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2 People Killed by Train

Posted March 11, 2007

— Two people are dead after a train accident in Smithfield Saturday night.

Smithfield police said Carlos Dubose, 35, of Smithfield, and Larry Allen, 34, of Smithfield, died about 11:30 p.m. when they were struck by a freight train.

The two people were standing side-by-side next to the track and did not move after the train engineer blew the horn several times to warn them, police said.

The crew couldn't stop the train before the collision, police said. Investigators said the two men were roommates.


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  • dakota_loves_me Mar 13, 2007

    LISTENER: are you trying to call me childish? i am a young lady. you know that a loss like this is really a tragedy but most people in this forum SHOULD be ashamed after their smartalic remark.

  • listener Mar 12, 2007

    My prayers go out to the families, and for those of u that posted those negative comments should be ashamed of yourselves. Hopefully one day, you want have to lose a love one that way or maybe lose your life. Think about it, we do not need childish people on this forum.

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 12, 2007

    to the family of the two guys: i am so sorry for your loss and hope all is well with the family. people need to take the time out and sympathize with this family. what if you were in this situation? and whoever said that larry the cable guy was his cousin should be reported because in this time of loss with thos family, you definately dont put that stuff on this forum when someone is suffering from a death in the family. would you like someone to talk about you that way when you die?

  • ebonytie20 Mar 12, 2007

    This is for DOUGH BOY PANTHER&TARHEEL NORTHCARIOLNA HIGHLIGHTER PACKKANDCANE HERBLE VERMES yall need to get a life and i dont now why channel 5 will even will let people to make comments and the one who said larry cable guy that was my cousin some of yall people is so STUPID so i hope when it's ur time pass people want put stupid stuff

  • ebonytie20 Mar 12, 2007

    Well first of all i will like to thank the young lady about who said respect and watch what u say about up here.Because one of those guy was my first cousin and i thank u whu ever said something smart but just to let everbody know we all got to go down that road so i hope everbody life is right becasue all of us have to go down the same road so on that thought god bless the people who say they r praying for my family and i thank all but for those who was saying negative stuff u need to pray becase we or who ever will never know what happen so on that thought answer this question if u was to die tonight will ur soul be right if it not please get it right life is to short and thank everbody and please keep my family in ur prayers god bless u

  • momof6 Mar 12, 2007

    First I want to put my sympathy and prayers out to the families of those two men. NO one.... NO NONE should be so hard and ruthless and coldhearted. You never know what was going on in those men's minds. Maybe is was just an horrible accident? Even if it was suicide, all you guys out there that are being mean.....what about the familes and what "they" are feeling. Stop for a minute and think if you knew them or if they were a family member, would YOU want to read and hear stuff like that. I am pretty sure you would not. Stop being insensitve! What goes around comes around!

  • sweety Mar 12, 2007

    For those who do not know these two men and have took it upon yourself to make judgement, lord have mercy on your souls. We are so quick to judge people and their situations that we lose sight that we have lost two soul to a tragedy. To those praying for the family and friends thank you and god bless you. To those who are not, my prayers go out to you!

  • jaid Mar 12, 2007

    All I can truley say is KARMA is a bitch and heaven help those who have obviously stated opinion in a FORUM setting...forum or not that is no reason what so ever to be cruel. My thoughts and prayers are with the families/friends of the victims and those operating the train.

  • glsnapp Mar 12, 2007

    It is a train !!!! Come on people get with it.

  • lotsofivy Mar 12, 2007

    GLAUCOMA??? Apparently so....