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Woman Commits Suicide Outside Clayton Clinic

Posted March 19, 2007
Updated March 21, 2007

— A woman shot herself outside of a medical office in Clayton Monday morning, police said.

The 57-year-old woman was transferred to WakeMed but was pronounced dead on arrival, police said.

Witnesses told police the woman was in the parking lot of Clayton Medical Associates on Guy Road when she shot herself. No one else was nearby at the time of the shooting, and a handgun was recovered at the scene, police said.


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  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 20, 2007


    I didn't really take offense to it, that stuff was 140 years ago, there are only a few groups of people who won't let it go. I just like "mashing y'alls buttons" I have been living in the south for 14 years, so I've got plenty of sand in my shoes. I have lived in Huntsville, AL and Savannah, GA as well. I'm always going to be a yankee to the natives no matter what I do, So I like to have a little fun with it. The human garbage thing was uncalled for I'll apologize for that, had'nt had my Red Bull yet when I wrote that. Imagine that, a yankee taking responsilblty for his mistake? Well sheet far, if that don't beat all you ever stepped in!

  • SMartin Mar 20, 2007

    To lose a friend, a loved one, a spouse is extremely hard to endure. My wife cared about the entire universe. Her personal medical sufferings weighed heavly on her mind. The world discourse was troubling to her heart. I belive she sought peace and tranquility for her soul. I believe she is content with her transition. While I grieve, I also rejoice in the thought that she is definetly in a better place.
    W. Young

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 20, 2007

    SMartin : You and your family have my sincerest sympathy. I have lost family members but not in this manner and I cannot imagine your pain. My prayers are with you.

  • SMartin Mar 20, 2007

    THIS WAS MY MOTHER. Thank you to all the people who where kind and gracious in their words. For the rest of you I hope nothing like this ever happens to you. It had nothing to do with the DR. or money. Northern or Southern makes no difference we are ALL Gods children. If you are a religious person than you know it is not your place to judge, there is only one being in which it matters their opinion and NONE of of will ever see them post a comment. So how about this do me and my family a favor and keep us in your prayers for that is the Godly and just thing to do. The world is round so what goes around comes right back around to you. Be careful what energy you put out there because it may come back to haunt you. Thanks again to the kind people. To the rest of you, you are forgiven.

  • cagerat42 Mar 20, 2007

    This poor shot herself for some reason.There are only two people who know why,the woman her shot herself and God almighty.Maybe I missed part of the story,but what does this have to do with the north and the south.This is a tragic event and some people have turned it into an issue of who needs to live her and who doesn't.I think its turned into an issue of stupidity.

  • Gnathostomata Mar 20, 2007

    "To all of you whiney six toed rednecks that are complaining about yankees, all I have to say to you "Who won the war?" Eat a d*ck you ignorant pieces of human garbage.27-Echo"

    It is evident that You take offense because you are not Southern by the Grace of God. That is a Gift he gave to those of us fortunate enough to be His Children. And comments like this are why you will always be considered a Yankee and never assimilate into Southerness. I understand why you chose to move here; I lived where you came from, and I didn't like it either.

    And there are those who now understand what we were fighting for was STATES RIGHTS...think how differently our lives would be if we had not lost Stonewall...

  • nc_copper1993 Mar 20, 2007

    ok clearing up time. as for the recent violent crimes in clayton, as tragic as they were, they were all domestic type crimes nothing random. clayton is so well patrolled and safe it's almost boring. as for yesterday the poor woman was killed instantly and was at a g.p. doctors office, even if that had not been the case.

  • El Doggo Mar 20, 2007

    Y'all take this WAY too seriously!!! :-)

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 20, 2007

    Pretty it up all you want but the yankee bashing that goes on in some of these comment sections is ridiculous and unfair. I seriously doubt that native southerners would appreciate being painted with the same brush any more than any one else does. Grow up. Get some manners.

  • El Doggo Mar 20, 2007

    Now there's the pot calling the kettle black! Nice feelings lovemypet! I just choose to direct my angst in another direction! My (southern) mom is quite proud! ;-)