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Durham Principal Resigns Unexpectedly

Posted March 9, 2007

— Durham Public Schools officials are scrambling to hire a new principal after one of their own resigned unexpectedly Thursday.

Creekside Elementary School Principal Ed Forsythe, a former DPS Principal of the Year, resigned for "personal reasons," according to Associate Superintendent Hank Hurd.

"He voluntarily resigned. It was all of a sudden," Hurd said.

Durham school board member Steve Martin said he heard about the resignation, but he did not know exactly why the principal decided to leave.

Forsythe, a 32-year public educator in Durham, was named principal of Creekside this school year, according the school's PTA Web site.

As of 6 p.m. Friday, his name was still on the school's voicemail. Forsythe was also still listed as a Durham schools' employee, according to a staff list released to WRAL Friday. His salary is listed as $83,352.

Now that Forsythe has officially resigned, an assistant principal will temporarily take over his position until someone new can be hired, Hurd said.

Forsythe previously left the school system in 2003 when he announced he was retiring. But he later returned to serve as an interim principal at three elementary schools in as many years: George Watts, Club Boulevard, and Oak Grove.

Forsythe initially retired after an eight-year run as the first principal of Durham School of the Arts, which opened in 1995. He was named DPS Principal of the Year in 1996, according to the PTA's Web site.

Calls to the principal's cell phone were not immediately returned.


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  • darleneclark0204 Mar 13, 2007

    How can we judge someone,,,have we had to deal with these kids today???I know that kids can be stressful,,, give him a break, he might of needed to get out of the system.

  • darleneclark0204 Mar 13, 2007


  • manateemama Mar 12, 2007

    You can be sure that there is a great deal more to the story than what we have read in the paper.

  • kellyann128 Mar 12, 2007

    please do not say anything bad of Mr. Forsythe until the verdict or whatever is out. he is a wonderful man and would never do anything to hurt anyone! everything will be ok and things happen for a reason..always! k thAts all i have for now..

  • SOCLOSE Mar 11, 2007

    Mr. ncpsyche,
    I'm starting to think that YOU are Mr. Forsythe (did I spell your name correctly?) You are getting really upset about OPINIONS. That's all they are, no matter how you see it. Don't get upset with us. We don't write the news, we only read it. :)

  • Nana Mar 11, 2007

    Just think.....Durham Public Schools just got a free classified for with this story. All interested in this position, apply online???? It is just a thought.....
    Anyone up to trying to take over.....NOT ME.

  • Phlootang Mar 11, 2007

    "Even if he didn't show up for those 2 weeks, he would have still be in charge and left on a good note."

    Is that your definition of 'integrity?' How is someone in charge when you collect two weeks pay but not show up?

    Sounds like Kat was offended that I submitted criticisms based upon simple spelling/grammatical errors. Quick on the defensive, Kat levied her litany of excuses. In Kat’s opinion, perhaps, I rushed to judgment without full consideration of the facts. I suppose Kat feels (1) it is unproductive to rush to judgment; (2) people should not make assumptions without knowing the facts; and (3) an ‘opinion’ regarding someone’s intellect or character holds little value when based upon only part of the full picture.

    Is that how Kat feels? Or does she still believe OneGoodDad is correct.

    Regardless, I will offer the courtesy of dropping this matter; as I wish you both would have done for Mr. Forsythe.

  • One Good Dad Mar 10, 2007

    LOL....Thankyou KATMAMA. Maybe I should of went back and re-read what I had written. On the contrary, I am a good speller. Just was in a hurry and was working. I still think the principal should have given a 2 week notice reguardless of whatever the circumstances. Even if he didn't show up for those 2 weeks, he would have still be in charge and left on a good note.

  • SOCLOSE Mar 10, 2007

    ooohh soo sorry mr. ncpsyche. A typo. big deal. What I meant was "I'm with OneGoodDad". Is that better for you? I don't read and re-read what I write in these post, b/c I am at work right now. Don't have time to make it perfect like you. Still,
    why even put this in the news, if you don't want people's opinions? To me, I could care less. I was just backing onegooddad b/c I feel as though he made some good points, not, b/c of his spelling. Was this one better, or would you like to proofread it for me?

  • Punky Mar 10, 2007

    Instead of the illogical comments and constant bickering and whining here, how's this idea... WHO CARES!!! Many people quit their jobs every day unexpectedly, who cares why he left because it must be due to personal reasons because if it wasn't I'm sure he would have said something.