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Teens Arrested in Robbery of Taxi Driver

Posted March 18, 2007

— Two teens face charges in connection with the alleged robbery of a taxi driver Saturday night.

Everett Ray Sunders, 17, of Raleigh and Ebony Randolph, 16, are charged with second-degree kidnapping and armed robbery.

According to investigators, the two teens threatened Moises Valleto with a gun and forced him to drive them from a nightclub located near Atlantic Avenue and New Hope Church Road to a Hampton Inn in his taxicab.

The suspects also allegedly stole $400 cash, a cell phone, and gold necklaces from Valleto

Police arrested the two suspects Sunday morning and they were being held under a $500,000 bond Sunday evening. They are scheduled to make their first court appearance Monday afternoon.


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  • brilove2214 Apr 22, 2007


  • famluv04 Apr 4, 2007

    Let me tell everyone something Ebony is still a good person and you would know that if you really knew her. Eby kept ya head up remember I love you no matter how many people you rob haha just know when you get out i will have my shit together so you will have some where to go if you still wont tocome back to bridgeport k. Love alwayz your cuzin,sister,and friend Linda

  • brilove2214 Mar 29, 2007

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  • Essence_T Mar 28, 2007

    ok well for the people that think that they kno everything... brilove is ebony's little sister.....she is still just a lil girl you people aere judging her already......i understand that you all have your opinions and comments, but this girl hasnt even hit puberty... before you all start to open your mouths get your facts straight... this is a perfect eample of how society to day has already given up on the african american race... you havent even given us a chance to make a stand or grow as a people....... i have nothing else to do but shake my head, and look past this cauuse i have something better to do then stay on the computer and talk to you people.... i have a life i just had to say a few words.......

  • atlpeach Mar 22, 2007

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  • peachez_919 Mar 21, 2007

    i love u ebony. i cant believe u followed that stupid boy. hold ya head up mami u know we all here 4 u.

  • boriqua4pr Mar 20, 2007

    as for your family they are the ones that need prayer so they can hold it together when you get what you are working so hard for prison life. ps i do luv you ebony auntie fl

  • boriqua4pr Mar 20, 2007

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  • steel1 Mar 20, 2007

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  • steel1 Mar 20, 2007

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