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Beating in Robbery Terrorized Henderson Couple

Posted March 14, 2007

— Henderson police are looking for a third teenager after they arrested two others on charges that they severely beat an elderly man and terrified his wife.

“They were stomping. They were beating him to death,” Mary Helen Clark, 76, said. “I said, ‘Please don’t hurt him. He’s sick. He has cancer. Please don’t hurt him.’”

Herman Clark, 80, had his hip broken in two places in the attack, his wife said.

Police are looking for Robert Brodie, 17. They have arrested Tamil Robinson, 16, and Reuben Cooper, 18. They are being held pending a court appearance April 9.

The Clarks were attacked two weeks ago outside their Styl-ees Beauty Salon.

“The motivation was the money,” Police Lt. Charles Pulley said. He said he was somewhat surprised at the suspects’ youth, and police do not know if they had a particular reason for wanting the couple’s money.

“We don’t believe any of the individuals had a drug problem,” Pulley said.


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  • mckensiesmommy Mar 16, 2007

    maybe the parents need to get off there lazy no good behinds and actually keep track of their kids!

  • jaybabe Mar 16, 2007

    There is more of an uproar over these boys doing this horrendous crime than there is when some sick pervert touches a child. Maybe we should take a good look at the world around us and reevaluate things. This is an awful crime and yes they should be severely punished, but don't child molesters deserve the same outrageousness that is being shown here, if not more.

  • iampostingmyopinion Mar 16, 2007

    They need to post the pictures so that the public can be on the lookout to report on them. Also, so that if you see them coming, you know to not get in thier way. And Dakine is right.

  • NC-Blondie Mar 16, 2007

    theres 2 things in this life you take care of, little people and old people, when you abuse either of these 2, God will get you. I hope the Clarks will recover and these scum bags are caught

  • 2-b free Mar 16, 2007

    I didn't make my comment trying to excuse any ones actions.

  • HoldOn Mar 15, 2007

    get a rope.

  • narck9 Mar 15, 2007

    "b-man, you here from the "All's Jesse's and balck panthers" at times that are needed mostly. I would agree that some thing may have been or may be blown out of proportion but until you are on the other side dealing with what we as black people go through on a daily bases (especially in North Carolina) you probably should just keep your mouth shut."

    This is a quote from a previous post. Can you believe that this person uses "being black" as an excuse for this senseless beating? The man has cancer and was 80 years old! Get a clue!

  • Johnston Born Mar 15, 2007

    If these were my parents and something like this happen to them. I would want the police to release them.....I believe I could dish out the proper justice....simply put....you wouldn't here from them again.....

  • Politically Honest NOT PC Mar 15, 2007

    Neshant does being black give you the right to beat, kill rob and create general myhem? I think(Know)not!!

  • yruatwit Mar 15, 2007

    A classic example of why reinstating labotomies for worthless punk thug pieces of sh** makes perfect sense.