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Mother of Dead Student Will Speak at His School About Drinking

Posted March 9, 2007
Updated March 12, 2007

— On the day when five people were arrested on charges they contributed to an accident that killed a Wakefield High School student, his mother spoke about her son's death, the events leading up to the deadly crash, the arrests made Friday and how she plans to make a difference.

Sadiki Young's mother, Rosemarie Newman, said she remembers a bright smile and a bold personality. She vows, "His name will not be forgotten."

Young, 18, died Jan. 13 after the car in which he was riding in went off Wakefield Plantation Drive and tumbled down an embankment. The 18-year-old driver is charged with involuntary manslaughter and drunken driving.

Five teenagers and an adult woman were arrested Friday on various charges involving the teens purchasing and drinking alcohol.

Police have said that one of the five teenagers, Dylan Caldwell, 17, is accused of picking up a third teen who was in the car with Young and driving off without calling 911.

“How he was left unattended when someone needed to call for help—it makes me ill. It's something I'll relive the rest of my life," Newman said.

She plans to speak to Wakefield High Students later this month—with First Lady Mary Easley— at an alcohol-awareness event.

"I don't want another parent, another mother…. I wake up every morning and I open my eyes and that is what greets my day every day—the loss of my son and—I think that will happen for the rest of my life," Newman said.

Easley and Newman will speak at Wakefield High on March 19. Sadiki Young's family is also working with the school's music department to set-up a scholarship in his name.


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  • dakota_loves_me Mar 14, 2007

    the violence of killing people or just leaving them to die has got to stop. anymore this world is going nuts with guns, knifes, and of course acoholic drinks. i lost a friend because of a drunk driver. when will this world learn?

  • Chalky Hill Mar 13, 2007

    It's the craziest thing, Dr. Newman. I lost my parents in a domestic dispute almost 18 years ago. Whenever I watched the news after that, I took other people's tragedies to heart. While so many people can watch these tragic stories, and then continue to flip the channels, all I keep thinking is "What about the family? What are they going through?". I am so sorry for your loss. I'd heard about what happened to your son, but it just hit home when I looked at a local reggae band's web site, and saw a picture of Sadiki there, playing the guitar. I just saw that band play this past summer. I may have seen your son, without even realizing it. May God send his angels to comfort you like He did when my parents died. I thank Him for it everyday. You can even borrow my angel... I don't mind sharing. Sadiki's memory will never fade, but the pain will become esier to bear with time. I promise. All the love in the world to you and your family.

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 12, 2007

    to the mother: i am so sorry about the loss of your son and he sounded like a nice young man. i hope every word that you said to all teens have impacted their lives and showed them exactly what will happen to kids when they are riding with a drunk driver. if i was out around that area i would have stooped to help your son and he probably wopuld still be around today if he wasnt abandoned. and trooper: some kids may not think rationally but sooner or later they all learn from their mistakes. which also helps them build character. their needs to be more after school community centers where teens can hang out and have fun so the parents wont have to worry about where their son/daugher is and tthen we wouldnt have to worry about them being killed in car wrecks like this young man has. REST IN PEACE Sadiki Young!!! WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!

  • Trooper Mar 12, 2007

    dakota, I'm not say that we shouldn't try to stop these kids, I'm saying that we are lucky when they listen but like me and our parents, teens don't listen or think rationally.

  • Hevans1012 Mar 12, 2007

    Sadiki's mom, I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for speaking to Wakefield, my son attends school there. Hopefully these kids will get it. Also please don't take these idiots comments to heart, some are hiding behind keyboard.

  • mother Mar 12, 2007

    To the person who is concerned about my name. As a professional i chose to keep my maiden name Dr. Rosemarie Newman
    not an unusual thing to do in this century. My son was not driving with friends. He chose to ride with someone who chose to drink and drive and it cost him his life and he was abandoned by those people. A very sad end for a very sensitive and loved young man..................his mother

  • Watcher Of Things Mar 12, 2007

    Some of these comments are like blaming the sun for blue skies.

    Look; I was raised in a Mediterranean household.

    From Brandy on the gums when I was cutting teeth
    to diluted wine in a baby bottle when I was fussy from being sick with a cold.

    When the adults had wine with the dinner - the kids did too.

    It was NEVER a big deal or taboo!
    Now that I am 48 years old - it is STILL not a big deal.
    It was never a mysterious novelty when I became of age to drink - it was no big deal.
    It wasn't something that was cool and forbidden to do.

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 12, 2007

    i agree witht the whole race thing but from what you are saying it sounds like you may not care about the kids who are involved in wrecks that has to do with drunk drivers. what is a way that we can stop kids by telling them and showing them what happens if they get behind the wheel of a car with a drunk driver?

  • Trooper Mar 12, 2007

    what has race got to do with these kids getting killed, absolutely nothing! These kids are dying doing the same things that kids have been doing for hundreds of years, you're not going to stop it, you just tell and show your kids what they should do and not do and hope for the best. I think that people that are 18 years old should be allowed to drink, I would make that an election item and get out to vote, it really is stupid that in the United States you can vote and you can die for your country but you can't have a beer, I believe that to be a little stupid

  • cagerat42 Mar 12, 2007

    Snake your way out of line with this one.So much for these young men being friends.Friends wouldn't let one another down.