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New Bill Would Make Cap on State Gas Tax Permanent

Posted March 16, 2007

— A new bill in the North Carolina House would make the state's gas tax cap permanent.

The current cap is set to expire in July.

North Carolina motorists already pay the highest gas taxes in the southeast, close to 50 cents on every gallon.

The bill also gives the attorney general more power to investigate price gouging after a disaster.


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  • romex Mar 17, 2007

    better chance of deporting wetbacks

  • El Doggo Mar 17, 2007

    This is a typical democRAT ploy! Pretend to worry about taxes being too high and then let the bill die without any effort! then they can say tat they "tried to reduce taxes" but that they were unable to...

  • El Doggo Mar 17, 2007


  • tarheel1980 Mar 16, 2007

    And taxes are never "Temporary". Money is like crack to a politician. Hard to get off of the stuff.

  • TruthPrevails Mar 16, 2007

    Nothing is permanent. Someone is just trying to appease the public, for that someone's benefit.

  • tarheel1980 Mar 16, 2007

    Hoopty: I don't believe that money is the problem with the roads in North Carolina. The state has more money than it needs to maintain and expand the system. The problem is political. Governor Easley and his appointee Lyndo Tippett have led the most corrupt and inefficient DOT ever seen in the state. Mistakes like the one on I-40 cost millions of dollars that would otherwise be spent on highways.

    The other ridiculous decision was by the legislature when they equalized the spending on highways across the state. In the eastern part of North Carolina, roads are being fixed that serve almost noone and new roads are being built to nowhere. Meanwhile, the money available for the Triangle and Charlotte are limited. This "equitable" distribution is nothing but political payback and is bad for the state.

    We don't need to give the politicians more money, they will just waste it. We need to hold them accountable for the fortune that they waste.

  • OLD PIRATE Mar 16, 2007

    READ THIS CLOSELY FOLKS You are already paying one of the highest taxes in the nation..so a freeze means what??

    The comment about pork projects was right on target..a canal museum in Halifax County got $400,000 because it deals with transportation... This legislation is more pay out and less roads.

  • WXYZ Mar 16, 2007

    68-Polara. You are correct. The highway fund has always been in the black, which tempts the politicians to divert the excess money to their "Pork-Barrel" - pet - projects. They get away with these violations of public trust year after year due to the uninformed, misinformed or uncaring public. This is a welcome gesture, but Easley and the other tax and spend socialists can be expected to raise other taxes and fees.

  • 68_polara Mar 16, 2007

    The problem is that the our state officials continually swipe money from the highway fund for the general fund. So much of the money collected through the gasoline taxes are not used for the roads. We might as will try keep the gasoline taxes from ballooning because the state's roads will not be negatively effected There will just be less money for the politicians to take from the highway fund.

  • hooptie1964 Mar 16, 2007

    For those of you that are so happy about the cap being made permanent, be forwarned -

    you can't celebrate lower taxes that pay for roads and then complain about the condition of existing roads, how long it takes to get new roads, or the use of toll roads.

    It acutally does cost money to build new infrastructue and maintain existing infrastructure.