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Warrant: Raleigh Teacher Admits Acting Inappropriately With Student

Posted March 7, 2007

— A police search warrant reveals that one teacher caught another Raleigh high school teacher kissing and inappropriately touching a female student.

Justin Scranton has been suspended from Cardinal Gibbons High School, where he taught English and coached cross country. He has been charged with taking indecent liberties.

The warrant also states that when questioned by authorities, Scranton admitted he acted inappropriately toward the student.

Students said Scranton sent text messages to the girl throughout the year. Police have obtained a computer and a computer disk from the school. Authorities also seized Scranton's personnel file from the school.


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  • surfer Mar 14, 2007

    Ain't no party like a Scranton party 'cause a Scranton party don't stop.

  • allisonhepburn Mar 12, 2007

    CGHSmom is right. The issue in this case is neither the age of the student nor the age of Justin Scranton. He is being charged with indecent liberties because he is her TEACHER. If it were not a teacher-student relationship, sexual contact would not even be illegal. Age of consent in NC is 16. Those of you calling him a sexual deviant or a pedophile need to do your research.

  • kkbabe1991 Mar 10, 2007

    Excuse me but do you even GO to gibbons? You are making a huge generalization saying that all gibbons girls dress slutty smoke pot and vandalize property. Sure were not perfect but neither is any other school or human being for that matter. Things like this happen at public schools all the time but the media is just focusing on this because it happens to be occuring at a catholic school. So if i were you i would stop making such harsh assumptions.

  • teenatunes88 Mar 10, 2007

    I would not feel bad for the girl that Scranton was caught with. Have you SEEN the way the girls at Gibbons dress, and the way they act OUTSIDE of school...?? Seriously, this is an unfortunate situation, however, this just shows the quality of girls at CG. In general, the quality of students at CG with morals and who do not rob people's homes, smoke pot, or vandalize property during prom night... are lacking! Bring back the Franciscan Brothers... they are not needed at Saint Anthony's... they are clearly needed here!

  • 1Moms_View Mar 10, 2007

    The ages of either party are of no consequence in this case. This man was a teacher who is bound to hold a certain standard regarding behavior with students. IF the charges are true, then he violated this. No teacher should ever cross that line with a student. If he allowed any sexual contact including inappropriate text messaging to occur, then he behaved in a manner which violated the rules of conduct for educators (or any adult really).

    That said, today's teachers are certainly aware that anytime they discipline or anger a student or parent, they open themselves up to false allegations of abuse or misconduct.

    Since I don't personally know the details of this case, I won't judge which cicumstance is the accurate one in this case. Too often media outlets report that which will sell their publications or garner viewers. As a result, the public is often misled, so it would be incorrect for me to judge him based on news media reports.

  • SaltlifeLady Mar 8, 2007

    absolutanville: As a parent of a student there, even with the dress code, some of the girls push it to the extreme as far as what they wear...it may all be white and khaki, but sometimes its tight, lower cut or shorter than it needs to be. Just look at your classmates. You know what I am talking about.

    Neutralizer: At CGHS yes, it would have been the same support even if it was a minority. This is not an all-white all-christian school. It is a very supportive and caring community of students and faculty. They look out for each other.
    Unfotunately, in this situation, the person who should have known better acted inappropriately. He should not have engaged the behavior. Still, she new better as well. THat is not taking away from the responsibilty he has in this. Yes, he is the adult, yes he was the teacher. Yes, they are both human. No, that does not make them horrible people or override the good either one of them has done.

  • absolutvanilla03 Mar 8, 2007

    oh my god give us ALL a break. saying that because of how girls dress and act.. for one, Gibbons has a pretty strict moral and dress code. Not everything is caught, because not everything can be with ANY matter. But I assure you as apart of the student body of CGHS, this is the most ludacris excuse. Even being so, the times have changed adults. Live with it!

  • The Neutralizer Mar 8, 2007

    What a scum. He made a mistake? We don't know how big of a mistake? Would his supporters be so lenient if he was a minority? I don't think so. Where are you bigots?

  • Rocknhorse Mar 8, 2007

    This is a public forum for public opinion and discussion. I'm sorry if you disagree with me. I disagree with you, but I'm not trying to supress your right to voice your opinion! I will continue to state my opinions as that is my right! I find it offensive when adults misuse their position with minors! A teacher caught him kissing this student and he admitted to kissing and fondling her. WRONG!

  • melmelx3 Mar 8, 2007

    rocknhorse, be quiettt.
    if you don't know him, yes, you are intitled to your opinions but keep them to yourself! your opinions arn't based on facts, they're based on judgment. yes; mr scranton made a mistake. but we don't know how big of a mistake. all that has been proven is that he acted innapropriatly though talking/texts. he hasn't admitted to kissing her or anything else like that. i still don't believe anything happened, and i still support him. and i will continue too wether or not he's guilty of kissing her. he made a mistake, we all make mistakes. GET OVER IT. and to anyone calling him a pediphile, go look it up in a dictionary and get a life :] because he's not, and you know that.