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US Airways Customers Wait Hours, Miss Flights

Posted March 10, 2007

— Some US Airways customers at Raleigh-Durham International Airport had to wait as long as nine hours for flights after malfunctioning kiosks slowed down their travel Saturday.

The airline is advising customers to check-in online, if possible.

Printing boarding passes and even checking luggage has become troublesome in several cities as US Air tries to fix its kiosks. 

The computer glitch occurred when the airline tried to merge its reservation system with the reservation system of what used to be America West Airlines.

People have had to wait in lines for hours, and some even missed their flights.

Spring break was off to a slow start for Duke University student Celia Glass and her friends as they waited at RDU Saturday.

"We're approaching having spent a third of a day here," Glass said. "We've been here for so long that it just baffles my mind."

Airline officials are not sure when the issue will be resolved or exactly how many passengers have been affected, spokeswoman Liz Landau said. Customers are being given meal vouchers if their flight is more than two hours from departure.

Carla Olive, who sat waiting at RDU Saturday, was one the many unhappy customers.

"I'm too tired to be mad anymore. Earlier, it was lots of frustration. Now I'm just trying to get on the plane," Olive said. "Their customer service was awful. No one even apologized for their actions."


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  • ncboy Mar 13, 2007

    to "me-in-reaford"...continental does not fly from rdu to o'hare...that would be united airlines...get your crap straight before you start throwing lies around

  • pruiha156 Mar 12, 2007

    Wow no apology. I cannot count the number of times that other major carriers, most notable American, have left he hanging without even a word to help.

  • me-in-raeford Mar 12, 2007

    All the airlines are the same...bottom line...give as little service for the most money possible...try to show a profit after all exec salaries and bonuses have been paid...

    As for the "Continental is the Airline" crap...here's your Continental horror story of the day.
    I was flying Chigaco O'Hare to Raleigh on Continental...when I arrived at Raleigh I (and about 100 other people) waited and waited at the luggage area. The long and the short of it was...Continental had lost an entire plane's worth of luggage...YUP THEY'D SENT IT TO WHO KNOWS WHERE...and it gets better...
    When I said (I'll admit somewhat loudly) in astonishment..."You've actually lost an entire plane's worth of luggage, instead of apoligizing...Continental's little piece of customer service called the police and tried to have me arrested for "inciting a riot"...if it hadn't been for the other 100 passagers who came to my rescue and explained I wasn't rude...just astonished...I'd have been arrested.

  • BlarneyStone Mar 12, 2007

    When you got the time to spare...
    Fly USAir!

  • seeingthru Mar 11, 2007

    I've never has a problem with US airways. Airtravel has become a big hassle tho because of terrorism. It used to be a big adventure, now it's just a pain in the butt.

  • E-Diva Mar 11, 2007

    A little apology goes a loooong way

  • mvnull Mar 11, 2007

    "I doubt taking time to prostrate themselves on the floor to offer apologies would speed things up."

    The people who should be apologizing (walking the lines, talking to stranded passengers, etc) are not the ones who work the computers. That is the biggest problem -- the reservation system computers take training to use. The suits in the main offices couldn't run the computers even if they tried.

    What a decent company should do is to send some PR people into the lines. Give them a few Krispie Kreme boxes (well, may few hundred) and coffee/soda. Now, some people will always be peeved, but I think what mainly bothers most of us is when companies treat us like cattle. US Airways (and some of the others, like American, Northwest, etc) has forgotten this.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 11, 2007

    When you merge two bad airlines (US Airways and America West) to make an even worst airline, what do you expect. A very poor performing airline and that's what we got.

    Anybody who books on Useless Airways or US Scare gets what they deserve for making such a poor decision.

  • LTL Mar 11, 2007

    US SCAREWAYS whose new company motto is We TRY HARDLY!!!!

  • oceanchild71 Mar 11, 2007

    My problem with US Air is that they said one thing and then did another. If they had told us the vouchers would not be good for Christmas, then that is one thing. But to speak to a manager in September and be told one thing and then to speak to the manager in November and be told something else, that is cheap. Plus, when we first booked the flight, the ticket was $200 bucks, then when we said we wanted to use a voucher, the flight price went up to $600. How do you justify that? You don't because you can't.
    That is like going to the grocery store with a coupon for 50 cents off an item and at the shelf the price is listed as $2.00 then when you get up to the checkout line, the grocery store says since you are using a coupon, this item's cost is now $6.00. That is BS!