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Thousands of Counterfeit CDs, DVDs Seized in Holly Springs Arrest

Posted March 15, 2007

— Police raided a Holly Springs home Thursday, arresting the owner and confiscating thousands of counterfeit CDs and DVDs.

Holly Springs police said they found about 3,400 disks valued at about $60,000, along with computer gear for burning multiple disks.

They charged Genevieve Rabina Flores, 32, of 400 Vista Spring Circle, with three felony counts involving pirated movies and music, police said. They also seized a vehicle in which they found disks.

The raid came after citizens tipped police to suspicious activity and officers obtained a warrant to raid the house.

"When you notice things that seem suspicious, don't just discount it," Police Chief John Herring said in crediting citizens with reporting their concerns.

Police arrived about 6:30 a.m. Thursday, they said, accompanied by a state trademark enforcement agent.

Flores, who is being held in the Wake County Jail on a $30,000 bond for arraignment Friday, faces charges of possessing unauthorized sound and visual recordings that did not have the manufacturers' true names and addresses and with possessing a tool or machine intended to produce a counterfeit mark.

 “I'm not surprised. You never know what people are up to," Herring said.

"We knew something was going on over there, but we didn't know what," said neighbor Clyde Newcomb, who lives across the street. He said the specific allegations took him by surprise.

Flores bought the 14-year-old home in 2004.

"The movie industry and the music industry lose millions of dollars each year" through counterfeiters, Herring said. Holly Springs police have contacted both industries about the bust, and Herring says they are interested in learning more about how their case may be plugged into the black market.


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  • At Work Mar 17, 2007

    they keep hitting all these small locations what about the big ones? What about New York and Atlanta its on the street curbs and in the back of cars.

  • big dady Mar 17, 2007

    now were my dady gets all the movies there are no more at watson flemarket. please let the lady free. moveies at the store to expense an im por (no money) comprende imigrant is not mexican ingnorants

  • always concerned Mar 16, 2007

    patriot, you are a hoot, but far too generous. jtalerico 14 years old? i have an eight month old cat that is more mature. Just call me "bud" ;-)

  • kota2947 Mar 16, 2007

    OH YEAH "JOE" i walk on water to.....RIGHT

  • seriousbusiness Mar 16, 2007

    Damn those nosey neighbors!!!!

  • seriousbusiness Mar 16, 2007

    Suspicious activity? I can see a search warrant being thrown out and case being dismissed. She was selling counterfeit movies not dope. I'd guess her neighbors didn't like the traffic (minorities), anywho baseless search, no probable cause to search, good lawyer gets her off.

  • gman976 Mar 16, 2007

    The movies that barely break even are, for the most part, not the ones being counterfeited. I don't agree with counterfeiting and I'm not attempting to justify it, but I do think that the music and film industry overcharge for their products. They are also a very powerful lobby. Many people do not that, by law, you pay a 3% "royalty" when you buy blank audio CDRs. In Canada for example, the fee is CDN$ .59 for a CD and CDN$ 2.27 for DVD. This is ostensibly to recover losses from material you may or may not be stealing. Let's just say I don't get too teary eyed when I hear the industry whining about counterfeiting.

  • Ban One Mar 16, 2007


    How the heck did PETA get brought into this? By worse things going on in the world did you mean how Peta tries to convince people killing animals is bad or how they kill more as a group than any other group in America?

    Vegetarian is an ancient Native American word for Bad Hunter!!

    By the way: Burn for personal use fine; Burn to sell bad!!

  • El Doggo Mar 16, 2007

    I guess I do complain being stolen from :-( The government steals from me all the time! They call it taxes,fees,licenses,tariffs,etc.


  • Joe Mar 16, 2007

    I'd rather pay $8 to $17 for a high quality legitimate DVD movie than go through the hassles of getting a phony one with poorer quality. The movie industry has been wise to lower the costs of DVD movies because it does help thwart some of the counterfitting.

    I ordered a movie through ebay several years ago. When I rec'd it I realized it was a bootleg. Not much I could do either since the shipper's origins were from China.

    Anyone who says it's no big deal making illegal copies and/or selling them cannot complain if a thief steals from them either. Stealing is stealing and the law does not have a gray area on that.