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Law Enforcement Plan Statewide Crackdown on Drunken Drivers

Posted March 17, 2007

— State and local law enforcement officers will be out in force over the weekend as part of a St. Patrick’s Day “Booze It & Lose It” campaign.

Gov. Mike Easley announced Friday that highway checkpoints and stepped-up patrols will be in place to remind people not to drink and drive and arrest those who do not heed that warning.

“Drinking and driving do not mix,” Easley said. “I urge people to be smart and stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day holiday.”

Thirty-six alcohol-related crashes were reported on North Carolina roads last St. Patrick’s Day, which resulted in three fatalities and 23 injuries, according to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles.

Some of the state’s six mobile breath-alcohol testing units, or BATmobiles, will be utilized as officers conduct patrols and checkpoints statewide. The campaign will run through Sunday.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program advised partiers to plan ahead and designate a driver who doesn’t consume alcohol. People who believe they might be impaired are urged to call a taxi, use mass transit, or to call a friend or family member to pick them up, rather than engage in drunken driving.


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  • knelsud92 Mar 19, 2007

    Walters, you're correct. The Fourth Amendement spells it out. Courts have ruled. Constitution loses.

    It used to be that a cop (30-35 years ago) would take a guy's keys and give him a ride home if the cop thought he had too much to drink. What happened to those days? What happened to a cop using a little bit of discretion and using a little goodwill instead of being a revenue enhancement officer?

    I'm not trying to minimize drunk driving, but it seems as if these checkpoints don't do anything to stop the idiot who's going to drink and drive anyway. All they do is keep law abiding people from going out and having a drink with dinner. If cops ran checkpoints 365 days a year, you could kiss all bars and restaurants good bye, and forget about any "downtown revitalizations". You have no jobs, but you have the impression you're safe from "drunks".

    They tried to eliminate alcohol once - it was called Prohibition - It Failed.

  • The Dude Mar 19, 2007

    There is nothing unconstitutional about dwi/dwlr checkpoints. The Supreme Court (guys in DC with of 200 years of combined legal expertise) have already heard it and said as much. Checkpoints designed purely to look for drugs are. The state has a right to do certain things to insure that you are complying with motor vehicle law. That's "reasonable". Drug checkpoints were considered "unreasonable". Walters, before you cry about your rights, why don't you check to see if your gripe has already been settled by the people paid to interpret the Constitution. You make about as much sense as if I started crying about having a Constitutional right to drink beer. They already settled that one too.

  • ralwood Mar 19, 2007

    Keep it simple! Don't drink and drive! We know the state sell the booze to you, and then require you to not to drink & drive!

  • LEO Mar 19, 2007

    Walters wrote "Stricter DUI laws! Yes I'm all for it." Just how are we to enforce "Stricter DUI laws" with out pulling you off the state, county, or city owned and maintained road ways attempting to do just that? You need to make up your mind.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Mar 19, 2007

    I dont see the problem. If you arent drunk, and havent broken any law, what is the big deal?

  • mvnull Mar 19, 2007

    Current research shows you are impaired before you reach the 0.08 limit. Drunks think they aren't impaired by drinking, probably because that is their normal state.

    The standard 180 lb male has to drink 4 beers to get to 0.08. Remember, you also metabolize 1 drink per hour (regardless of weight). This means the 180 lb male who goes to a party (1 hour) would have to drink 5-1/2 beers before they would hit 0.9. That doesn't sound like a couple of beers to me. Unless, of course, he downed several drinks before going to the party.

  • Gnathostomata Mar 19, 2007

    none ya biz: You do not have to be completely trashed to be impaired, slooowing reflexes, causing an accident. It would be nice if every DUI was just a case of being pulled over and issued a citation, but look at the amount of traffic on the road nowadays, young drivers who do not react to a swerving vehicle, and driving faster than they should, older people who drive slower, and a young parent glancing back to check on the children...then add a driving impaired driver, and the scene changes from being pulled over to rolling over...and it usually isn't the drinking 'n driving person that suffers. They are so limber they make it. It is the other driver that doesn't make it. See, I am the other driver, and I don't want you to take me out while celebrating someone's birthday. Get a designated driver and drink until you are blue...just don't drive.

  • none ya biz Mar 19, 2007

    you guys are a bunch of hypocrites i can almost garuantee. EVERYBODY has driven after they have been drinking, unless you dont drink. Not driving while DRUNK, but have been drinking. That is possible.. And you can difintely blow over the legal limit without being drunk. People who blow ridiculous amounts and/or have multiple offenses, i am all for punishing. but what about the night somebody goes out, has some drinks, and then blows a .09 or .10 or something close. Just because your over .08 doesnt mean you completely trashed. You guys are sitting here saying, take their license away, no questions asked. I wanna see what you would have to say when you go out to dinner for a birthday party or to celebrate something like an anniversary, have a couple beers, and blow .09, then you would be singing a different tune. there are some people who can recieve dui's and truly learn from the mistake without having to get their license taken away completely.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Mar 19, 2007

    walters -dot- angela -at- gmail -dot- com
    Now I dont see rights being violated except by those who get behind the wheel and take innocent lives because they chose to drive while intoxicated.
    I didnt know you can check the box marked Irish when asked of your race!?!

  • singleinapex Mar 18, 2007

    Walters, you do have the right to stay home and get drunk.