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Ex-Assistant Principal Faces School Sex Charge

Posted March 14, 2007

— A former Raleigh assistant principal facing nearly 50 sex-related charges in Harnett County was charged Wednesday with a sex offense involving a student on school grounds.

Larry Ray Jewell, 57, of Dunn, was arrested on Feb. 15 on charges that he sexually abused a boy in his care over several years. He resigned his position as assistant principal at Southeast Raleigh High School the same day.

Raleigh police on Wednesday charged Jewell with one count of taking indecent liberties with a minor. Assistant Wake County District Attorney Jeff Cruden said the charge involves an alleged incident with a male student on the grounds of Southeast Raleigh High last spring.

Raleigh police continue to investigate the case to determine if there are any more possible victims.

The first accuser told the Harnett County Sheriff's Office that Jewell first abused him in 1999 while he was living with his father in Coats. The boy's father was later convicted on federal charges of having child pornography on his computer, and the accuser then moved in with Jewell and his family.

Defense attorney Jesse Jones questioned the boy's father during a probably cause hearing Wednesday as to why his son was allowed to live with a man he feared.

"There was one incident that I had questions about much earlier, and it was my opinion that that situation had been resolved and there was not going to be any further problems," the man said.

The man said his son never complained about Jewell.

"It was never told me. If you know anything about the way pedophiles groom people, you'll know that most times (victims) won't talk about it. They're ashamed of it."

Jones asked District Judge George Murphy to dismiss the charges against Jewell, saying the case was based solely on the boy's accusations.

"You've seen the investigation so far. It has been no investigation," Jones said. "What did they give you judge? Nothing. No physical evidence, nothing."

The teen pressed charges the same day Jewell tried to kick him out of his house after the boy threatened to kill his girlfriend and himself, Jones said.

But Murphy ruled there was enough evidence to move forward with the Harnett County charges and sent the case to a grand jury, which will consider the case on April 16.

Wake County school administrators declined to comment on the latest charge against Jewell, who remains in the Harnett County Detention Center on a $3.25 million bond.


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  • lock em up Mar 16, 2007

    Thank you Has Had Enough. and as for you gatechplyr- I know the police make mistakes, but even if this savage is guilty of only one of the 50 charges, he is still just as much of a savage as if he was guilty of all 50. The Police make mistakes but it is pretty tough to believe that they are on the wrong track with this guy when they have enough evidence to charge him 50 times. The only thing that this savage needs is to be kicked straight out of the universe.

  • plcj Mar 15, 2007

    jeulofthesea, I am sorry for any pain this has brought you, your family, friends and of course the alledged victims in this case but I have to say that this forum is for posting comments on the stories. No one here is the jury in this case. It is only peoples opinions as shallow as some may be. Again I am sorry for any sorrow.

  • JEULOFTHESEA Mar 14, 2007

    My last post(going with the last 3)-- shawnjohn78: you make some bright comments and then you blow it. You said "The wife may have made it up, but kids will tell the truth soon or a later."Once again, why can't everyone be quite and wait until all facts come out in the trial.In this case, the wife definitely didn't conspire with the nephew because she is deeply hurt and disturbed by the horrible facts.She supports & loves the nephew, but he has not lived with her in the home since she found out all of this. It's toooo painful. Trust me, I KNOW EVERYTHING I'M TALKING ABOUT. Now, please everybody; just please stop with the speculations. Wait and don't talk.Put yourself in my shoes.Be quiet and think rather than talk or type. Better yet, pray for us, the new victims coming forth, and for the defendant. We all really need to pray for his soul.

  • JEULOFTHESEA Mar 14, 2007

    More--perhaps you will get as tired of me as I have of reading all of the speculations without merit. Anaconda--the young man never threatened to kill his girlfriend. Have you read the restraining order. NO YOU HAVEN'T. Once again, you comment was based on something a crazed lawyer said in the courtroom while trying to cause doubt---and it was never proved. The papers said he threatened to kill himself and he was calling her tooooo many times per day.

  • JEULOFTHESEA Mar 14, 2007

    I didn't finish what has been building up in the last post, so here is more. Hondaman--you said you wanted to wait this one out, but you also said it sounds like the guy made it up for revenge. Perfect example of what I was saying in my last post. If you want to wait for the facts, then do that instead of making a sad speculation about the young guy. Hasn't he been hurt enough. What if he reads this? Tax Man--you said if th kid was lying there are lots of charges that should be brought; well, there are lots of charges that should be brought for slander against the defendant and his lawyer.

  • JEULOFTHESEA Mar 14, 2007

    OK----Sean_Kelly15; you told "for the family" that he should give his information to the authorities so that he would not dilute the information. I'm sure the well-intended advice is greatly appreciated; however, he was only answering or commenting on statements or questions made in this forum which would have no effect on the case. They only serve to stop some of the "less than intelligent" speculations being posted and to answer some good questions, IF they were anyone's business. As you can tell by now, I have a problem with everyone trying to take a little bit of information and make a comment on it. Then, what happens? The next day you get a little bit more information and you change your mind. Hang him today; let him go tomorrow. And one of the problems with that is that the case has not gone to trial yet. The things that you hear in the video clips or read in the news that the defendant's lawyer has said have not been proved so why do some people believe them?

  • patriot Mar 14, 2007

    Thank you, You are correct sir. I couldn't have said it better myself. I enjoy your posts. Keep 'em coming.

  • BLA BLA BLA Mar 14, 2007

    I bet WRAL is getting a kick out of reading yalls post's, arguing here and there. But, if the kid did it for revenge, which is wrong, and this guy is found innocent, he better take a good look at his wallet b/c it will be empty for sometime.

  • Ladybug Mar 14, 2007

    Why do you keep calling him a boy. The guy that went to the authorities is 20! Yes, it may be revenge, but we should not be to hasty to cast this first stone and call this man guilty. Afterall, we don't always get the entire truth from the media, only bits and pieces of what they want to report.

  • yacs Mar 14, 2007

    jaybabe, wow! You seem to have this all figured out, open and shut. Hope you never serve on a jury, btw.

    Noboby is sticking up for this guy; we're sticking up for the notion of "innocent until proven guilty." I'm sure we all hate child-molesters, but this guy hasn't been proven to be one.

    If he is one, I'm confident it will be proven and he will go to jail and get what's coming to him. If he's not, I'm confident he won't go to jail.

    But don't convict the man -- and don't call the rest of us idiots -- solely because he quit his job. That doesn't prove anything; many innocent people would do such a thing just to avoid bringing controversy into their place of business. Not to mention, he might not have had a choice -- coulda been forced to quit. Doesn't make him guilty.

    I hope this is resolved quickly and justice is served.