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Edwards' Campaign Office Reopens After Scare

Posted March 14, 2007
Updated March 15, 2007

— Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards' campaign office in Chapel Hill was to reopen Thursday after an evacuation prompted when a staff member opened an envelope containing white powder.

Authorities tested the substance and found that it didn't pose a health threat, according to a news release issued by the campaign Thursday morning.

“The test results of the white powdery substance received (Wednesday) have come back negative, and the authorities have informed us that it is safe to return to the office," the statement said.

The office is located in the commercial center of Southern Village, but other businesses in the area weren't affected.

Edwards, who resides in Chapel Hill, was out of town Wednesday, speaking at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

White powder in letters has been associated with anthrax after an attack in 2001 killed five people and sickened 17. The substance was mailed to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and members of the news media in New York and Florida just weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


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  • At Work Mar 17, 2007

    one comment for everyone that talks crap, you have absolutly no reason to complain if you dont get off you lazy a** and vote. If you dont like something do something about it voting is where you should be. (And yes I have voted since I became 18)

  • El Doggo Mar 16, 2007

    Oh yeah! obamah is HIGHLY QUALIFIED to run this country!!! He is BLACK!!!! That is the primary qualification for all of the liberal democRATs!

  • What The Deuce Mar 16, 2007

    This just in...John Edwards went to the bathroom.

    This just in... John Edwards wiped.

  • Thornedwolf Mar 16, 2007

    AH now I see one person has an issue with the Democratic line up and aparently it refears to every one else. That makes sense now.

  • Thornedwolf Mar 16, 2007

    Basicly Uh oh NO thanks Clinton or Edwards.....as for Obama well he seems to be one of the few decent presidential canidates, and as far as I see it hardly any one here has said anything about him so its time for you to rework your post, Pre tell whats wrong with Gulianni btw? No thanks Uh oh

  • Thornedwolf Mar 16, 2007

    In all honesty the only two sane and fit people for the job would come down between Obama and Guliani, a republican and a democrat I dont care which side wins as long as its these two.

  • seankelly15 Mar 16, 2007

    Ashen-Shugar - "My poorly written jabs are at ones who would try to deny me the right to speak and so just for you, my last one. Look. for the last time, try to read the post and understand it. Say it aloud slowly if it helps. The phrase is "YOU WILL, not YOUR WILL. That means that if Edwards gets elected it will be, you do what I say, with no freedom to do as we like." Nuff said - your eloquence is undeniable!

  • rc4nc Mar 16, 2007

    Well since this is the only political board on today. Is anybody watching the Democrats bash President Bush on C-Span? The Republicans aren't even participating in the live questioning of Valerie Plame. Out of her own mouth she stated her understanding of "Covert" meant that "no connection" should be made between her and the CIA. I'm not very bright but surely the Democrats might see where Ms. Plames daily trips to her office at CIA headquarters might be a breach of the intent of the "Covert Status".

  • Dreamin of Disney World Mar 16, 2007

    What's everyone so worried about? That white powder was never going to get near John Edwards, because Chapel Hill's one place he won't be found. Of course he'll find a way to squeeze money from this event. I wouldn't be suprised if he asked for prayers and donations to teach those poor misguided souls a lesson. Now that he's an expert on Jesus, I wouldn't be suprised at John if he were to start "laying hands" on folks. Let's face it Hillary Clinton's talking with a "Southern accent". What next? And the show goes on.....

  • jgriffith3792 Mar 16, 2007

    Too bad Edwards doesnt open his own mail.

    If you want him to open a letter, the last place you would want to send it is Chapel Hill.