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Anti-War Protesters March in Fayetteville

Posted March 17, 2007
Updated March 18, 2007

— As anti-war rallies were held across the county, a similar peace rally attracted about 300 protestors in Fayetteville.

Demonstrators chanted as they walked near downtown Fayetteville and made their way to Rowan Street Park.

“We are a military family,” said protestor Lisa Townsend. “I'm opposed to this war and it's wrong.”

The Peace March and Rally marked the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the conflict in Iraq. Police officials said the march was peaceful with only one arrest.

Supporters of the war in Iraq also made their voices heard. A small group gathered across the street from the park and held up signs of support.


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  • independent_thinker Mar 19, 2007

    This is another Vietnam. The buildup and incompetence mirrors Johnson's decisions and managerial style. He demanded answers that met his expectations and employed elitist smarty-pants who never served in the military.

    Do some reading and get the facts. If you're worried about anti-war rallies, hold on to your hats. Bush is digging his heels in and the public is turning on him at a record pace.

    The conditions precendent to the war were misleading, the occupation has been a resounding failure, and none of the administrations policies are working.

    What's it called when you continue climbing a ladder after you realize it's leaning on the wrong wall?

    Anyone who has ever worked in business realizes that big changes in performance demand big changes in strategy. Marginal change yields marginal results [not good when one of your units of measure is human life...].

  • LEO Mar 19, 2007

    Hey Shep, good to hear from you. Throw some sand in the anti-war lefties faces for me and I'll see you soon at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars, for you anti everything folks). Air Biscuit, good post.

  • Juliett Mar 19, 2007

    Our soldier are serving their country and they deserve great respect. Period, the end.

  • proudmama Mar 19, 2007


  • Pippy999 Mar 18, 2007

    At this particular protest, the protesters were talking about how "our soldiers are over there torturing the poor Iraqis." Is that villifying our soldiers?

  • Air Biscuit Mar 18, 2007


    You are exactly right. I don't see any posts vilifying soldiers. However, if this is becoming another Vietnam, then protestors need to watch it and make sure that the anger is not directed to the soldiers and their families. Take the protests to Washington. What do protests in a military town accomplish except stirring up resentment?

    People have a right to protest the war, and this war is a big mess...I just want to make sure that regardless of how we feel about the war, protesters, Bush, Cheney, or whomever, that we are sensitive to military families.

  • huntleyperez Mar 18, 2007

    And there are many more who don't....but you sure dont hear about them, now do you....abd there is one true constant.."if you tell the people a lie enough times they will believe it."Hitler...and no-one knew better than how to use the media than he did.......

  • anneonymousone Mar 18, 2007

    Villifying soldiers, Air Biscuit? Nary a one. Bush, Cheney, and the other authors of the policies that are killing American troops and Iraqis are not and were not soldiers. I've been to quite a few local and national rallies, and there is a lot of support (moral and material) for the troops and their families. There are also many vets, active military personnel, and their families who participate in the rallies.

    Air Biscuit, I'm not sure how you have decided that all anti-war protesters are cowards with a poor sense of priorities. Unless you receive information under the Patriot Act that explains what we do for work, how we spend our money, when and where we volunteer, etc, that's an awfully wide brush and a sloppy paint job.

    ProudMama, none of the attackers on September 11, 2001 were from Iraq, and Osama bin Laden despised Saddam Hussein.

  • Air Biscuit Mar 18, 2007

    People have a right to protest. However, I fail to understand why protesters choose to do this in a military town--it is demoralizing to military families...right motives, wrong place...very insensitive to people whose families are dying and who are overseas in this war....

    I also do not understand why military action brings out protestors, but gang warfare in our cities and in our schools get no attention...are protestors afraid of actually facing the giant? Seems like protesting in a military town is a very cowardly move, considering most of the soldiers who are being viilified in the protests are not here to defend themselves...
    How about going to Baghdad and waving your flags?
    How about going into some of the gang infested neighborhoods in Fayetteville and vilifying the gangs? I don't think any anti-war protestor has the guts to do that.

  • huntleyperez Mar 18, 2007

    True this isnt vietnam...didnt that war build up go from about 20,000 to 550,000 in less than 3 years under JFK???? Not to mention alot of this same group is begging for us to go and stomp the government in Darfur for their own genocide but why?????? we stopped Saddams and that made the anti war people angry...lets send the anti war people to Darfur, they can discuss the errors of the Darfur's government ways.....I am sure they can get atleast 5 words out before the the singing sound of a sword....