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Racially Charged Web Postings Upset N.C. State Students

Posted March 12, 2007

— Although the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament wrapped up Sunday, emotions continued to roil Monday over racial slurs and other postings to a North Carolina State University fan Web site.

The Wolf Web, which isn't affiliated with the university, contained numerous posts that contained epithets and threatened to lynch University of North Carolina player Ty Lawson, who scored a breakaway slam dunk with 1 second left in UNC's 89-80 victory over N.C. State in the championship game.

Many posters said they believed the dunk was unnecessary, but the harsh tone of the comments upset many N.C. State students.

"It's very offensive," student Candace Holsten said. "That's just something that should not be said, period, no matter how bad it was."

"One or two people posting could make everyone look bad," student Daniel MacDonald said. "Other campuses look at it, and they think, 'N.C. State, this is what they think, this is what they say.' It just looks bad for everybody."

The Wolf Web site was created by two former N.C. State students and prides itself on having less moderation than other fan sites, such as PackPride.com.

The site's creators couldn't be reached for comment Monday.


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  • uncange1 Mar 15, 2007

    wow. now that is classy.

  • tbell ncsu Mar 14, 2007

    msn93, the first link was started by someone associating themselves with partyapp.com, an app state board. that doesn't absolve the moderators of the carolina board for not removing or deleting the thread.

    when you register on the website, you can provide any email address. then, you're given the option of associating yourself with a specific university or not. if you don't specify a school, the default is campusblender.com. there's no telling who is genuinely a state student, carolina student, duke student, ecu student, kansas student, ucla student, nebraska student, etc.

    and i only provided the links to point out that bigots and jackasses aren't unique to nc state. no where did i say "it was right".

  • JCA Mar 13, 2007

    If they couldn't have said it on the Wolf Web they would have said it somewhere else.

    (my post got cut off, and I wasn't finished ranting.)

  • JCA Mar 13, 2007

    "An unnecessary and tasteless comment was made on an N.C. State fan site. It was reported. FACT!"

    Ok, I agree that the comments were unnecessary and tasteless.
    But the Wolf Web is NOT an NC State fan site. There is one section of the board devoted to sports, but thats all sports, not just NCSU sports.

    "However, the point remains that some moderation should be required for a site that uses NCSU symbols, was started by NCSU grads and is posted on by people with NCSU addresses."

    When a site that has several thousand posts a day, and several hundreds of thousands of page views a day (http://www.brentroad.com/stats.aspx), it is a bit difficult to moderate every post or even every thread. Especially when the moderators are unpaid and moderate in their spare time, that they aren't in school or working.
    Besides, the site specifically says it isn't related to and does not represent the University. The problem here is the things a few people said, not the site. If they couldn'

  • MSN93 Mar 13, 2007

    tbell, Your first example, ironically enough, was a statement made by a STATE fan who was promptly told to get off and go back to the Wolf Web (TWW).

  • MSN93 Mar 13, 2007

    Just because it isn't unique to State doesn't make it right.

  • tbell ncsu Mar 13, 2007

    this stuff isn't unique to the nc state board. and it's not unique to college boards, message boards, the internet... whatever. racism, homophobia, and intolerance is still as strong as ever.


    plenty more where those came from. i hope wral sees it fit to report on the postings on the postings on the carolina community website, and other college community websites.

  • Fandemonium Mar 13, 2007

    "Unfortunately, I think these comments are typical..."

    Whaaaa? Even as a fellow Heels fan, I can't defend this statement. Andychapel sounds almost racist and is definitely engaged in stereotyping himself.

  • andychapel Mar 13, 2007

    Unfortunately, I think these comments of typical of the NC State sports community. I have heard similar comments and a lot worse at NC State sporting events.
    It is a sad commentary of the lack of sportsmanship and humanity over a simple game.

  • heelfan Mar 13, 2007

    The burden of proof is on the accuser, and I see no proof that NC State had anything to do with this. Good thing that Lawson dunked that ball, State was trying to come back and there was still time left for a collapse. The fact it was close was an embarrassment considering how much more talented UNC is. Roy just got outcoached yet again!