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Wilson Man Charged With Kidnapping, Assault

Posted March 12, 2007

— A Wilson man was arrested Sunday in connection with a domestic incident.

Police said Jeffery Dickerson is accused of taking Felicia Dickerson against her will.

Investigators said Felicia Dickerson was treated and released from Wilson Medical Center for injuries received during the incident.

Jeffery Dickerson has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, assault by pointing a gun, assault by strangulation. He is currently in the Wilson County Jail without bond.


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  • dakota_loves_me Mar 12, 2007

    domestic violence isnt a matter to let go if it happens to somebody. And lets hope this guy stays behind bars and then go somewhere to let him know that women like ourselves arent to be messed with and that we deserve respect everyday of the week.

  • Only In America Mar 12, 2007

    Let's just pray that he stays behind bars. God forbid he gets outs and takes this to the next level and takes her life. You know that has got to be a major reason why these assaults go unreported. I know someone who reported abuse. He did 48 hours and when he got out, he broke her arm. She is scared to leave and takes the abuse.

  • methinks Mar 12, 2007

    I wish women could be notified on a regular basis that there is help out there. There are womens' shelters all across the county. There is the Wesley Shelter in Wilson, and My Sister's House in Rocky Mount. They are the only two I know of.

    Domestic violence is like any other crime, it is hard to enforce and hard to stop. If a woman wants to leave then get out. I know a lot of women (in my line of work I see this everyday) that have dissappeared for months because they are slipped out and hidden to get away from abusive husbands. Too bad some men in this world feel like they have to be a real man by beating up on a woman. Yeah Right.

  • Top Dog Mar 12, 2007

    I agree totaly with you but not all men are how she says,

  • fireman1963 Mar 12, 2007

    What get's into men? women, that's what. Seriously, I agree with the women on this one (Never thought I'd ever say that). I think any man who kidnaps a woman should be jailed for a very long time.

    If a woman wants to leave, and clearly want to be rid of the that particular man, he should grow up and let her go. There are plenty of women out there - some of who don't mind being abused. My wife and I have been running a church bus in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Ralegh and we've seen things that make me wonder what in the world these women are thinking.

    Maybe the answer is long jail terms and castration (or even complete removal).

  • Forgetaboutit Mar 12, 2007

    wral is in favor of freedom of speech when it comes to producing something on air that makes them money. They do not want to hear freedom of speech exercised. Simply as that justplainamerian. Quite honestly, my days posting on this site are limited. I have received two notices of others complaining about my comments. I think it is three strikes and your out!

  • Top Dog Mar 12, 2007

    Lulli,Thanks for being able to tell how evey man is , I just would like to know what school gave you a degree in what every man thinks.GET REEEEEEEAL !

  • Iwasasoldier4u Mar 12, 2007

    this should be automatic mandatory life without the possibility of parole. I wonder why wral has chosen not to have the comments on their story about this creep that chased down his wife and beat her to death.

  • Lulli Mar 12, 2007

    It's called control. When a man ceases to have total control over the woman, this is what you get. As long as the woman is right under the man's thumb, everything is lovely. Been there, done that - AIN'T going again! Thank God she got out of it alive. Maybe the Judicial System will put him where he belongs for a VERY LONG TIME!

  • 2centsworth Mar 12, 2007

    what is up with these men????