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Grand Jury Indicts Wendell Man in Wife's Slaying

Posted March 7, 2007

— A Wake County grand jury has indicted a Wendell man accused of killing his wife and writing in her blood.

Jakiem Wilson has been charged with first-degree murder for the stabbing death of his wife, Nneka Wilson.

On Feb. 13, authorities found her body on the kitchen floor of the couple's home. Investigators said there were threats written in her blood near the body.

Two other men -- Jamie Russell Holder and Roderick Ryan Howell -- have been charged with being accessories after the fact.


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  • dontfuqwithdarealest1 Mar 10, 2007

    I also know jakiem ( known him since middle school ) he found me on myspace beginning of feb. and he told me about what was going on and how he was gonna let his wife keep the house and he was gonna just leave ... its some more to that but i did talk to a investigator about what all i knew and was told .. scary part about it is me and him last spoke same day when it happened ... my prayers goes out to Nneka family 1000%!! so do anyone know how long he is serving or is this just the beginning??

  • latanya512 Mar 8, 2007

    WeslyanGrad I don't believe anyone is brow beating on wildatheart99. They are just stating their just like WAH did. Everyone seems to now understand that no matter what in the past happened. Today is what matters. They way he tried to cover it up, makes me suspicious. But on the real, domestic violence is real whether the victim is male or female. Too many people are dying and children being left alone in this cruel world. The stigma they are going to have to grow up with. Your daddy killed your mommy. This is so tragic. I pray for both families. His is going to have to stand by him even if they know he was wrong because that is family and take all the flack that will follow. Hers-looking at him when they will never be able to look at her again.

  • uniqsade Mar 8, 2007

    Nneka was my cousin and I spoke at her funeral ... one of the lessons of her death was that we as a community MUST END domestic violence. Irreguardless of what happens to Jakiem, her legacy must live on ...domestic violence can KILL. Thank You to EVERYONE who has and is praying for my family - but please go out into your communities and teach young men not to hit/strike/stab/etc. young ladies so this tragedy NEVER happens again ...
    God Bless

  • Mrs. Fabulous Mar 8, 2007

    I don't think wildatheart99 was trying to take up for the guy...geeess. She just told you what she knew about the guy in the past. You people don't know her or him! Gosh, get over yourselves. Most of your are trying to attack wildatheart99. Give her a break. Please re-read her comments. She was in no way taking sides with this guy nor making excuses for him. LEARN TO READ! *smh*

  • norwinfischer Mar 8, 2007

    Wildatheart99 that's a heart-warming story there, but I can find NO SYMPATHY in my heart for anyone (male or female) who could kill their spouse in cold blood like this. You are right, one of the two should have had the sense to leave the relationship much sooner. They didn't and that is too bad. I can understand bruises, cuts, scratches, etc. (don't condone it, but understand that fights do occur). Murder, even in the heat of anger, is never O.K., only in self-defense if you or a family member (or any other innocent person for that matter) about to be killed, but that is know as self-defense. Unless they can prove that she went after him with a deadly weapon first, he is guilty. Scribbling the messages in blood seems fairly pre-meditated too. Time for Jakiem to face thye consequences and join his pals on death row.

  • crash Mar 7, 2007

    People must start taking responsible for their actions. We live in a culture where we want to blame the parents, the teachers, society, the preacher, the TV, etc...It's time America to reach out and teach people, Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, and stop blaming others for you mistakes and grow up and take accountability for your actions. GROW UP>>>>

  • regularguy_nc-at-yahoo.com Mar 7, 2007


  • latanya512 Mar 7, 2007

    pms 50. No one knows what went on in that household but them. I don't mean to be mean. The judicial system needs to be harsher on crime. It is just like when your child tells you that my teacher said if you spank me, I can call the cops. My response is call the cops, I am going to get you now, when they get here and when I am released from jail, you better move in with them. NO ONE is going to tell me how to raise my child who is not supporting them. Majority of us readers had our behinds taken care of when we were young, and we turned out okay. People need to stop blaming society for what happened when they were children and I agree with the person that said, it doesn't where you come from or how you were brought up. It is basically what you as a person make of your own life.

  • Mr 911 Mar 7, 2007

    Maybe those doctors that don't seem to want to help with the death penalty will reconsider. "LET HUM BURN"

  • hoopster Mar 7, 2007

    It just goes to show, that whether you are a murderer or conspirator, you age going to get caught. Life in prison is what awaits you. For those who assist, help, coverup, or anything else you can think of, YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY. Make sure that you read the statues which cover attempted murder or conspiring to commit murder. Is it really worth you spending the rest of you life behind bars? Even if you are being paid, is it really worth the struggles for you and your family. Life is hard enough. CRIME DOES NOT PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!