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Raleigh Postpones Action on Proposed Stadium for Shaw, St. Aug's

Posted March 20, 2007

— City Council members on Tuesday delayed a final decision on a proposed joint-use multipurpose complex in Raleigh that would serve as a football stadium to two local colleges.

The 10,000-seat facility would cost nearly $30 million to build. It could eventually host ticketed sporting events such as the CIAA championship and serve as a recreational center for both youth and adult activities.

It would also serve as the home field for Shaw University and St. Augustine's College—both CIAA schools in Raleigh without a football stadium.

Council members decided to delay a vote on the stadium for at least two weeks because the proposed site along Rock Quarry Road near Interstate 440 is not large enough to accommodate the facility with parking. A committee will revisit the proposal and also look at three alternative sites.

Wake County commissioners recently pulled their support of the project, leaving much of the financing to a combination of public funding by the city of Raleigh, federal grants and private contributions.

More than a third of Shaw University's football team showed up at the City Council meeting to see the proposal for the complex and to show support for it.

Proponents say a new stadium would boost attendance at home games, improve recruiting and prepare for further improvements in the quality of the schools' football programs.

"When we bring kids in for recruiting weekends, the first think they ask is: 'Coach, where are we playing at?'" Shaw University assistant football coach Robert Massey said.

Coaches have to tell recruits that home games will be played at local high school stadiums. Last season, Shaw's home games were at Garner High School; next season, they will be at Garner, as well as Enloe High School.

"We're losing students, whether it's students from Raleigh or the surrounding area. We're losing students because of facilities," Massey said.

"If we don't get this, this could hurt us -- the institution of Shaw as well as St. Augustine's -- years from now," he added.


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  • Gorilla1 Apr 5, 2007

    I can not comment on the situation at Shaw, but Saint Augustine's College does not need the help of the local government or the taxpayers to build a stadium. Nor do they need the location. If you remember St-Aug's was ready and willing to build a stadium on its campus, but that plan was stopped because of "opposition from neighbors in the area". Why is it that St-Aug's has to go through hell and highwater to get a stadium for its football program. St-Aug did not make this situation. The city of Raleigh did, and if they are not going to help St-Aug's get a new stadium then they should stay out of the way and let the school go with its original plan to build its own stadium on campus.

  • 2little2late Mar 22, 2007

    on your principle, i TOTALLY agree with you...no private anything should be getting any public money...i agree wih the fair tax also..just wish they would do it one way or the other..preferably our way...

  • El Doggo Mar 22, 2007

    Darn right I want them outta my pockets too! Government needs to GET OUT OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE ENDEAVORS!!!! For profit entertainment is not where government is supposed to be! If these are such "good ideas" let free enterprise fund it and make a profit! Stop taxing the crap out of us and let the free market flourish!


  • 2little2late Mar 22, 2007

    Let them build their own stadium - whatever THEY can afford ... a nice one, or a pup tent - who cares......but NOT with my tax dollars
    -Darn Carolina Hurricanes..errr..i mean convention center...errr...new downtown hotel...errr new coal-fired power plants..etc..what about tax breaks for companies relocating here?....i'm sure you wish "them" people would just be quiet too

  • Heelzrule Mar 21, 2007

    losing recruits? give me a break! Let them build their own stadium - whatever THEY can afford ... a nice one, or a pup tent - who cares......but NOT with my tax dollars!

  • Fun Mar 21, 2007

    Cure it all with an education VOUCHER SYSTEM-- from grade school through college. YOU and YOUR PARENTS CHOOSE- where your part of your educational tax dollars get spent for YOUR education- your CHOICE public or private! Then the competition will determine who prospers- not the government by subsidies.

  • seriousbusiness Mar 21, 2007

    Don't get me wrong, the government should foot some of the bill, because they'll reap some of the benefit. How much is the question, I'm sure they'll propose using the facility for certain events, meets, games. Probably charge the schools a fee for maintenence, rent etc...I'm sure this won't be a donation from the city of raleigh to the schools...joint venture I'm thinking

  • Sidekick Mar 21, 2007

    I think St. Aug. and Shaw should get themselves a joint fund raiser to get the money and tell the city to take a hike.

  • hollywood Mar 21, 2007

    I suggest you contact your city council members and let them know you do not agree with this. The link to your representive and email address are listed below.


  • 2little2late Mar 21, 2007

    Great point(s) Taxpayer