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Cooper: Lacrosse Accuser 'Cooperative'

Posted March 16, 2007

— The accuser in the Duke University lacrosse case is cooperating with investigators, state Attorney General Roy Cooper said Friday.

ABC News reported Friday that the accuser hadn't been forthcoming in interviews with special prosecutors and gave them incomplete answers, Cooper issued a statement disputing that claim.

"In discussions with our attorneys, the accuser has been cooperative in answering questions and providing information. More discussions are scheduled," the statement said, without citing the published report.

A woman told police she was assaulted at a lacrosse team party a year ago while performing as a stripper. Lacrosse players Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans face kidnapping and sexual assault charges in the case.

Prosecutors have interviewed the accuser at least twice to get her version of events. They've spoken with Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong and to defense attorneys for the players. Cooper and two attorneys in his office on Thursday toured the Durham home where the lacrosse party took place.

Published reports also stated that Kim Roberts, the second stripper at the lacrosse party, refused to speak with investigators unless she was subpoenaed. But Roberts told WRAL's Julia Lewis that she never told investigators that.

The accuser's cooperation is seen as critical to the case because her testimony and credibility will be key to the case -- and whether the special prosecutors decide to pursue sexual assault charges against the players. Defense attorneys have argued from the start that the case should be dropped.

The Attorney General's Office is handling the case because Nifong asked to be taken off because of a potential conflict. The North Carolina State Bar filed an ethics complaint againt Nifong, alleging that he failed to provide evidence to defense attorneys and made inflammatory comments to the media early in the investigation.

Also Friday, Nifong filed a brief to support his request that the State Bar complaint be dismissed. He cited various cases to support  his claims that he complied with legal rules in turning over evidence, and he argued that he wasn't required to turn over notes from conversations.


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  • lilreno is in the wind Mar 20, 2007

    That slut (the accuser) enjoyed the party, she has no credibility. Charges against the players should be dropped and charges brought againt Nifong and the accuser!

  • El Doggo Mar 19, 2007

    The ONLY help that "accuser" needs is help fitting for a new ORANGE JUMPSUIT!

  • proudmama Mar 18, 2007

    Drop the charges an let these young men get on with their lives.Make a statement with Nifong. An get the accuser some Help please!

  • mvnull Mar 18, 2007

    Here are my predictions:

    1. The sex charges will be dropped, but other charges will be added (underage drinking, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, etc). This is to discourage them from suing for false arrest. Eventually they will settle out of court by promising not to sue and do a few hours community service.

    2. Nifong will get a slap on the wrist by the Bar. Did you really think they wouldn't stand up for their own?

    3. That's it. Nothing changed. Noone has learned anything.

  • Low Voltage Mar 17, 2007

    doinbizznes and jack, I couldn't agree with you more.

    ctechic2004, it's called misuse of public office, unlawful conduct of a court officer, etc etc etc....

    (Nifong broke the law...ruined lives, you get over it!)

  • doinbizzness Mar 17, 2007

    thanks for having my back jack

  • jackpalmerjr Mar 17, 2007

    As far as "why should the city pay" - there is a huge difference between someone being falsely accused and having the DA's office intentionally withhold evidence to make the false charges stick.

  • jackpalmerjr Mar 17, 2007

    This is such bullsh*t! The whole thing was a farce from the word go! Nifong jumped on board to make sure he was reelected from a county that is majority minority. He acted illegally in withholding evidence that would have ended the whole thing from the start. He should be disbared - she should be charged with making a false police report and the city should have to pay damages for letting the whole thing get this far.

  • doinbizzness Mar 17, 2007

    CTECHIC------ the city of Durham is responsible for the idiot they had working in the DA's office that could have cleared these boys.If the city is held responsible for the actions of the public officials maybe they will pay closer attention in the future

  • ctechic2004 Mar 17, 2007

    Cupcrazy-why do you think that you deserve to know who the baby's daddy is? If it not one of the players, then it's up to the baby's dad to come out...He wasn't accused of rape, so his identity has nothing to do with this.

    Doinbizzness-why should the city of Durham pay those guys? People get falsely accoused of crimes all the time and don't get paid. Why should they be treated any differently, is it because their family has money and can afford high priced attorney? Over all this case has been beaten to death...Get over the case and move on to something more important.