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6 Wakefield High Students Cited With Underage Drinking

Posted March 21, 2007
Updated August 16, 2007

— A week after five Wakefield High School students were charged in connection with an underage-drinking party that led to crash that killed one of their classmates, six more Wakefield High students were cited for being at a similar underage drinking party.

Agents with the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement and Raleigh police broke up the party at an apartment on Royal Anne Lane on Saturday night after receiving a tip that an 18th birthday party was scheduled for a Wakefield student and that alcohol would be served.

The following people were cited with underage drinking:

Alexis Brooke Slutsky, 16; Kyle Walter Tote, 16; Kyle Michael Woodlief, 18; Annie Maria Darrigo, 17; Erin Elizabeth Calo, 18; Kelsey Hilburn Gage, 16; Marcella Samantha Briseno, 17; Rachel Dorenkamp, 18; Rebecca Fenter, 16; and Michael Anthony Saunders, 20.

Woodlief also was cited with underage possession of liquor and aiding and abetting underage possession of alcohol.

Slutsky, Darrigo, Calo, Gage, Briseno and Dorenkamp all attend Wakefield High, and Fenter attends Wake Forest-Rolesville High School, according to authorities. Information about the others cited was not immediately available.

Garrett Marc Stevens, 20, of 709 Royal Anne Lane, Apt. 102, who rents the apartment where the party was held, was charged with two counts of aiding and abetting underage possession of alcohol and one count of underage possession of malt beverages. He is a former Wakefield High student.

On March 9, ALE agents charged five Wakefield High students with taking part in an underage drinking party in January. After the party, Sadiki Young, 18, a Wakefield High senior, died when the car in which he was riding went off Wakefield Plantation Drive and tumbled down an embankment.

The driver of the car, Christopher John Palmeri, 18, of High Holly Lane, is charged with involuntary manslaughter and drunken driving in connection with the wreck.

Earlier this week, Young's mother, Dr. Rosemarie Newman, spoke about her son's death during an assembly at Wakefield where North Carolina First Lady helped kick off a statewide campaign, Operation Drive to Live, to decrease underage drinking.

"Do I think alcohol caused my son's death? Do I think alcohol influenced the way these kids behaved afterwards? Damn right I do," Newman said.

Within a one-year period, four other students at the school were killed in alcohol-related crashes.


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  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 22, 2007

    CONT]]] And it's def not a racial thing. And not to seem racial, but usually the African Americans are the ones that say that. How many times has the news been about shoot-outs in clubs in Durham?!? And it's somewhat funny, because it seems there are more whites that get in trouble for taking guns to school! Okay... So, alcohol has nothing to do with race and is just as predominate with whites, as hispanics, as blacks. So, yes, it's not just the "rich white kids"

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 22, 2007

    Okay, to those who say that teenagers aren't old enough to handle it. The only thing that has to do with age is the legality of it. There are 25 year olds and 40 year old who cannot handle alcohol responsibly. People continue to complain about teenagers doing it. And yes, it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, but my parents & grandparents have always told me [not just about alcohol, but life in general], they can't change me, the change first has to come because I want to change. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE - YOU CAN'T CHANGE SOME PEOPLE's MENTALITY. People are stubborn, whether they're 2, 22, or 92. >>>>>

  • loudandshort Mar 22, 2007

    WHY.. Is it nesscery to have these kids names and their ages in this article. In the news paper having their address, how does that help the story. (It doesn't..I think the readers can get the point with just having high school students drinking) Yeah, they go to Wakefield.. But, the only reason this is such a huge story anyways is because that kid was killed not to long ago. And I do feel sorry for the family, don't get me wrong. But, really kids everywhere in the U.S. is up to no good and for these kids there lives are runnied now. Everyone has to learn..ever age group is still learning life .. it's just one big learning loop hole.
    One more thing if this happened two years ago, them being around 16 this story wouldn't be on the news..and they were 16. But, why now. REALLY...don't you think that is worse...I DO. That did happened two years ago..same school every thing. But, that wasn't in the news. I no for a fact it wasn't.

    Why can't people mind there own bussiness

  • emtbuff Mar 22, 2007

    Staples - Please get a clue. These are CHILDREN, and just because one CHILD was going to stay sober in no way excuses this behavior. A child cannot be expected to control a situation where other children are drinking. You say it's the kid's choices to drink? I can't disagree more. The parents need to get a clue before someone else dies or is injured. It's the parents who are responsible for their children's actions and choices. What are the parents doing to advocate fun without alcohol at Wakefield?

  • NotTHE1 Mar 22, 2007

    What do you do with your kids? Spank that butt when young to instill a LITTLE fear so the "parent" can influence the proper behavior for a child or is it the TIME OUT method? Do you tell your kids it's OK to drink,(because I know you're in a safe place((home back room),or because they have sober friend to drive) or do you say don't touch any alcholic beverages until you get 21. Race is not the issue. It's just good to see the media finally print a story that doesn't involve just minority. All these kids could be black because I personally don't know them nor do I care. Did you know that Wakefield's S Young was left lying in a ditch while is SO CALLED FRIENDS left him to return to the party seen to clean up beer cans BEFORE calling 911. Now he's DEAD but can you imagine that. PARENTS, RAISE YOUR KIDS. KIDS, CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY BUT LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS.

  • C93 Mar 22, 2007

    As far as the kids 'waking up', it would help if some of these parents actually parented. Amazing reading about all the Wakefield tragedies and yet some parents are still allowing their children to drink, do drugs, party all night.

    And don't give me "they can't control them" mess. If you can't control a child living under your own roof, then you didn't need children in the first place.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 22, 2007

    Staples, I am trully sorry you have had a hard time with your child. I can't imagine being turned into ss because of grounding a child, but I guess stranger things have happened. You hang in there....

  • staples Mar 22, 2007

    Absolutely-but let me tell you something else about discipline and the consequences. I grounded my daughter for lying, being in a place that she should not have been and for not coming home when she was supposed to-she was 12 hours late. I grounded her for 12 weekends, one weekend for every hour she was late and I was turned in to CPS from a complaint made by a Wake county teacher-because she thought I was being extreme. What she didn't know is that her kid was in the wrong place too, the same night with the same people doing the same thing. When she found out-she said if she know because she thought she could trust her child. Every parent wants to. I still ground my kids. I try to protect them, but when I am not around I hope that someone cares enough to try to protect them too.

  • juchushu Mar 22, 2007

    Why do ignorant idiots always turn something like this into a race thing? WHY??? When that black kid got shot on the bus, they didn't post pictures all over the news of the little idiot that shot him did they? No. And he was black. So don't go try to pull the race card out this time. Somebody always tries that garbage. These kids should have known better. Hopefully they will be charged very harshly. They deserve to get more than just a slap on the wrist and community service. That teaches nothing.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 22, 2007

    Staples: I quote you, "It is not right to have put their names and addresses so boldly in the paper-it is not right" I say, it IS right to put the names in the paper. Hopefully it will get the parents more involved, by embarrassment. Nothing else seems to work- certainly not setting expectations and limitations for your child. And, I quote you again, "The most important part of this story is that the kids were going to stay at the apartment and NOT DRIVE" That is NOT the most important part of the story. That's sad. The most important part of the story is that children are dead and yet excuses are continuing to be made and behaviors are not changing. There is no gray area here. I'm curious, do these children not have curfews? So, they would have gone to a party, consumed alcohol, and stayed long enough to sober up before going home?