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Employees of Fayetteville Man Shot in Botched Home Invasion

Posted March 10, 2007

— Two men have been arrested in connection with a home invasion of their employer in Fayetteville Friday night that left both suspects with gunshot wounds.

Cumberland County sheriff’s detectives arrested Paul Euston Kent Jr., 20, of 5384 Wichita Drive in Fayetteville and Carlos Francisco Mozzo, 18, of 317 Summerhill Road in Fayetteville, and charged them with attempted first-degree burglary and robbery with a deadly weapon.

Investigators said the men allegedly entered the home of James Wiggins, 66, of 3411 Cumberland Road shortly after 8:00 p.m. Both suspects were wearing black ski masks, dark clothing and had a handgun in their possession, authorities said.

Wiggins told detectives his dog began to bark and he spotted the men approaching the home. Wiggins went to his bedroom, retrieved his gun and began shooting at the men when the backdoor of his home was forced open, investigators said.

Kent suffered a gunshot wound to the lower portion of his right eye. He was treated and released from Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and was placed in the Cumberland County Detention Center under $50,000 bond. His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

Mozzo’s injuries included a gunshot wound to a leg and one to the midsection of his body. He was transported to Duke Hospital, where he was undergoing treatment Saturday for the non-life threatening injuries. Investigators said Mozzo will be transported back to Cumberland County to face charges after his release from the hospital.

Authorities said both Kent and Mozzo were employed by Wiggins, who told investigators he owns a roofing business.


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  • james004 Mar 25, 2007

    Where are you coming from? Why is it when somebody brings up FACTS, such as crime statistics, they're immediately called racist? Facts are Facts darling.

    Tell me this, why is it when you hear about a murder, rape, or home invasion on the local news, 9 times out of 10, it's a young black male who's the suspect? What exactly are people supposed to think? All races have lower class, crime producing members, I agree with you there.

    And it's true all races commit crimes, but they're not all equal. I can spout FBI crime data all day that shows that Whites commit the least crime by percentage of the population, while Black and Hispanics commit the most. And that directly correlates to education and tax bracket level. But Indians and Asians commit the least crime, because they're usually always doctors, engineers, programmers...etc. Like that last bit of stereotyping? See, alot of stereotypes have alot of truth in them.

  • Juliett Mar 14, 2007

    kicking in my door, wearing black ski masks. thats all that will matter. shoot first, ask questions later.

  • darleneclark0204 Mar 13, 2007

    Why does some want to bring the white and black issue up,,,
    This man was defending his property, I'm sure that he was not thinking if they were black or white, what difference does it make if the person was invading his property

  • steel1 Mar 13, 2007

    raven- in case you can't go back and read the all the posts about this issue i'll sum it up for you. a man made a comment about capital crime detailing both "black" statistics and "white" statistics. somebody didn't like the "black" statistic number and called him a racist. fact of the matter is he was right about both. if someone makes a comment based on statistical facts how can you be racist? he simply implied what the f.b.i. statistics are. my question to you is, how can you say when a white person is involved in a crime it isn't a race issue? have you heard of the duke lacrosse case? n.a.a.c.p., black panther marches everywhere? "the rich white boys need to pay". meanwhile the "victim" has changed her story 10 fold and they are still fighting for their freedom. so don't come on here and talk about how "whites" are somehow above the law, or nobody plays the race card against whites. if your gonna be fair, be fair. what you said was garbage.

  • tmorgan8 Mar 13, 2007

    Tell it Raven!

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Mar 13, 2007

    Thats what they get.

  • Joy4u2 Mar 12, 2007

    The same here The right to bear arms you break into my house at night or day and I'm here 1 of us all day, and they will get a 9mm bretta. or in my car you pull on my car door which I keep lock when driving, but you will be looking in the barrel of a 38 rossie, its either going to be me or them , and its not going to be me if the good Lord willing.

  • givitanam Mar 12, 2007

    If they try anything on Mr Wiggins, let's do a petition or something. He was defending his life and his home. It sucks that something kind of suit or charges may be brought against him.

  • Taurus Mar 12, 2007

    It seems like every article that has anything to do with a black person, whether it's bad news or good news ALWAYS end up being about race. But, never is race mentioned when you have an article about a white person. Someone always find a way to mention something negative about the stories involving blacks. You can't even read anything about NCCU without someone making a racist statement because it is a predominately black university. Grow up people. All races commit crimes, no one more than the other. All races have ignorant people, and about 3 of them have been leaving comments on this post ALL DAY.

  • Concerned Mar 12, 2007

    Why does every news article wind up being about race? What has race got to do with this news story? The story could be about "the sky is falling" and somehow, someone will make it into a story about race.