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Trucker Acquitted in Fatal I-40 Wreck

Posted March 8, 2007

A truck driver charged in a fatal accident on Interstate 40 three years ago has been acquitted of a death by vehicle charge.

Ken Pittman's tractor-trailer slammed into two eastbound cars on I-40 between the N.C. Highway 751 and Fayetteville Road exits in July 2004. The crash killed Kevin Meyer, who ws driving one of the cars, and shut down the interstate for nine hours.

Pittman was held responsible in court for the accident back in 2005 and was given a suspended jail sentence and a fine.

Pittman appealed and was found not guilty after a jury trial. A witness testified during the trial that Meyer's car darted in front of Pittman's truck.


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  • norwinfischer Mar 9, 2007

    Hope this raises awareness that everyone should give trucks the safety zone in front of them that they deserve. Just because a big-rig is leaving 10 car lengths open between him and the car in front of him doesn't mean he is leaving you a space to merge over in front of him, it is called a "safe following distance," something that most drivers not only in NC but around the country seem to have forgotten from driving school. I'm sorry about Mr. Meyer's death, but hopefully if this point gets out it will not have been in vain. The same goes for pick-ups or other trucks pulling fifth wheels or trailers. They DO NOT have the same stopping distance as the family car.

  • mrzeau Mar 8, 2007

    No, this didn't turn out right. Kevin Meyer did NOT dart in front of the truck, as eyewitnesses pointed out at both trials. Where was this other witness at the first trial? Good question. I have plenty of respect for truck drivers, but in this particular instance there was simply no question as to who was at fault, and this verdict adds insult to mortal injury.

  • drakeg59 Mar 8, 2007

    It figures. He left the scene of the crime and no charges. Gotta love this state. "Let's get our truckers liscence to kill"

  • latanya512 Mar 8, 2007

    My husband is also a truck driver and when a car cuts them off you still have at least a hundred feet of braking before you can completely stop. People the truck is bigger than you. Please think.

  • 2alegal Mar 8, 2007

    praying for all involved as well as all postings.

  • St Ives Mar 8, 2007

    glad it turned out right.

  • vandi Mar 8, 2007

    I give a lot of respect to Truck Drivers out there and try to give them a wide birth. I will say that there are just as many of them out there that don't have any respect for the rules and are just as rude as every other driver out there.

    The last thing I have to say to everyone is SLOW DOWN! It's pretty scary watching a 18 wheeler tanker blazing down the road doing 85 in a 65 on 85/40, and even elsewhere.

  • CestLaVie Mar 8, 2007

    I'm glad for the new verdict. My husband is a truck driver, so I know how hazardous cars are for truck drivers. A LOT of cars dart in front of these 52' monsters ALL the time, and then the truck driver is in the wrong if they can't stop in time to avoid an accident. Lots of car drivers out there taking their daily stupid pills!

  • Munchie Mar 8, 2007

    Where was this witness at the first trial? Could have saved time and money. Also the pain of the family reliving this tragedy.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Mar 8, 2007

    AMEN!!! Praying for him and his loved ones, and for the victim's family as well. God bless. Rev. RB