye Mar 22, 2007

    RPD07-My sentiments exactly. If you happen to be a police officer, let me tell you that I wish every officer felt the way you do about citizen CCW.

  • Lightfoot Mar 22, 2007

    You’ve got someone pointing a gun at you, and you’re going to try and draw your weapon? Good luck with that. You must be mighty fast.

    While I’ve never won the lottery, or even had a flat tire during my travels, I still buy tickets and I still carry a spare. Being armed is like the insurance policy you hope you never use. There are plenty of people in North Carolina that have defended themselves with a firearm, and plenty that died because of no firearm.

    If someone has pulled a gun or knife on you, logically your life is in danger and the use of deadly force is justified. But a gun and knife are two separate things. I’ll comply with their demands for my money until I have the opportunity to draw my weapon. If they have a knife, that opportunity will come a lot sooner. :)

  • 777 Mar 22, 2007

    4doorvet -

    I'm not anti-gun and I'm not against concealed carry permits. So long as the person is competent and not a criminal they should have the right to have a gun. I am definetly against having *less* regulations because the last thing I was is an stupid, incompetent, over-confident macho-guy toting a gun around and gloating over it, but I know there are plenty of people who are very serious about their guns and gun safety.

    I pesronally think it is paranoid and uncessecary to carry around a gun in Raleigh, but if you feel safer or... whatever with a gun on you, go for it. Just be smart about it.

    I just think that the message of "if someone mugs you, shoot him!!" is a really bad message to send out to the average person. The average person doesn't need a gun for every-day life, nor would they be able to handle using a gun in any situation where they were scared and nervous and it just sets up the average person for more trouble than its worth.

  • RPD07 Mar 22, 2007

    I'm 100% for armed citizens and CCW's. But with this particular case in mind, these are most likely students under the age of 21, and being under 21, you can not get a CCW (yeah, it's crazy. I think the age should be lowered to 18). Even if they were 21 or older, they were probably coming back from some sort of late night establishment and the law says you can not carry in an establishment that sells alchohol. And say they were drinking, again, you can not carry while intoxicated. Finally, being on school grounds, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon. Personally, I don't think that should apply to college campus's because that is where they live and they should have the right to protect themselves at the "home" even if it is just a temporary home. But all in all, I think gun laws are a tad to strict at the moment. Lower the age to buy and carry concealed a handgun to 18 (you can posses a handgun at 18, you just cant buy it or the ammo for it) and also have a national CCW.

  • 4doorvet Mar 22, 2007

    STFUGBTW - that's why I said armed and trained citizens lower crime. Of course, someone who doesn't know what they're doing is going to put themselves and anyone else in the area in danger if they start shooting without knowing what they're doing. To get a concealed carry permit you should and do have to demonstrate competence with what you're going to use. A lot of times you can also sign up for safety shooting courses so that you don't hit some bystander or end up losing your weapon to your attackers.

    But on a side note- to say that a concealed carry permit in NC is overkill you need a wakeup call. No, it's not Hell's Kitchen in NYC or the Southside in LA- but violent crime happens everywhere every day. And I would rather be safe than dead. If you don't like guns or don't like the thought of using them that's your preference and right. I'm glad we still have them (rights, that is).