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Toddler Hit, Killed by Car

Posted March 14, 2007

— A toddler was killed Tuesday night after wandering into the road in front of her home and getting hit by a car, authorities said.

Christian Marie Pittman, 2, was outside with her father at about 8 p.m. Tuesday when he walked into the garage, authorities said. The toddler walked a couple hundred feet up N.C. Highway 42 from her home and was hit by a passing car after stepping into the road, authorities said.

The unidentified driver stopped and called for help.

No charges are expected to be filed against the driver or the parents, authorities said.


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  • trice Mar 24, 2007

    As a family member and former colleague of Darryl Pittman, I must address some of the negative comments I have read. First, my prayers go out to the family and the driver of the car. What we must realize is that GOD IS IN CONTROL. HE alone is the Author and Finisher of our lives. HE knew the day Christian would be birthed into this world and he knew the day she would depart this world.HE knew HOW, WHEN, and WHERE. GOD knows all, HE sees all. GOD knows how and when each and everyone of us will leave this world. So please no more negative remarks and wanting to point the blame at someone. Right now what Darryl, Zina, Tray, Kendrick, Jamar and the driver need is alot of Love, Support, and Prayers. Remember we need one another in this world today, so lets show some REAL LOVE, that AGAPE LOVE. Remember GOD IS IN CONTROL.

  • sabatinom Mar 16, 2007

    Hey TLJ1212, Why is it scary I have kids. Because mine are all alive? Because I take very good care of them, love them and watch after them as I should? If you all believe in fate, if your child gets cancer, do you pray the child survives through it or seek medical help. If God meant for that child to die of cancer, why fight it? right???I think not. Remember...good people make mistakes too. This couple did? The comment about it being scary I have kids has to be the most idiotic comment on here.

  • Super Typer Mar 15, 2007

    What a tragedy. My prayers go out to the child's parents and family members. I don't think the father should be charged. I think he has suffered enough. What good will it serve?? Children that age will dart out when you least expect it. It was a terrible accident...

  • preciousallis Mar 15, 2007

    "HINDSIGHT" is 20/20...it is very easy for people to say what THEY would have been done in a situation that they have not experienced for themselves. My prayers go out to Coach Pittman, his wife, & three sons.

  • tlj1212 Mar 15, 2007

    It's scary to think that someone like SABATINOM actually has kids...

  • las0930 Mar 15, 2007

    I am so sad about the comment about selfishness. Selfish people do not think of other people's feelings and wishes. Mr. Pittman is not selfish. The people who are making thoughtless comments are the selfish ones. I am totally shocked to discover that there are so many people out there who believe that they can walk on water. It is unproductive to try to assign blame in this tragedy. It has nothing to do with being a man and everything to do with being a Christian. Furthermore, if you call yourself a Christian, you are being a hypocrite by judging this man. I am a colleague and friend of Mrs. Pittman, and I know what kind of person she is and what kind of person her husband is. They are selfless, not selfish.

  • Friend Mar 15, 2007

    It is so sad to see so many people in our area that or so mean and cruel to someone they don't even know. This family did nothing wrong, nothing. And as far as being a Christian not having anything to do with it, your wrong . Being a Christian has to do with everything. I did not realize we had so many glass houses in the area. I had parents that cared about me just like these parents cared about their daughter, and I cared about my children and grandchildren. And I bet all of our parents had this very simple rule: "IF YOU CANNOT SAY SOMETHING NICE, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL ". You should all be ashamed of yourselves, because you have done a lot more wrong than anyone in this family did. Jimmy Phillips

  • BigRed Mar 15, 2007

    How do you know what the dad was thinking. Your comment is the type that this family doesn't need. You have the right to have an opinon but think before you type. I'm sure this dad is beating himself up enough without your help.

  • ralwood Mar 15, 2007

    Being a christian dont have anything to do with what happened. The father was thinking selfishly about what he needed to do instead of focusing on the child. He has to man-up to face the fact that he caused this, and people need to stop using being a christian to excuse selfish behavior.

  • plcj Mar 15, 2007

    THANK YOU FAMILYTIRE126. And GOD bless this family and you and your group for standing by this family in their time of such deep sorrow.