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Several Dogs Poisoned by Tainted Meat

Posted March 7, 2007

— Maxton authorities are investigating the deaths of at least nine dogs whose bodies have been found in their owners' yards since November.

The dogs have all died in a two-block area in the Robeson County town. Three of resident Enrique Poorua’s dogs died in late November after becoming violently ill from eating meat that Poorua said was tossed into his back yard.

"I found this half-cooked piece of steak, and it was in this area over here,” Poorua said.

He told WRAL that he believes the steak killed one of his boxers and nearly killed another. He said he also found chicken pieces, which he killed two schnauzers.

The vet who treated the surviving boxer told Poorua the dog was poisoned, possibly by strychnine.

In January, the owner of this property found a hot dog wrapped in foil lying in his backyard. He found his dog lying next to it, dying.

"Most of the dogs we have picked up have shown the same symptoms,” said Maxton Police Chief Paul McDowell.

The poisoned animals began vomiting and their organs shut down.

"The way it occurs, the dogs die within 45 minutes,” McDowell said.

Michael Strickland said he let his two chihauhuas out for a potty break last week.

"They went across the street over there and came back,” Strickland said. “When they came back, they were sick, throwing up, staggering on their legs."

Strickland found another one of his dogs lying dead on the edge of his lawn.

County animal cruelty investigators told residents to let them know if they see anything suspicious and to stay with their pets when the animals are outdoors.

McDowell said someone is out to kill dogs. He said investigators have some leads, but didn't disclose details.

Both Strickland and Poorua said they no longer allow their remaining dogs outside alone.


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  • highergame4me Mar 8, 2007

    This is a very disturbing story, whoever did this is very, very evil. For those who don't like animals, I feel sorry for you because you will never experience the "unconditional love" your pet would give you (until you get to Heaven of course).

  • yacs Mar 8, 2007

    There are lots of people who choose to disassociate with animals, children and/or the elderly. As long as they don't hurt any of those three, they have every right to feel that way, and there's nothing wrong with them for feeling so. We shouldn't assume WesleyanGrad is a bad person for disliking animals. It's his/her right to feel that way without justification, yet s/he obviously agrees the dog-poisoner is doing wrong.

    Also, I totally agree that it's out of line to care more for an animal than for a human being. I know someone who'd lay his life on the line for a kitten, but wouldn't think twice about stepping over a dying child and walking on his merry way -- that's just as sick as this dog-poisoner.

    WesleyanGrad, you're not out of line and you're not alone. Please tell your uncle good luck on this case; I hope he brings the sicko to justice soon.

    Thanks, snake, for filling me in on the triad -- I knew I'd heard something along those lines. Didn't Dahmer torture cats?

  • meandthee Mar 8, 2007

    Don't be so quick to blame the owners. It says the tainted meat was thrown into the yard of some of these poor dogs, so they were minding their own business in their own yard, not out of control.

    It's a shame you can't be safe even on your own property. Even if you have a fence, someone could toss it over for your dogs to eat. Keep an eye on your pets, even in your own yard. This person is sick.

  • Hevans1012 Mar 8, 2007

    This story hit home to me, I have 3 dogs, 1 being a boxer. They stay inside and go out in our fenced back yard to play and to go potty. My neighbor is a mean woman, she has been mean to my kids and I wouldn't doubt that she would do something like this, scares me to no end. Let's just hope that since they named the poison in this article that we don't have a copy cat dog killer here.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Mar 8, 2007

    Dragonslayer and that's your right to hate people who hate animals. I can care less about someone hating me. What I don't understand is how can a humam care more for an animal than another human. I don't understand it. However, carry on! That is a whole different topic if we were to go into it and I don't care to. I'm having a great day so you have a great day too!

  • dragonslayer Mar 8, 2007

    I told the truth and my comment got deleted and i get a nastygram from wral.com .so here is my undated censored comment .I Hatr people who hate animals.

  • FragmentFour Mar 7, 2007

    Strychnine is a potent mess - in this day of terrorism panic is it readily available?

    Seeing eye dogs are taught not to eat anything not given them under specific conditions. It looks as if that training would be MOST beneficial for pet owners in general to get.

  • anonemoose Mar 7, 2007

    Whoever is doing that is sick, and need to be fed some of that meat.

    As to the guy with the taco doggie, that's about cruel putting a small dog on such a heavy chain.

    God bless those killed by Rev. RB and their families.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Mar 7, 2007

    No Paddie, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I have my own reasons for not liking animals. You may have your own reasons for not liking something. Maybe HATE was a harsh word to use. I apologize and will take that back. I totally dislike any animal! That's my right, just like you have rights. Get over it. Why do you feel there is something wrong with someone because they don't like animals?? Not everyone enjoys the same things you do hun. I guess you've judged that because I said I HATE animals you think I'll hurt one, huh? lol... Carry on!

    Thank you All Dogs Go To Heaven for your honest comments and understanding. Very few people understand how I feel.

  • mugofstout Mar 7, 2007

    I would not harm a dog either, but what were the dogs doing out of their owners control? I have two dogs, who never leave my property without me. I regularly call animal control on neighbors dogs and cats when they are running lose. People need to control them, or not have them.